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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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Why would BYU leave the MWC for other sports if it went independent in football? Would the MWC force out the other sports if football left?

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

If they do go independent it seems they are selling out and doing it as a reaction to Utah, at least to me. The main reason to do this would be for $$$ and I hate it when $ motivate decisions. That's why the BCS is so ridiculous.

It would be nice to have games on BYUTV in HD instead of on MTN CBSC and Versus all the time. I hope they have some bowls that are interested as well.

I like college basketball almost as much as football so for me this isn't a great move. USU and Nevada are all right, but it seems like a step back for all the other sports. Maybe its a way to try and get into the Big 12. I just hope they know what they are doing.

In all honesty it seems like nothing more than rumors to me.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

It seems like they are doing this just for $$$ and to react to the Utes going to PAC. I hate doing things for money and that's why I hate the BCS so much. I can't imagine they do this unless they are sure the MWC won't become and automatic qualifier.

I like college basketball almost as much as football so for me this isn't a great move. USU and Nevada are all right, but it seems like a step back for all the other sports besides football. Maybe its a way to try and get into the Big 12. I just hope they know what they are doing.

In all honesty it seems like nothing more than rumors to me.


Wow, this will give us something to talk about besides who is going to be the next QB in Provo.


If the BCS guarantees a spot, then it's a definite YES! BYU is more than ready to make a move. No other program besides Notre Dame is more prepared than BYU to go Independent. Something tells me that this will be the biggest college football news this year. BYU might even be lucky enough to strike a deal with ESPN, seeing that some of their highest rated games in their history are BYU games.

This is exciting! Having the PAC-NON settle for the clowns was just the eye opening jab that BYU needed. Being the unique University that it is, BYU will not get the invite from these so called elite conferences. They need to take their destiny into their own hands. Going independent is the first and biggest step!



If these rumors are like the Big 12 invite then there is no story.

The question indeed is do they get treated like Navy or Notre Dame by the BcS by going Independent?

I can't imagine a team for which the BcS was created due to will be treated as an equal specially since TCU and Boise are the best mid-majors remaining.

Regardless I wish them luck it will be really interesting next year if they do.


If the cougs make this move, it would be hilarious. BYU officials must really be arrogant to think they can make this work when even the most storied program of all of college football, with the backing of the catholic church (I'm talking Notre Dame) is struggling and will probably end up in a conference in the next few years.

Good luck with this one. Atleast you won't have to worry about drawing in too many recruits who are seriously thinking of trying for the NFL.


They would move to the WAC because the MWC TV contract restricts conference schools. In essence, all home games are covered by the MTN contract and the schools have not been allowed to broadcast the game, even if the MTN has chosen not to cover it. This has really frustrated BYU, which has wanted to broadcast their home games not shown on the MTN.

WAC schools are free to broadcast all games that ESPN does not choose to pick up, freeing BYU to once again broadcast the vast majority of their games.


I too worry about this impact on other sports, especially basketball. Besides USU, the WAC is pathetic in basketball, and beyond pathetic in every other sport. Couldn't the Cougs get into the Big 12 or something for other sports? Watching our track and field teams, and soccer teams, and so on demolish the WAC competition won't even be entertaining.

As far as football goes, this could or could not be a good idea. I think it hinges on whether the MWC would really get an AQ bid or not in another two years.

The Big One

And Kyle what isn't done for money?

Cougar Blue

Boy, they'd better rethink this little scenario. All I can say, is bad, bad, bad.


I think we've heard from Kyle on this one.


Hey Kyle, quit hitting the "Add your comment" button! Also this whole situation is not about your feelings. We all couldn't care less about how this affects YOU. This is about what is best for BYU. For your info they have been looking at going independent for many years. There have been many things going on with talks on changes for a long, long time. When all the dust settles, you will see what really happened. This really has nothing to do with the Ute program and/or the MWC. BYU is going to do what is best for BYU, the same as any other school will do.


It sounds like a good plan. BYU just may be able to pull it off!


BYU has been thinking of going independent for years. I hope they go independent. The Mtn is the worst TV agreement in history.


The TV deal they have with the MWC is a joke and they have to do something. There are very few schools in the nation that can go independent and be succesful at it. I think BYU has what they need to be successful going independent and I hope it works for them.

E=M everything equals money. Money drives all decisions, is it right no but that is how it is. They can not stay and be left behind.


I would love this move. I personally think it will allow BYU to demonstrate how much money they can actually generate on their own without having to share with the rest of the league and how big their national audience really is. It will be too much for the big-12 to ignore and that invitation will be right around the corner. Plus it will neutralize Utah recruiting advantage in football.


Would BYU get the same treatment as Notre Dame, "If it met the same criteria that Notre Dame does to be included in BCS games?" Do you mean, "Can we get a BCS Bowl invite if we go 10-2 like the Irish can?" That's a big "No."

Notre Dame is powerful because they have a HUGE fan base. While BYU has a large following of very devoted fans, it can't hold the candle to Notre Dame in that regard.

The MWC is better than the WAC in the "other" sports also. Such a move would be a step down for BYU.

Having the capability to broadcast in HD is nice, but it wouldn't add very many fans. The same people who currently watch BYU sports would enjoy the high-def look of the event. But, there aren't many non-BYU fans who would surf past several other games broadcast in high-def that feature more well-known teams just to stop at KBYU to see who the Cougars are playing.

Bottom line - if being independent is so desirable, why are there only 3 division I football teams that are independent?


Good on the Cougs. It's time they position themselves to get to the next level. Hanging around the MWC has gotten them nowhere.


RE: Tron527.

My guess is that the MWC will not let them go independent in football and keep other sports in the MWC. The WAC will allow them to do this until the BIG 12 invite comes.

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