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Published: Friday, Aug. 13 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Insurance will not stop Illegal aliens from driving drunk. there have been many Utah citizens killed by illegal Aliens driving drunk. They are more than 2.5 times more likely to drive drunk than legal immigrants or citizens (google "Focal Point: Crossing the Line", and watch the Video)

If they are not here they will continue to kill on our Hi Ways.

I would also like to see an amendment in this bill that would make it legal for anyone injured (or a family member of those killed) to be able to sue in civil court for damages, those that have knowingly enabled the Illegal alien to be in this country. This would include employers and landlords (and the Federal Gov....and/or those enablers like LaRaza or Tony Yappias)


C'mon Dnews.....40k uninsured because of Sandstrom?

Get real...how about 40k illegal criminals on the road without insurance because Obama won't enforce the border....

About Time we as a state addressed this illegal criminal issue......

How about we throw sandstrom a tickertape parade...he is an absolute Hero!


People here legally are given drivers licenses, so are people here on visas and current guest worker passes.

I would like Mr. Bramble to explain his position on drivers privileged cards being given to people here legally.

If a person is here legally, they get a regular license.

Older Reader

Progressive whiners ignore the fact that ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL! If anyone drives without insurane they are breaking the law. If they speed they are breaking the law. If these illegals would follow the law and sty clean they would not be stopped.

Clifton Palmer McLendon

@Deportation Glitch Lady

You use the word “racism” and you don’t even know the proper meaning of it.

RACISM: The assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are determined by biological race and that races differ decisively from one another which is usually coupled with a belief in the inherent superiority of a particular race and its right to domination over others. [definition taken from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged (Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.; 1981)]

Nothing in Mr. Sandstrom’s bill smacks of any of that.

Clifton Palmer McLendon


According to the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution, the Federal government has only those powers specifically granted to it by the Constitution.

The Constitution does not give any branch of the Federal government the power to tell any State how to handle crime and punishment in that State, therefore, no Federal official -- including a Federal judge -- has anything to say about Arizona's immigration law.

Older Reader

Progressive whiners ignore the fact that ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL! If anyone drives without insurane they are breaking the law. If they speed they are breaking the law. If these illegals would follow the law and sty clean they would not be stopped.

Chris B

Hey proud american, thanks for being a true american. My feelings exactly. Amazing how the liberals always turn the criminals into the victims


driving without insurance is another crime in addition the federal crime of being in the U.S without inspection and documentation, which is punishable by 6months in prison and a $5,00.00 fine for a first offense.

We do not need nor want reform of our immigration laws, nor do we need to tolerate racist special interst groups organizing, aiding and abbeting those who are in our country illegaly and violating serious felonies as I.D theft, tax evasion document and welfare fraud, fraud, fraud, all that we need is enforcement and prosecution of those on our soil illegaly and those who support their illegal activities.


scambuster | 7:06 p.m. Aug. 13, 2010

Utahalready sidelined a bill for more than a year concerning/involving our local law agencies involvement, to see what the feds would do. Nothing absolutly nothing and the Mexican government knows this.

Many of us 37% of the low paying American laborers in the United States of America have been waiting for 25 years for the feds to act on provisions of Ronald Reagans bill (1985), which he later said was his single biggest blunder of his political carreer, that gave amnesty and a path to citizenship to 6 million people that were working in the U.S illegally, and included a provision that it would be a federal offence for any employer to hire ANYONE that was in this country illegal and was not legally allowed to work in this country. NOTHING

How much longer would you expect the abused, impoverished, low wage earning American laborers to wait for enforcement?


How much longer would you expect the abused American laborers to wait for enforcement?

The only comprehensive immigration policy reform that is needed should be STRICT enforcement of current law, such as Mexico has and is spelled out in their constitution, with such excerpts as:

No person shall hire a foreign worker over a Mexican worker, the job will always go first to an Mexican.

Any Mexican citizen who knows of a foriegner working illegally in Mexico, should report that person and the employer to the proper authorities for prosecution.


This is the right decision. Thank you very much for serving the majority and doing the will of the people while in public office. I for one have been hit by an illegal alien without insurance. If you are illegal you are breaking the law and my tax dollars should not be spent to support you nor should my money be spent to fix my car because of you. Please obtain legal status like my good friend from Italy just did. Thanks!


Here's an idea...

1) Eliminate the driving privilege card,
2) Require all drivers license applicants to provide proof of US/Utah citizenship to obtain a drivers license,
3) Require ANY individual pulled over for a motor vehicle offense to provide proof of citizenship (the drivers license will do that if #1 and #2 above are implemented), and
3) Make a $50,000 fine PER EMPLOYEE (for hiring someone illegal in the first place) and $1,000 fine PER EMPLOYEE PER DAY to knowingly hire an illegal alien.

Do that and the illegal alien problem in Utah will be permanently solved.

Now, that wasn't so difficult, was it? It didn't require thousands of wasted hours of the legislature's time, it didn't require a fence, and it doesn't require any racial profiling. But, it will get the job done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


I would like to see some statistics on the number of people out there with driving privilege cards, vs the number of accidents that involve uninsured drivers and those with and without driving privilege cards. If the number of uninsured drivers out there is still quite high, then that doesn't seem to have solved anything.


@youarekidding. Good ideas. I agree. Common sense, which most in Washington do not have.


Keep an on on the legislators that support the illegals in any way and lets remove them from office...How mad do we have to get before we remove them? Show them with your vote that we've had enough!


Thank goodness for people like Sandstrom who don't bend to the wind of political correctness.

Carson, I also suggest that people take note of who it is issuing the pro-illegal immigration propaganda, like say Deseret Media.


All of you people in Utah, Especially the politicians... have rolled out the red carpet for these mostly wonderful people.

You should feel ashamed at the way you are acting, and the knee-jerk, copy-cat mentality that is spurring this mean and hateful response the wonderful Hispanic community as a whole! I am ashamed of the LDS people who show no compassion...

Especially Mr. Sandstrom. He is only using this issue to vie for higher political gain in the future.

Shameful, all of you. For 20+ years Utah has invited these immigrants. You have rolled out the red carpet, made incentives and offered a helping hand.

As soon as life gets a little rough, (not Hispanics fault) you yank the rug out from under the youth, the families and the neighbors you all have. This sickens me!

Rethink your position, and be kind and compassionate in your actions! Taking away driving and opportunity, especially for the thousands of good Hispanic YOUTH in our area is criminal, and I know there is a law, but Christ was not to pick fruit of the field and eat on the Sabbath -- yet HE "Did".

I'm praying for the Hispanics!


@ CWEB: "For 20+ years Utah has invited these immigrants."

NO UTAH DID NOT invite these immigrants. Some rogue, America back-stabbing businessmen did -- NOT Utah!


Illegals is the least of our Problems.
Our Law Makers is our biggest problem.
Attend Court Monday at 9 AM, Learn what is going on.
You should be able to hear every word.
Watch how the Court is run, There is Rules for running the Court not being followed.
Innocent? The Court is not in your favor.

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