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Published: Friday, Aug. 13 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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How about sidelining this bill to await the outcomes of the Arizona law in the courts instead of plunging down the rat hole? I view this as a political grandstanding and posturing by Sandstrom. He must have his eyes set on a bigger prize.


Good for Bramble for speaking out about this one!

The Utah Law regarding driving cards helps keep us safe; the proposed Sandstrom law pushing law enforcement to try and find those who might be breaking some of the controversial immigration laws will make us less safe.

The driving card privileges are motivated by common sense, decency, and public safety.

The immigration bill is motivated by racism, inaccurate claims (ie that so-called illegals commit violent crimes at a higher rate than 'legals'), and denigrates public safety.

Furthermore, as the SLC police chief has correctly noted, it makes hispanics in a community less likely to co-operate with police in actually prosecuting Utah state crimes they may have witnessed out of fear that the local police officers will now be obligated to try to moonlight as ICE officers.

Deportation Glitch Lady

The Privilege Card was destined for profiling. The net has been cast and now it should be easy to catch the targets. It was the initial motive of the cards to target the Latinos. It is not surprising that all of the Privilege drivers will now face deportation.

It is the same method that is used or will be used to create state lists that will later be used to deal with target populations. Whether or not this is the right thing to do is not so much an issue as it is that it exposes racism roots that run deep in Utah and at least its ambassadors are both God-fearing and Law-abiding citizens. How cynical!


Send them home, then we don't have to worry about them or their silly enabling privilege cards they shouldn't have to begin with.


I don't know how anyone could think that an illegal immigrant having a driver privilege card could keep anyone who is legal safe. Just the opposite. If they don't have insurance and have broken the law in the first place in order to be living in the U.S., there isn't anything in their actions to support the thought that they are safer with driver privilege cards OR driver licenses. I hope Sandstrom stays his course and stands up for the law. People without insurance, breaking the law are NOT helping ANYone out. Not me, not you, not themselves in the long run.

Proud to be American

What a dumb article. If this bill passes, you won't need to worry about illegals having cards or insurance. They will mass deport themselves in huge numbers. I can't wait until July 1, 2011.

Get the illegals out of my country!


Only in america ares the tax paying citizens made to be Tyrants and oppressors; racists!

Why don't you ask us if we are racist? We're not. We're just tired of your back door, freeloading classroom and emergency room clogging, identity stealing crap. And the illegals are the victims. How dishonest can you get?!

Here is the truth. When times get tough the people are unwilling to put up with cheaters. Illegals are not victims and they have no rights from a constitution from a foreign country. You want in? Come through the front door and we'll welcome you.

J. Adams

Come on Dennis! How one sided is your approach to this issue? Don't you see that your reporting only adds fuel to the anti-illegal alien cause when you write slanted articles like this? When I travel to foriegn countries I am not issued a foriegn driving priveledge card, I use my American liscense and my insurance to drive. If it is illegal for me to drive in a particular country I don't drive. It's called obeying the law.


To the "deportation glitch lady" - give it up - this issue is not about Latinos for the vast majority of Utahns. I know it's not a factor for me. This has nothing to do with origin of country. It has everything to do with law and order and providing some deference to those who came here legally - it would be the same story and the same feelings if most of the illegals were Irish.


Less likely to get insurance?

All the more reason to deport them.


I am a native Utahan and I am compassion incarnate. I want every child in the world to grow up with a fighting chance in life. I want every child to get the very best education, to earn a great living, and to be secure in their property and safe in their homes.

Including my own children.

Utah law makers don't seem to agree with me. They seem to think it's a good idea to allow foreign criminals to enter my neighborhoods and take my jobs and steal my things. They think it's a good idea to grant free education to these criminals but make me pay for it, cheating my own kids of their chances. They think it's a good idea to give free health care to these criminals but make me pay for it and make my kids wait longer at hospitals.

Utah lawmakers should not be allowed to be quite so compassionate with my money and my children's future. I'm perfectly capable of using my money, thank you very much.


This article has no truth to it. Does anyone really believe these illegals driving really carry any insurance? Why should they pay and vehicle insurance when they don't have to and can't be forced to? More uninsured drivers? Not really, it would mean fewer uninsured drivers.

Every aspect of their driving is criminal with unregistered or stolen vehicles with stolen license plates and never following any of the safety and emissions laws. These illegal aliens have so much contempt for America and our laws they feel immune to ANY of them. These illegal foreign nationals break a law the first thing they do is cry racism like it was an invisibility blanket.

If illegals are caught or detained for a crime, they are soon released and disappear in their underground society of foreign nationals. They have multiple AKA's and identities for various reasons, welfare, jobs, tax evasion, and no one can prove different. Data and facts about illegals is nothing but fictitious. All the facts they quote, including Yapais, is about Mexican american citizens.


Of the three accidents that I know of, involving people here illegally, none had insurance.

It's time the state stop the aiding and abetting criminals. How many other states give out drivers privileged cards? The majority of states get by without them, so can Utah.

It's time to stop kowtowing to the Insurance companies.


Re: Attentive: What if someone without insurance hits you? You will be on your own for your car and medical repairs. It could bankrupt you. But if they had insurance, their insurance would pay for that for you. Anyone who thinks that Sandstrom's proposal would lead to mass deportation doesn't understand why immigrants are here. They come from severe poverty and make more money working for pennies here than pesos. There is no easy fix. Create a massive guest worker program and border security program and deal with the people here. Comprehensive reform is the only way to deal with all the causes.


To our friend "j Adams"

Unless you are implying in your scenario that you are fleeing your
corrupt country to find a better life, doing it through the back door,
stealing the identity of a host country tax paying resident, using their
ERs to have your anchor baby, and then putting that baby(s) in their
school system to over-crowd the classrooms - - then we're not talking about the same situation that a majority of Americans are mad about. Your scenario is a dreamscape that is only imagined by the naive.

This is not about parties, presidents, or blame. This is about the law, and this is about "we, the people, want it fixed

So spare us with your patronization of the "poor" illegals who want the
tax payers to sponsor non-assimilation into our country.

The tax payers are victims. Our kids in crowded classrooms are
victims. Paying clients waiting in crowded hospitals are victims.
Intruders are not victims! Trespassers are not victims! Thieves are not victims!

Come, let us reason together. Madness is putting the supposed rights
and entitlements of illegal foreigners, who account for actual theft
and damage, above those of our fellow countrymen.

I am Mathman

To Proud to be American. If this bill passes, the driving privilege will not result in a mass exodus by illegal aliens. They will still risk staying here, but will drive without licenses and insurance. Pretty much what happens in CA and AZ right now. This bill needed more bite in the main reason the illegal aliens are here. Some business owner is hiring them. We also need harsher fines and penalties on companies that knowingly hire illegals. I would start with the construction companies. If they are ran the way my grandpa did it in Texas 30 years ago, then the workers are paid in cash.

DN Subscriber

Another bogus claimi trying to distract us from the very core of the issue.

People are breaking the law to get here, and "driver privilege cards" only facilitate illegal behavior. Eliminating them is a good idea. We don't provide blank checks to make it easier for bank robbers, so why give licenses, err "privilege cards" to people who are breaking other laws?

If an illegal is not in the country we don't have to worry about them having insurance.


Reasonable Republican
"Anyone who thinks that Sandstrom's proposal would lead to mass deportation doesn't understand why immigrants are here."

You don't know ANY illegals do you? Naturally you wouldn't know that they send their money home to their immediate and extended family members. They send whatever they get Out. Of. The. Country.

They bring their poverty with them and they send our economy's money out of the country.

Is their plight regrettable? OF COURSE! Just because law abiding citizens want the law enforced, our borders secured, and our language and culture preserved does not mean they "HATE" or are "RACIST". That would be judgmental to assume as much.

Just don't be naive about what illegals do and don't do. What few "good" illegals do or don't do does not justify the damage the "bad" illegals are doing. Even the "good" illegals are here illegally.

It's stealing and it's wrong. Not one of you would put up with this garbage from your own kid (I hope) - yet illegals get a pass. Victims!


re: ReasonableRepublican

Utah is a no fault insurance state. When you are in an accident, your company pays to fix your car. The insurance angle is just a scam to scare people into allowing privilege cards.

Other states get buy without it.

Beam Me Up Scotty

As a licensed insurance agent, I write auto insurance policies for immigrants on a daily basis. If they do not have a driving privilege card then they can start a policy as long as they have a foreign drivers license. I don't see that the passage of this bill will materially affect the number of uninsured motorist in Utah. I can on the other hand identify many legal citizens who let their policies lapse on a regular basis who are on the road increasing the cost of everyone else's insurance just to protect ourselves.

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