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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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I like he sound of it...........WAC-Cats.

Anyway.....Who Cares........mew...mew.


Hmmmmm. BYU leaves the MWC penalty-free, yet had a hand in urging WAC schools to agree to a penalty for leaving that conference? All so BYU could find a "soft landing" in the WAC for non-football sports? Sounds a little hypocritical. Maybe cynical? Selfish?


Good call Cougars.

BYU football has never been just about winning, or money, or prestige. So this makes perfect sense for a team that gets the shaft no matter which conference they're in. At least this way they are in the driver's seat when it comes to scheduling and broadcast rights.

And if New Mexico fans want to act like jerks, they don't have to play them again. And since UNLV always gets home court advantage in the MWC tourney, maybe BYU can host one of their own.

Hey Aztecs, turn off the lights when you leave.


So . . . does going "mid-major" independent make our quarterback controversy go away?

Otis Spurlock

This will be the biggest bust in college athletics in the last 50 years, coming in slightly below SMU’s 2 year “football death penalty” for massive, systemic, and ongoing cheating in 1985.

Who is going to want to play BYU as an independent? Especially at BYU’s home stadium? What bowl games will want BYU as an independent without a supporting conference and the built-in viewership they help provide? More telling, which schools would BYU, as an independent, seek to schedule football games against? Which teams from the WAC will comprise the four annual football opponents for BYU as an “independent”? BSU (if they stay ), Hawaii, Utah State, and Fresno? Will BYU have to agree to play the teams like Idaho, New Mexico State, LA Tech, and San Jose State on a regular basis so they don’t feel left out? Wouldn’t one accidental loss to a team like New Mexico State automatically cancel out any benefit that BYU, as an “independent” would’ve gained from beating BCS schools like Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, and Texas during any given season?

Wally West

BYU is doing what any spoiled rich kid who is not as liked as he thinks he is is dong. Simply put, taking their ball and going home because they are not getting what they want.

Yesterday, 1280 rightly pointed out thatScheduling is the key. So, the zoobs could get; USU, Hawaii, Fresno, San Diego St, NV-Reno, & UNLV. May be Utah and Boise. Where then would they get another 4 to 6 games?

Other PAC schools seem unlikely as does anyone from the Texas/OU conference. BYU likes filling up on cupcakes.... calling Bo Tiddly Tech, Western Nebraska A & I, Bertha's school of cosmetology, etc...?

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