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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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utahcountyute | 9:12 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
As long as the right deal is made (TV), I think that this would be great for byu.

If they can get close to the deal of ND, I would jump on it for sure.

Yeah, and If I could've married Jennifer Aniston ten years ago I'd have jumped on that, too.

BYU is NOT Notre Dame (in stature and following) but they may BECOME Notre Dame (struggling to win) if they go independent.

Rivalries are important for several reasons, one being that you know how to prepare for your rival. You know their schemes, their coaches, their tendencies. BYU would end up rotating opponents every few years, making preparation more difficult.

With consistent opponents you can promise kids where they will be playing year after year. You can have a recruiting base. Notre Dame's national recruiting base seems like a good idea, but I'm guessing Texas loves owning Texas, USC loves owning So Cal, Florida loves owning Florida. BYU would own -- Mormons. I don't think this necessarily helps that.


And exactly what Bowl would they play in if they didn't make it to the BCS? Most bowls have tie-ins for both opponents.

What championship would they tout on years they didn't go to the BCS?

What publications will cover them if they aren't in a conference?


Sandpiper Air

Let's just hope BYU TV doesn't sign Todd Shakespeare Christiansen for their football broadcasts. Going independent would be worth it just so we didn’t have to listen to his color commentary.


It's taken a long time to get their, but it's nice to see BYU finally taking destiny into their own hands instead of waiting by the phone for a call that may never come.

I've been skeptical about the challenges of going independent, but this makes alot of sense.

Scheduling 5 or 6 games against WAC teams in October and November solves the problem of trying to schedule games during conference season.

As far as the BCS goes, there's no good reason why the BCS shouldn't include any team that's good enough to finish in the Top 8 in the BCS standings, regardless of whether that team is AQ, non-AQ, or independent.

ESPN is one of the big players in the BCS, so if they apply a little pressure, that's all it might take to get the BCS on board.


It all depends on who BYU gets committed every year. Money will be better if they go Independent.

Right now they play 3 good schools Every year
Boise State starting
You can trow in Air Force

If they go independent they will have to already get 6 to 7 schools who will commit to play BYU ever year

Utah is a Lock
If they could add Notre Dame
Oklahoma State
Boise State
Oregon or Oregon State

And then add a couple of Locks
Utah State is already a lock.
Maybe Hawaii, UNLV, Air Force, Navy, Army

They can then still play the occasional 3 other teams.

I personally think they should wait a year and see if the Mountain will get an automatic BCS bid. But what do I know


Congratulations, Cougars!!!

You just move from MWC (ie AAA mid-major) to WAC(ie AA mid-major).

Good improvements there, Holmoe!


Why not move to the WCC instead of the WAC? They are a stronger basketball league and don't have football anyway, so being independent in football will work. They are also geographically closer overall with all of the other teams being in California, Oregon, and Washington instead of having to go to Louisiana and Hawaii.


BYU won't really take a step back in all other sports by joining the WAC, because all other sports have tournaments that allow the best to play for national championships. Furthermore, the MWC isn't a powerhouse in any other sport (their not a powerhouse in football, but their closer than in the other sports).

Where does the WAC play its basketball tournament? It would be nice to not play UNLV on its home court every year during the MWC tournament (that has driven me crazy for years!). I'd also like to have access to BYU football games without getting cable (the way it worked from the 1970s until 2005). An ESPN contract would be nice, but I also have concerns about BYU-TV getting the commercial dollars necessary to make it better than the Mtn. (which sounds easy, but may be hard with advertisment restrictions on BYU-TV).

Could be interesting...

Old Gregg

@ Otis
"This is the Lord's University and if BYU wants to go independent then it was the Lord's decision."

Ya know, in a lot of ways that's true.


Three issues:

1. 9/1 deadline to announce intentions to leave the Conference in 2011
2. Uncertainty of when Colorado goes to the Pac12
3. Horrible MWC TV deal (which is really the biggest issue)

If BYU announces now that they are leaving the conference, then they could accept a Big 12 invitation next summer and pick up Colorado's schedule if they jump to the Pac 12 ...pretty smart to be in a position to do that, if there is any chance that the Big 12 is interested. If they announce intentions to leave after 9/1, then they can't make a move until 2012

I'm not sure that the Big 12 is interested...so the real issue is the TV deal. BYUs other sports (which, outside of Basketball) only really exist to meet Title IX qualifications, would transition to the WAC so that they could escape the Comcast TV deal.

MWC would be foolish to let BYU go. Even with TCU and BSU in the fold, they won't get AQ without BYU. Worst case, this forces MWC to re-evaluate the TV deal and possibly allow BYU to broadcast or simulcast and get more exposure.


I'm not.trying to be a ute troll, but...... Espn is reporting that part of the deal would involve 6 wac games...... if Nd has to play stanford, usc, mich, pitt, army. Why would they give byu the same deal against lesser competition? If they have to play 6 wac teams it will actually drop the sos, especially after bsu is gone.

Best of luck with all said endeavors, but you should be required to have better "tradition" games than utah st. and idaho.


BYU needs to have patience and wait 2 years to see if MWC can position themselves in the BCS. There is a really good chance that this year, BSU and TCU will both get BCS bids, adding much pressure to give MWC an automatic qualifier in the future. If it doesn't happen, then go independent. This is a huge gamble. I still don't see where the revenue is going to come from.


Dave S | 8:20 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Why would the third or fourth best team in the MWC think they could possibly compete on a national level by going independent??
Why not? The historic "third or fourth best team in the MWC" seems to think they can compete on a national level by going to the PAC-whatever. Hope springs eternal.


I laugh in the faces of Ute Fans who know the only reason they were picked up by the pac 10 was because Texas and a host of others told them "No Way"!

Could you imagine Utes going independent?

The difference between the Y and Utes?....The Y could actually pull it off!

Nice try Utes...enjoy your new life in obscurity and rubbing shoulders with WSU Cougs!


No need to make LES a bowl, but adding an upper deck to the east stands could increase seating to around 75,000. The footings are already in place to do that.

When you have better broadcast facilities and nationwide cable access ON YOUR OWN CAMPUS than you get from your conference, it's time to pull the plug on theMTN.

ESPN is talking about the possibility of an annual BYU-Notre Dame game and all of BYU's home games being broadcast on ESPN.

Since ESPN owns a bunch of bowls, a Navy to the Poinsettia Bowl if they're bowl eligible deal could be set up to guarantee the Cougars a bowl in years they don't play in a BCS game.

Either the Poinsettia or Las Vegas bowl would be great for BYU fans and without having to split the meager payout with the rest of a conference, BYU would probably net more than they would playing in a bowl like the Holiday Bowl.

Financially, BYU only has to exceed a little over a $1.1 million to break even from what they get from the MWC. Guaranteed, BYU will do much better than that.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

This move is so logical:
1) BYU needs to do something now that its main rival in state of Utah, Utes is being added to a major conference --PAC 12
2) No major conference wants BYU --not BIG-12, not BIG-10, definitely not PAC-12
3) So, the only move left is to go independent (and good luck in scheduling games with good schools)


CSU website is reporting that their twitter feed was hacked and this is a false report


Here's the elephant in the room that no one wants to admit: The MWC is NOT going to get an AQ bid!!!! Face facts people. The BCS will find some reason to continue to exclude them. They need look no further than WY, SDSU, CSU, UNLV, & NM. These 5 drag the conference down and will prevent that AQ bid from happening.

Utah's departure exposed the MWC for what it is: a good mid-level conference with 3-4 good teams that will ALWAYS be on the outside looking in. BYU wants in to a BCS conference. To do that they have to prove that they are a valuable addition. They cannot do that in the MWC. Going independent could give them more national exposure, attract the attention of the BCS schools and lead to an invite from a bigger conference. It could also be successful to where they like being independent.

Johnny Ace

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but why are so many wanting to wait and see if the BCS will make the MWC and automatic qualifier? We have no reason to believe the BCS will include the MWC, meanwhile BYU is leaving millions on the table every year because of the awful TV contracts and Bowl relationships. Now that Utah's out, I don't think it's a stretch to say that 60-70% of all MTN tv viewers will be BYU viewers (TCU and Boise are good teams, but without Utah the 2nd biggest fan base might actually be UNLV). With the MWC, BYU holds all the bargaining chips right now. They have to act now.


@ Truth 10:20

ha ha, good one. You laugh at us but according to reports out of ESPN, the WAC will require BYU to play 5-6 WAC opponents in football each year. This is the post-Boise WAC mind you. Ha ha, who is going to fall into obscurity now?

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