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Published: Sunday, Aug. 15 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Instead of Harvey, it may be running back by committee, but DiLuigi and company are going to have a great year.

Good luck J.J.!

Thanks for all of your hard work.


But can he hold onto the football? Every time he touches the ball, Cougar fans hold their breath worrying whether or not he is going to fumble!



I agree with you. In fact, if the the Dnews would be so kind as to show the next sequences of photos, you would see the ball (held like a loaf of bread) being jarred loose.


re:pipes. Nice try. But you're referring to two years ago. He cleaned that up easily last year. He's going to have a stellar year.

Big Hapa

Change is always exciting to say the least, Harvey was terrific, but it is time for DiLuigi and Kariya to step into the leadership role as the upper classman and set another standard of excellance.

Keep your eye on the goal and your hands around the rock and you both will create a new standard in the 2010 season.

"Poly" Cougar Nation 2010 .

Flaming Liberal

Immaculate shape...does that mean he doesn't sin anymore? Was Harvey in immaculate shape last season?


Flaming Liberal: You are a piece of work...obviously a front-runner Utah fan. Is there anything positive you can say about your mighty Utah Utes?

Tom in CA

@Flaming Liberal:

Both of you need more hugs from your mommy and tissues to wipe your nose.

DiLuigi will clean your clock in due time, i.e., 27 November.

But let's focus on the here and now - Pitt will clean your clock on 2 September. I know you both are addicted to Cougar Football, but you should stay focused on your pUkes.


I was at the scrimmage Saturday...the rushing game did not look good (with the exception of Riley...he's got wheels). I don't know if I should be happy because our run defense is good, or be nervous that our backs weren't getting anything done. IF the running game is good this year (i.e. over 100 yards rushing 8 games or more), BYU will be better than 8-4. If not, I will be satisfied with 8-4.


At least DiLuigi doesn't run like a hog.The utes will give up yardage liberally as he flames through the line.

The utes will never win a pac-10 championship!


"At least DiLuigi doesn't run like a hog"


Wow pretty insightful. Please, if you would, can you tell me how a hog runs?

If you’re referring to the size and power the Utes running backs have, well, then I’m sorry they intimidate you.

Get used to it.


Do you guys realize that by this time next year we should be as interested in each others boards as BYU and Utah fans are with USU today?

Isn't that a wonderful thought?

Three major universities in Utah each belonging to a different conference. Utah fans will be anxiously anticipating match-ups with USC, Stanford, UCLA, Oregon, Arizona, etc. and BYU fans will be all abuzz with talk about heading back to Laramie. Won't that be special?

I wonder which fan base will blink first? My guess, it will be years before BYU fans truly lose interest in the Utes and what might have been for the Cougars.

Utah's recruiting will continue to strengthen at the expense of BYU. And that will be both special and fun to watch.

Big Hapa

Utes ! Cougs ! It is all in state football. Grow up people both schools have football programs that represent this state and all of its querks and oddities. Both programs have national respect and will both do very well in there seperate leagues come 2011.

So keep your little league comments and grad school play ground attitudes to your selves it is boring and lame.

"POLY" Cougar Nation


Re: Hedgehog:
I don't know. I'm not the hedgehog. I would guess it's a running back running on his fours because he loses his balance. I guess that's why you like the utes.


In three weeks we may be all singing the blues. Can anybody beat TCU?


DiLuigi is the speedster, Kariya is the bull who will get the tough yards running inside, and Quezada is a combo of both. Pretty nice committee of backs to have to go along with a very good experienced OL.



I wonder which fan base will blink first? My guess, it will be years before BYU fans truly lose interest in the Utes and what might have been for the Cougars.

Wow, what world do you live in? BYU fans never have been and never will be interested in the Utes. Most BYU fans are not from Utah and our interest in the Utes is no greater or less than any other team on the schedule. If Utah and BYU stop playing each other, the interest level in Utah from BYU fans immediately goes to zero. On the other hand, I'm quite sure that many Ute fans like you, will still be so insecure that you will feel the need to continue posting anti-BYU garbage on every BYU article that is written - just like you do now!

Cougar Claws

Re: BP

It's because our run defense IS that good. The BYU defense doesn't get a lot of credit but one thing BYU has been a total rock at has been stopping the run. I don't worry at all that our running backs had a tough time gaining yards against OUR run defense.

I'm super excited for J.J. DiLuigi! BYU hasn't had a starting running back like him for a very long time. I love his speed and his smaller size he'll be similar to a LaMichael James or a Jacquizz Rodgers type back for the offense.

Cougar Claws

Re: hedgehog

That's funny, because JJ didn't have 1 fumble last year! Interesting. Don't kid yourself. EVERY back fumbles, even the best backs don't go their entire careers without fumbling. Harvey fumbled too but fans were pretty quick to forgive him.

Monsieur le prof

Runners are only as good as their O-lines. Because the Y concentrates on the pass so much, they do a better job at pass protection than blocking for the run.

On the other hand, backs who can get to the line quickly will do better because the blockers only have to hold their blocks for a few seconds, enough time for a small back to scat through.

Win, lose, or draw, it's going to be an exciting season. 8-4 would be great, given the opposition. Anything above that would be gravy.

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