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Published: Saturday, Aug. 14 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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the Mailman

Needless to say us Jazz fans were spoiled for a long long time to have these two together for so long. Everyone who has played since is kind of unfortunate cos they suffer in comparison.

As good as they were though, they could never win a title. Seems kind of strange that two out and out legends could never get it done.

Any thoughts as to why? I know what my guess is..


You need to have 8-10 players completely buy in to what you want to accomplish. There were never more than three. However this duo will probably go down in history as the best ever..


Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon.


The best ever to play together on the same team!


Two professionals who brought it every night. It amazes me how everyone seems to measure success by the number of championships won. I don't agree. I believe both of these guys gave it their all, along with many others, especially Larry Miller & his family. Character matters, and the Jazz organization is a class act.

Go Jazz!


I think Bloggy was listing his 2 reasons why S&M never won a title.


Live-In-AZ: I totally agree with you that we shouldn't measure their success by the number of championships won. Only 7 teams won the championshipe during the time Malone plays (19 years). The most important thing is, everytime these duo play, we got excitment and joy.


John and Karl never won a championship because they needed an all star center to play with. Unfortunately, they never got him.

When the Jazz added Hornacek that made them better but it wasn't enough to get them over the hump.

Still ... I wouldn't trade all those great years for a one and done championship.

As Jazz fans we tend to forget that good to great seasons were common during Karl and John's time. How many other teams have gone to the NBA playoffs for 20 straight seasons? (1984-2003)

Answer ... only two: Portland (21) and Philadelphia (22)

Big JJ

Studs absolute studds

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