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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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Jeff R.

This a superb move by BYU if all is true. Take a look at BYU's assets. 1.) BYU TV which has been seriously upgraded and now offers HD to over 80 million households world wide 2.) Huge fan base no matter where they play 3.) National prominance in recruiting both LDS and non LDS alike.
The best thing to come out of this move to independance is BYU finally getting out of that horrible TV deal with the Mnt. It has limited reach and you need VS. and CBS-College just to get half of what ESPN pulls in. BYU would also strike a deal with ESPN and perhaps ABC or NBC that could broadcast BYU home games. BYU would get to keep all the revenue from TV deals and bowl bids. So how is this not a great idea? BYU is one of the very few colleges that could pull this off. Great news for the University and this should have been done months agao



isn't it past your bedtime? I think its time to go for a nap.


I heard today that Karl Benson from the WAC made all of the teams sign a 5 million dollar out fine for any of the teams to leave the WAC. So there will be no teams jumping from the WAC to the MWC. They have predicted that teams will start leaving the MWC. Boise St. has already talked about going back to the WAC. TCU is rumored to go to Conference USA, thus leaving not enough teams for the MWC to survive. They need 8 teams to be a conference in division 1. The rest of the MWC teams would all then probably re-join the WAC. Karl Benson from the WAC is a very happy man today! He also told BYU that he would happily take all the rest of BYU sports into the WAC. This is a great deal for BYU! The MWC lost their almost AQ bid to the BCS when Utah left. Yes that is a fact! Tom Holmoe could see the writing on the wall, and has been working feverishly to complete this new deal. Yes, ESPN will again contract with BYU, making it an even bigger deal for the Y. Go Cougars!


If this happens, the MWC and WAC will merge...

Also @Big Ben...ESPN continues to have interest in BYU in 2010. This year they picked up the BYU @ USU game for a nationally televised event based on their WAC contract...I'm sure it's because of all of the excitement about the Aggies possible run to a BCS game? Riiiiight.

BTW, did ESPN pick up and televise the Utes last visit to Logan? Oh...they didn't...that riiiiight too.


Chris Hill would have been fired for such a desperate move.

I'm sure Mr. Hill is ROFL as we speak.


This is a dumb move.

So if BYU doesn't get a BCS deal like ND (which WILL NOT happen).... What bowl games are they even eligible for with most already having conference affiliations?

Will they also start the Provo Bowl?


BTW for those banking on the LDS membership for a deal like Notre Dame.

In the US 68 million Catholics and 5.9 million Mormons. I know you will say not all Catholics are ND fans, but not all Mormons are BYU fans. The math just doesn't work out. Outside of the west coast and intermountain, not enough eyes for a primetime TV contract or BCS status like ND.

Johney Utah

The BYU/Utah rivalry game should be scheduled like USC/Notre Dame; That is, late in the year.


Chris Hill would never have had the resources, credibility, or support of ESPN to pull of this move...you're right, he would have been fired.


jazzbball | 7:31 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
But are they big enough in football to make this work successfully and be in a BCS bowl hunt yearly? Yep.


When was the only time they were in the BCS hunt? Tic....tic...tic... Thu, Oct 16 @TCU L 32-7.

So how are they going to be in the "BCS hunt yearly"?

Unless that is...

IF BYU plays stronger SOS and

IF they get the "Notre Dame exception" and

IF they beat non ranked MWC teams (not yet under Bronco) and

IF they get ranked in the top 8 (haven't finished in the top 10 since 1996) or

IF they go undefeated (not since 2984) would they be in the "BCS bowl hunt" yearly.

Sounds like wishful thinking. They're better off waiting for the Big-12 invite.

Now if they are doing it for the exposure and more money then its a great move.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

Thank you, Chris Hill and Kyle for delivering PAC-12/AQ BCS to us.

Thank you, Holmoe and Broco for taking BYU to the WAC --you're now where you belong all this time

It's good to be a Utes!!!
Is it too sad to be a Cougar today, guys?

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

...Will they also start the Provo Bowl?...

Yes. It is called Provo Blue Celery Soup Bowl --ie Provo BCS Bowl

PAC man

It's actually fun to see this BYU blog being overrun by jealous Utah trolls.

Just further proof that Utah fans are totally obsessed with BYU.





Go Utes! Go Crimson!!


Until recently the utes could never compete in modern day football and when they did it was only 2 years at that. History support this claim. They will be exposed again in due time.


The "target" that you zoobs have said is on the backs of the Utes is squarely back on you own backs!! Good luck "rebuilding" this year!

Looks like you will be playing Mt. St. Marys next season for basketball conference supremacy. The WAC will not be there!!

Utes still smelling like roses!!

Go Crimson!


Perhaps this is ALL about getting the MWC to give them the "TEXAS DEAL" and allow them to have their own network as incentive to remain in the MWC. Just a theory!!


Good solid move for BYU, its a no-brainer really when u consider the revenue gain and national exposure on tv. And if they dont get AQ status right away, its at least a huge step closer to it. As far as joining the WAC in basketball, does it really make much of difference whether you play in the MWC or WAC? Not really as long as you win 20 plus games or win the conference tournament your gonna get into the big dance. Also when you consider how much more national exposure byu will get in basketball with a new tv deal they are better off in the long run. One other thing, with the possibility of other MWC teams joining the WAC, the WAC will likely become alot stronger then the MWC anyway. Bottomline is BYU is doing what is for the better of the school and their program and independence is the way to go for now at least.


BYU vs Notre Dame every year would be great. I'm sure BYU would make far more money with its own ESPN deals and BYUTV than it would splitting its Mtn. TV money with the other MWC schools. As far as football goes it makes perfect sense. The big question is BCS or future football playoffs. How will they be included in those?


hedgehog | 4:22 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Chris Hill would have been fired for such a desperate move.

I'm sure Mr. Hill is ROFL as we speak.

Question is what will Mr. Hill's reaction be when the yewts struggle to break .500 in basketball and become a medocre pac-12 team in football?

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