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Published: Friday, Aug. 13 2010 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Fitness Freak

I'm only nervous that his bill goes FAR ENOUGH to solve the illegal alien problem and their continual theft of services from Utahns!

If I had known he needed support when he announced his bill, I would have been glad to show up! I didn't realize he was going to announce it where he'd have to face so many supporters of lawbreakers and anarchy.

Who would've ever thought people would show up to protest a law that will do so much to help ACTUAL CITIZENS!

It looks like our legislators will need ALL OUR SUPPORT in getting this bill passed. There's obviously a VERY VOCAL minority at work here!


Issuing drivers privileged cards was the wrong thing to do in the first place. The state needs to get rid of them.

If a person is going to come into the country illegally, they are not going to worry about insurance. There are way to many ways around it. And if they hit you, they either go back to their country, or move and take up a new identity. Voice of experience.


Long live Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, wait to go! At last someone is doing something about all of these lawbreakers.

lex loci

Rep. Sandstrom, please leave these people alone. Is there really no more pressing matter than trying to harass a poor immigrant who is doing nothing more than a Class B misdemeanor? It is equivalent to speeding.

Why don't you craft a law that enforces strict punishments against the businesses that employ illegals. Remove the economic incentive to come here illegally by fining companies 3x the minimum wage for every hour they employ the illegal. If you want to really enforce it, share the money with a whistle blower. Don't hate the players, hate the game.

This constant attack on these generally poor individuals is un-American.


I would urge each of you to Email Rep. Stephen Sandstrom and let him know that you support his bill. I would also ask that you contact your Legislator and let Him/Her know that you expect them to support this bill.


Since the law will specifically prohibit racial profiling, what the pro illegalanti law enforcement crowd really is saying is that they believe that Police Officers are racist.


I think most of us support him. Well worth it just for this: "  Requiring the state to verify the immigration status of anyone applying for public benefits through systems that match Social Security numbers with name, age and gender." I hope the other senators realize what we the people want and support this bill.


"I believe this is a racial and social sin," said the Rev. Steve Klemz, pastor of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. "It will create fear."

HA!!! Dear Rev Steve, most law breakers are fearful - wouldn't ya say?? When a thief breaks into a store and robs it he is really fearful because he knows what he is doing is both benefiting him financially but is also illegal and against the law. In the good Rev Steve's mind set all laws are bad because they introduce fear into those who would want to break those laws. Here is some advise for the good Reverend - tell your congregation to OBEY THE LAW and then their fears will go away by themselves. By the way, I have to wonder if Rev. Steve understands that those who come to Utah illegally are breaking the law of the land so the question the good Reverend must ask himself is HE for or against law breakers? From his comments it sounds to me like he supports law breakers. Remember the words of the Savior in the New Testament when he said "render to Caesar that which is Caesar's" ...(keep the law)

Steven Harper

After wasting taxpayer money to defend it, this bill will be declared un-constitutional, too. Immigration is a federal, not a state issue.

Steven Harper

Sandstrom's bill will be found un-constitutional, too, after wasting taxpayer money to defend it. Immigration is a federal, not a state issue.


way to Go not so frustrating..to those that are not from United states of America..please learn to speak more English thanks friends of Mexico~
As the message Goes for everyone around the world living in America


Why be smart when you can pander to ignorance, hatred and the majority culture by doing the smart thing and waiting to see how the court rules on the Arizona law? It's only money you will have thrown down a rat hole. As a wise man once said: "you can afford anything, if you're spending someone else's money.


I can't help but laugh at the "who would Jesus deport" sign.

Would Jesus protest at a political event?


Thank you Rep Sandstrom. It will be a long and nasty fight, but a fight that must be won.

Chris B

Wonderful! Let's get to work! 0 illegal immigrants - a goal we can all live with


As for the protesters, most of them are paid to do so. At least that's what we see here in AZ; they bus them in from California.


This bill has the same issues that will eventually result in the Arizona bill being struck down as violating the Constitution. Sandstrom demonstrates a decided lack of foresight. All this will do is cost Utah's taxpayers more money. My guess is it won't get out of committee with all of these provisions attached. Hopefully the states legal counsel will weigh in and prevent it being signed into law with so many provisions that will be illegal and ultimately costly to the state.


Why is it that legislator in this state are so careless with our public funds?
The matter is already going towards a Supreme Court decision.
Why waste our limited resources on a court battle that already is in place?
That other sound is all the money that will be leaving our state in tourist dollars and conventions.
Additionally multi-national businesses will not want to set up in a state with these types of laws.
No one wants to have their party in a “racist state” which is exactly how we will be viewed nationally if Sandstroms bill passes.
Regardless of what Sandstrom, or others say, these are racially motivated laws, that if followed will lead to racial profiling.


The federal court system over Utah is much more conservative than the Arizona court.


Does anybody else find it a bit humorous and a bit offensive when the signs are in Spanish. Who are the one's making it a racial thing? If you are going to protest, at least do it in English.

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