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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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This is great. It show BYU cares about the fans and the local rivalries. They can say hello to ESPN contracts and even arrange a 7 home and 5 away schedules.


While I do think this a decent, if not a great move, I don't understand why BYU would compete in the WAC in all other sports? This is not explained in the article. Does anyone know why BYU would not continue to compete in the MWC in all other sports? The WAC would be a step down in competition, with all due respect to Utah State. Anyone?


Finishing Top 8 in the BCS standings would be a challenge, but BYU could do it with a good schedule and one or no losses.


The WAC, especially USU does not want to see BYU in their league. Stay were you are at!


This move makes so much sense, I can’t think of one good reason why they shouldn’t do this. The MWC TV contract is the least fan friendly in all of college sports, that reason alone is enough for them to leave that Joke of a conference.

People think that scheduling will be an issue but I have a hard time believing that BYU will have any difficulty filling out their schedule with teams who want to boost their RPI.


I hope the Powers at BYU know what they are doing? As fans we have been trying to get the MWC to BCS status and it was looking like a possibility. I have been beating the MWC drum as an out of state fan. The Mountain and Direct TV have been great for out of state fans to see all BYU games. I think going independent is a huge risk and will be a major down grade for other sports to go back to the WAC. They really need to consider the big picture and what will be best for the future of BYU 5, 10 and 15 years down the road. I think going independent is a huge risk even if you get a BCS deal. How many times has Notre Dame been to the BCS in the last 10 years? We all remember the Crowton years and no BYU fan wants a repeat of Football obscurity. This is one fan that is not sure independance is the answer.


BYU just does not have the same following as Notre Dame. They are such a storied franchise in College Football. If the cougs went independent. The team would receive more revenues by directly negotiating with ESPN however the big difference is that is really gives BYU more control, more options, more opportunity to make something of their football season each year. I say DO IT! We really have nothing to lose.


First, BYU is not Notre Dame. Notre Dame is actually wanted as a member of other conferences (ie. Big 10), BYU is not. Bowl games are all under contract, so who is BYU going to play as an independent in a bowl game if they don't get into a BCS bowl? Why would the BCS give the same agreement to BYU that Notre Dame has when BYU has never been to a BCS game? And future membership in the Big 12 is not a slam dunk. Texas, Texas A&M, and Missouri are all members of AAU which is the highest level of academic elites in the country same as Cal-Berkley, Stanford, Washington etc. If Cal and Stanford didn't want to associate with BYU what makes people believe Texas and Missouri would? Austin, Texas is just as liberal a place as Berkely, CA.


@ SportsFan

care to enlighten the class as to why this would be a "great move" for football?

Brave Sir Robin

Oh please oh please oh please let this be true. It will be fun watching the egos come crashing back down to earth. Specifically, it will be great to watch all the headscratching when all 14 million LDS Church members don't tune in to BYU's first game on their sparkling new TV network.

BYU: The Utah State of the 21st century


It's a Win/Win for BYU. Their first choice is probably to demand the MTN free up the games that are not televised so BYU can broadcast them on their own network. If that doesn't work, then BYU is prepared to go independent in football, a move that they have been considering for several years now. The Utes moving just made it easier since the two schools have always worked together to boost the conference.

coach hines

here's my take: demolish wac, make a decent 12 team conference with mtn west, (that is, show some tough love by leaving a few out that don't do anything in football or basketball), and stay the course for a automatic qualifying bid....two division sample:

group 1:
boise st
utah state
san jose
colorado st

group 2:
air force
fresno state
san diego st
new mexico

put your own possibilities together....this conference could easily be as good as say a big east....my suggestion is to leave hawaii & lousianna tech for distance reasons, and let new mexico state and idaho and wyoming find there way with some big sky or big west teams...and get back on espn for it is a neccesary evil....

i personally believe byu could be successful as an independant, but conference championships are worthy goals and great for all athletes as well as football....and might be a quicker road to a bcs game


@ Floyd Johnson 9:14

what planet do you live on? You need a reality check.


The main reason that BYU would want to switch its other sports to the WAC would be to get away from the mountain network. The WAC has a contract with espn and any game they don't pick up, can be picked up by local broadcasting. If BYU really can produce the quality tv product they claim they can, they could get a lot more money and exposure by dumping all aspects of the mountain network and broadcasting their own sports.


hedgehog | 8:31 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Go for it... make yourself even more nationally obscure.

Oh, and good luck getting a BCS program to travel to Provo in Nov. LOL!

Nothing more then a desperate dead issue. (BYU is trying to squeeze the MWC for more money)


Never, ever, ever thought I'd agree with hedgehog. (And here I thought I had a life...)

Independence will be playing home games with patsies, and tough games on the road. There just aren't that many quality programs that will go home and home with BYU, and if there are, they'll only do it for a couple games. No rivalries, no tradition, no BCS guarantee. Short term gain, long term pain.


My take on a little different football schedule. One being to get Hawaii as much as possible, (trips there are a recruiting bonus for H.S. kids). Don't schedule TCU. You'll play yearly, Army, Navy, Air Force. Also get Notre Dame to play annualy. Utah and Utah State. So a Schedule might look like: (2011)

Utah St. (nice opening game)
Game to be determined
Air Force
Oregon St.
Fresno State
Notre Dame

Maybe 11 wins and a BCS berth...


To Dave S.:

They didn't, they joined the Pac 12 instead!

Jeff R.

If BYU goes independant, they will need to renovate LES and increase its capacity to around 75,000-80,000. Make it a bowl and add an upperdeck to the east side stands. You cant tell me that theses games would not sell out if BYU played some high prestiage teams at home. They could strike a deal to keep the rivalry with Utah will renuing the rivalry with the other big indy....Notre Dame. Utah from the Pac-12 against BYU. Just like ND vs Michigan every year. DO IT BYU! YOU HAVE TO!


I think Money should be the main motivator. If they make significantly less Money by staying in the MWC how is that a good thing. You're Telling me your willing to make less money just so you can play UNLV, SDSU and NM in Basketball? You Guys are Crazy. The More Money you have the better decisions you get to make. With more money you can then bring in UCLA and the AZ schools to play in Basketball. Money is what's kept us from getting better schedules in every sport. We finally can tell these schools that we can broadcast the game nation wide. MWC did this to itself by trying to control everything. Going independent will allow us to spend more money more wisely.

Las Vegas BYU BCS Bowl

For a school that never was good enough to be invited to a BCS bowl, they dare to ask/demand an AQ to BCS?

ESPN Katz says, "Rival Utah's move to the Pac-10 has given BYU the impetus to seriously explore the possibility of leaving the Mountain West..."

ie, jealousy!!!

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