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Thais tricked, trapped and imported here to be slaves

Published: Saturday, Aug. 14 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Don't politicize this issue. It is a tragedy that occurs every day, every where. I am glad that these men have found their freedom and that Utah is helping.


Re: The Truth :
"The Devil made me do it"?
This has everything to do with Capitalism.

county mom

This is a story with a happy ending. These men love it here. In any other country they would have been ignored or there would have been no help available. We have a great country with wonderful caring people who try to help others. It is sad it took so long. Call me a fool but I think people are mostly good.

Just Truth

No need to point fingers beyond the culprit reported, Global Horizon. I don't doubt that there is more of this going on, but I also don't know of anyone who directly supports it Democrat, Republican or otherwise. If I did no of human trafficking I'd be right in the fray putting an end to it rather than waste my time making ineffectual political comments on a news article after the slavery was already exposed.

I'm glad some of these Thai workers are taking the opportunity given to become legal U.S. workers permanently. As I read the article I wished I were an employer that could help them earn a living here in America in a deserving way. I'll be sure to support the Thai restaurants more when I go out to eat. I love Thai food!


It appears to me that Global Horizon worked the system. The question we should ask is how we can avoid these sorts of human trafficking offenses from occurring in the future.

Sarah B

I was initially reluctant to read the entire article because of its length. If I hadn't, I would have thought Circle Four and Delta Eggs were the bad guys. They should have clarified much earlier that Global Horizons were the bad guys and that the other companies treated the workers decentlty.


Anyone living in poverty would have been enticed by an offer of a high-paying job in the United States, making in one month what you would work for a year to make in Thailand. It would be best, of course, if these workers could have been protected before they left Thailand and placed themselves in the hands of their traffickers, rather than rescued after they had been victimized. I wonder how this could have been done. Any suggestions? - Prof Patt


@ego | 4:42 p.m.

It sounds to me that the tragedy was CAUSED by immigration regulation, and not the other way around. The workers were beholden to this evil company because the company knew how to navigate the complicated cesspool that is our immigration system.

It's a problem of overregulation.


People need to read this article more carefully. These Thais were brought here legally with all the complicated paperwork required by our current immigration laws. They were brought in 2004 before the company got a hand slap limiting their human chattel importation for a limited time.

More stringent enforcement of our draconian immigration quotas would have done *nothing* to protect these people. Indeed it could only have made things worse as it was actually the xenophobia and racism that the hiring company was exploiting - not the immigration quotas which it was carefully complying with.

Patrick Henry

The corrupt corporation should be punished to the utmost ability allowed by law.


@ What Now
I was curious about your comment on Garden City Kansas, have there been issues there as well?

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