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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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Let's see... BYU comparing itself to Notre Dame. Um, okay, if you don't take into consideration the countless national titles, All-Americans, future NFL Hall of Famers, Legendary Coaches, and Rudy, I could see the angle of the Cougars. But BYU has one national title, one legendary coach (crowton was close) one NFL hall of famer, and a handful of All-Americans. They DO have a coach that views his team as a bunch of Rudys. Good comparison.

Real Bass

The WAC? Come on BYU, think it over. this is dumber than dirt!


re: wwookie,

Notre Dame is not struggling at all financially. The thing that would press them into the B10 is the possibility of picking up ANOTHER 10M/Yr. But you'll notice that they haven't joined another conference. They pointed out that the only thing that might make them join is if cfb went to 16-team super conferences--which would include the demise of the BE, where ND's other sports play. And if that happened, the B12 and P10 would be scrambling to add schools to remain viable...a perfect opportunity for BYU to rejoin a conference.

Dave S

Why would the third or fourth best team in the MWC think they could possibly compete on a national level by going independent??


Nice to see that after only about a month, the spotlight is back where it needs to be.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Sorry it kept giving me the server timed out page when I clicked post comment. Not my fault the web site doesn't work right at 3am. Or maybe the web site is trying to tell me something...

In response to what isn't done for money, I would just say I think its disappointing that especially a church owned school would dump tradition and the other MWC schools for money especially when seems like it hurts most of the sports.


I wonder what type of schedule they'd be able to pull together. I don't see it being similar to Notre Dame's in strength for a few reasons. I wonder if it would facilitate scheduling Utah, if indeed both Universities continue to want that going forward.

What could be interesting is that for going independent in football to succeed, it may not even be necessary for BYU's schedule strength to be that of Notre Dame's, it may not be necessary for as much revenue to come in as Notre Dame draws (a significant portion of which probably goes to NBC), and they probably don't need nearly the fan base as Notre Dame has.


Imagine that. BYU (or any school) trying to do something to make money. I would like to see the school that is trying to have a sports program that doesn't make money. I can see it now, "Gosh. We don't have money for uniforms this year. We will be reusing the helmets and pads from the Provo High School 1955 uniforms." That should boost recruiting.


BYU home football games on cable controlled by BYU. Enough said.

Gorum The Old

Hopefully they don't move. With the MWC they are garunteed home and aways with 2 perennial ranked teams in TCU and BSU as well as a series of weaker teams that they are "forced" to have on their schedule because they share a conference. In basketball they have play several tournament teams every year because they are in conference. Lasr year BYU played 9 games against tournament teams before the big dance. 7 were against conference foes. Will BYU go out and schedule 7 non conference games against tounament teams every year in basketball?

Fortunately it sounds like BYU will only go through with it if they get a BCS inclusion clause like ND. They won't so I don't have anything to worry about.

ET Bass

This idea must come from the same genius that got us into the Mtn tv deal...come on boys, say it ain't so! The wac is a major step down!


Go for it... make yourself even more nationally obscure.

Oh, and good luck getting a BCS program to travel to Provo in Nov. LOL!

Nothing more then a desperate dead issue. (BYU is trying to squeeze the MWC for more money)

Andrew J. Marksen

Never forget that the LDS Church defines BYU’s mission and role in the world, sports included. BYU has a top broadcasting facility that few universities in this country can match. They have a large national following wherever they go. The MWC will not budge on a crippling television contract that has hurt BYU financially. The WAC has a similar footprint to the MWC so joining that conference is not far fetched. Additionally the WAC will accommodate the Sunday play criteria that BYU needs. Do I think BYU will stay independent (if that is the decision) long term? No but a move towards independence could be a stepping-stone to larger things. I honestly can not imagine the BCS treating BYU exactly the same as Notre Dame. The BCS carved that exemption out specifically to protect ND and its NBC television contract, a contract that could be canceled at anytime by NBC’s new owners.

caleb in new york

catch 22 -

If BYU is independent it could get rid of a lot of the weak teams that are yearly on the schedule (WY, NM, UNLV, SDSU) and upgrade for more exciting opponents.

A big part of the reason BYU typically threatens for a BCS berth is the weak teams that are yearly on the schedule. If BYU upgrades its regular season schedule then there's going to be far fewer years in which BYU gets in to the 10-12 regular season win category which they need to get a BCS berth.


I'm looking at my calendar and checking that it is not April Fools Day. It doesn't appear to be, so I guess BYU is serious. I knew that the Pac-10 invitation to Utah kind of smacked BYU in the chops, but this is a totally ridiculous move, especially at this time. Their is NO WAY that BYU is going to get automatic BCS inclusion like Notre Dame has. And for BYU to think they have a comparable following to Notre Dame is just delusional. They have a MUCH better chance getting to the BCS as a member of the MWC. I do feel bad for every team in the MWC that has to suffer through with the MTN network, but it is better than nothing at this point. The real joke of this is BYU joining the WAC. I guess the MMDS (mid-major down south) really does like to be the big fish in a small pond, which they currently aren't with TCU and BSU in the MWC. I think every team in the MWC understands Utah taking an invite to the Pac-10, but BYU doing this is just...whatever. Good luck zoobs!


As an Aggie fan, I'm against this. BYU shouldn't receive any special treatment from the WAC, meaning admittance for all sports but football. BYU abandoned the WAC. They helped keep USU out of the MWC, and earlier helped keep USU out of the WAC. BYU would use this as a temporary stepping stone while attempting to gain admission to a BCS conference. BYU would gain from this. The WAC would gain nothing, as I don't believe that the admittance of BYU would make WAC basketball an auto 2 bid conference.


I'm calling bluff. I think they are just trying to get the MTN to give up the exclusive TV broadcasting rights in order to keep them. That way, BYU would be able to broadcast their own games anytime they want and can do it in HD.


The Wahington game will be on CBS C.= No TV for the local fans on the Veracity Network (Broadweave), the late "I Provo". Another gift from the mtn (small letters) network, home of the mediocre.
BYU needs a place where it can best serve BYU and it's millions of fans throughtout the U.S. and in many foreign countries.


BYU and ESPN have a press conference scheduled for tomorrow.

Helloooo ESPN!

Goodbye theMTN and the Las Vegas Invitational!


People, you are being DUPED!!! This is a story based on a tweet, that is based on a blog, based on rumor and conjecture. Someone is LAUGHING in their parents' basement right now at the story they created.

1-Why would BYU downgrade their other sports to the WAC? Less money, less exposure, etc.?

2-Why would they go independent when all evidence to the contrary states it's incredibly difficult in this day and age?

3-Without a national TV contract, where will they get the money streams to keep their program from bleeding cash every year? Notre Dame wouldn't survive without the NBC deal.

4-The Naval academy is the best comparison, not Notre Dame. Navy does fairly well and gets a mid-level bowl berth for doing so. That's about what BYU could hope for. The BCS isn't going to include the Y just because they are independent.

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