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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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George is STILL running!

Yeah, there is a reason for money... but also, why not go independent and get an auto BCS berth (if possible). Yeah scheduling will be hard, but I bet you could pull a... I hate to say it... Boise State and schedule a couple hard teams, then the rest weaker teams and get in the top 8 (if that is the required rank) and make the BCS.
Also think that it is also opening doors for more BYU in more places with BYU's national TV station. It would help with recruits, money, and exposure. Instead of being on the weak MWC channel, you could have your own channel where you get every single penny of earnings and you get to nation wide/even worldwide.
On the opening doors subject, it could also open the door to be grabbed by a BCS conference, especially if they get a BCS bowl and they start getting a lot of exposure.
I don't know, that is just my thoughts on it.

Disco Vega

Who cares? The cougs need to come to terms with the fact they are insignificant, a flash in the pan; we have all moved on to bigger and better things. Go Utes!


The other sports won't remain in the Mountain West because of the new tv contract that they're about to sign with ESPN (bye bye, "The Mtn").

At least, that's what it appears they're about to do.


Of course it's a money move, which I hate to break to you, is what college sports is all about. So all of you BYU fans who cried that Utah "sold out" by going to the pac 10 are going to have to either eat your words or come up with some fantastic excuses on why it was ok for BYU to do but not Utah!


What does the MWC actually give BYU, except an opponent (1/2 the time, a bad one) every week? The TV deal stinks, the Bowl deal stinks, and you'll never get respect as long as you're playing unlv,sdsu,wyo and unm. Play one or two, but all? Even if BYU doesn't go flying into a BCS game, your bowl deal and tv revenue ALL comes to BYU. Now, its stripped and bled until there are peanuts left. BYU will be attractive for ESPN and bowl games, especially in the west, imagine all that coming straight in.

I love that BYU is at least exploring option, and can admit that All ISN'T well in Provo.


If they come to an arrangement with ESPN to broadcast several of their games (which they undoubtedly would), and get that top 8 guarantee, BYU will have hit a home run. Let's be honest: they're in it for the football. Who cares with hoops on WAC or MWC? You could argue they now have an EASIER path to the tourney which is all that matters in hoops. In football, if they can get a Notre Dame-type inclusion, no brainer.
BYU has the money, following, and facilities to make this work. Are they Notre Dame? No. But are they big enough in football to make this work successfully and be in a BCS bowl hunt yearly? Yep. National Title game would also be an option with a perfect record. Again, if ESPN is in the mix, this is a home run.


If true, this would be HUGE mistake.

Please Clarify

BYU is a BCS caliber school trapped in a mid-major conference, just like my Utes until next year. If they can do it financially, it makes sense. My big question isn't necessarily the BCS access, but if the BYU TV folks can draw the advertising dollars to make it profitable. I would also worry about their access to bowls since only the smaller bowls wind up scrambling for eligible teams. As an independent with no conference tie-ins, the Y might have a hard time getting into a bowl that is worth it to them. Even Notre Dame sat out last year because it didn't pay out enough.



"something tells me this will be the biggest college football news this year"

Are you serious?! Do you live in a cave?!

I was watching sportscenter this morning and this story was a short one time blip on the bottom line.

every single sec game this year will be bigger than this story. That is why BYU shouldn't go independent. No one besides members of the lds church and utah residents cares about BYU.

I think this would be a bad move. If this happens I can see 10 years from now looking on back on this summer and it being the defining moment in the decline of BYU's program. Utah to PAC 12, and BYU after five years of trying in futility to be a successful independent, will be forced to Join the WAC.

There's no way BYU does this. They will not get any recognition from the BCS and they just don't have the clout to be a successful independent.

Look at Notre Dame, they are thinking about joining a new conference and they are freaking Notre Dame. If it didn't work for them, it won't work for BYU!

Ernest T. Bass

Notre Dame has made BCS bowls with 2 or 3 losses. Does byu really expect to be invited to a BCS bowl unless they're indefeated?
They cannot be serious about that can they?
If this happens, this will be great.
LOL @ boise state.
The MWC should quickly invite USU. Better option anyway.


Hey look, it's Uteology! Be sure to take his opinion serious. He's not biased at all guys. Nope, he's right on the fence and frankly, should really be a sports reporter with that unbiased attitude of his.

Y Grad / Y Dad

Oh, this is fun!

It is fair to a degree to say that it is all about money, but only to the degree that the money buys exposure.

Is it because of envy (or whatever) relating to the U move? Only as it relates to exposure (IMHO). The church is constantly looking at ways to get greater positive national exposure.

This COULD garner that for football. It COULD come at the expense of exposure in other sports.

It seems to me, my reading of the tea leaves, that the MWC says "we all sink or swim together," and the WAC says "you can do whatever you want if you come play in our sandbox."

And BYU sets out to try to create the next best thing to the U-Texas network. Or maybe better.

Because if you start with a backbone of all possible programming on KBYU, then take an open offer from KSL to purchase programming, and the hope that ESPN and others will purchase increasing amounts of sports production, you get the money AND the exposure.

Some fun, huh?

In times of profound change, learners will inherit the earth. Learning is not a passive experience.


"Rival Utah's move to the Pac-10 has given BYU the impetus to seriously explore the possibility of leaving the Mountain West"

Why is BYU's future contingent on what Utah has decided to do? If BYU is the national / international power that its fan base advertises, then Utah's actions should have little to no effect upon BYU.

In reality, this reeks of being a knee-jerk reaction to Utah's move. Is this really in the school's best interests? How do all of the other programs feel about getting downgraded to the WAC, playing the likes of Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State? I'm sure coach Dave Rose will be just "thrilled" about this.


BYU really wants in the Big 12, and I think they would be a good fit and be profitable for that league. They won't win the league often, but that is the BCS issue right...do you prefer being good in a BCS conference, or top dog in a smaller one?

The big point is this: Independence is likely the best way to show the Big 12 the kind of $$$ BYU could bring to the table.

Despite BYU's shortcomings, they beat teams like Utah and Oregon State on their way to a #12 ranking last year and that is pretty typical. BYU is no Notre Dame historically, but few schools are. BYU consistently wins against good (incl. top 25) teams, and loses to some too. BYU is ranked in the top 25 year after year. Reality says they will continue to be pretty good whether they stay in the MWC or go independent.


I think a move out of the MWC is a good move, whether it's moving into the WAC or as an indy simply because of the terrible tv contract the MWC has saddled them with.
I don't think it would hurt BYU at all from a competitive standpoint and at least they could get some national coverage. If they move to the WAC they would have a decent shot every year (as did Boise St) of getting a bcs bid as well.

Dave S

Re: Blue Saint,

You have got to be kidding me!! I think it's time for a little dose of reality for you. You can't possibly believe this will be "the biggest college football news this year". Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


BYU is certainly no Notre Dame, but, following the Notre Dame model, independent in football and a member of the Big East in all other sports could work.

Like Notre Dame, BYU would need to lock in some annual opponents. There are many teams in both the MWC and WAC who would be interested in scheduling BYU on an annual basis, including, of course Utah.

Throw in a couple of PAC 10 and Big 12 opponents and a game or two with teams in the east.

The two biggest hurdles are:

Getting automatic access to the BCS by finishing in the Top 8 in the BCS standings.

Scheduling games in October and November by scheduling 4 or 5 games with WAC teams and playing the Utah game in late November.

Possible schedule:

Utah State
Oregon State
Oklahoma State
Fresno State
San Jose State
Notre Dame
San Diego State

With BYU, Utah State, Fresno State, Nevada and New Mexico State in the WAC, the WAC could become just as strong or stronger than the MWC.

ESPN might be interested in televising all BYU home games.

It'll be interesting to see the details.

Brave Sir Robin

Oh please please please let this be true....I will enjoy watching the death of BYU sports.

And moving to the WAC is an interesting way of ensuring that BYU will be more successful. Isn't that kind of like the Charlotte Bobcats leaving the NBA for the ACC because they can't win in the NBA? Here's a new motto: BYU - Increasing Success by Lowering Expectations.

And BYU fans, you just forever lost ability to play the "Utah cares what we do, but we don't care about what Utah does" card. Your administration's reaction to Utah's move to the PAC proves once and forever that you live in Utah's shadow and all you have the ability to do is react to Utah's moves.


The MWC is loaded for Bear this football season. I don't think it would be in BYU's best interest to leave. They are one good team away from being a regular power conference in football, the one that mixes things up every year.

I as a former Ute actually think the U made their ability to reach a title game harder. Financially through revenue sharing they may be better off, but not much more. Now they are just a little more noise in an already very loud conference. They could have stayed and helped make the MWC be the rouge conference that played the spoiler every year.

BYU needs to stick with the long term plan. I don't think realignment is done, and some good teams could be tempted to join if the MWC draws more attention again. But they do need to get a real tv contract.... another story for another day.


Calm down, calm down. This is all dependent upon the BCS giving BYU the same deal Notre Dame has. Not going to happen, so BYU will stay in the MWC.
This being said, I still think the MWC should look at picking up Fresno State or Houston.

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