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Published: Thursday, Aug. 12 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Oh Please

"Hey, Boy. Stop where you are. Your pants are a little low there. Show me your papers. Don't have em with you, eh?"


"A little LDS history here It appears LDS Church founder Joseph Smith was against states making immigration policy instead of the federal government.

Smith wrote in a letter to J.C. Calhoun in 1844: “Oh ye people who groan under the oppression of tyrants ... ye poor and unfortunate among all nations, come to the ‘asylum of the oppressed’ ... but remember a ‘sovereign state!’ is so much more powerful than the United States, the parent government, that it can exile you at pleasure, mob you with impunity... and have the legislature sanction it”

He was lamenting the ability of states to do anything they wanted to an unwanted group of people – at that time the Mormons – and the federal government was too impotent to prevent such discrimination.

Smith, at the time, was pushing Congress to pass a law that would overturn the 1833 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Barron v. Baltimore, which held that the protections to citizens provided by the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights did not apply to state governments. That was changed by the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment in 1868."

- prolly@sltrib.com


Problems for the state..
Stiring the Kettle for Mexican/Americans
And those who were Born Here..

Hoosier in Utah

"We are opposed to state, chaotic laws that try to usurp the strength of the federal government."

It's the weakness of the federal government--and the cowardice of the party in power due to their debt to a large constituency--that has the states taking the matter into their own hands.

"Are we going to be hiding undocumented men, women and children in our attics and in our cellars?"

If you are, the you are breaking the law also. We aren't sending them to concentration camps, just back to where they belong (admittedly not much better in some cases).

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has suffered image damage among some Hispanics nationally because the author of the Arizona bill, state Sen. Russell Pearce, is a Mormon. Yapias said if Sandstrom, who also is a member of the LDS Church, pushes his bill, it will cause even more harm for the church among Latinos.

That sounds like a threat.

Bottom line, don't be here illegally when the unemployment rate is so high. Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect the interests of law-abiding citizens.


First off, i will never take anyone from La Raza seriously. They are a racist organization. Second, why is that states cant protect themselves from illegal immigration? They want immigration reform to come from the federal government because they know nothing will happen. The reason states are touching the immigration issue is because of the failure of the federal government to enforce the LAW. Why is it that illegal immigrants have more rights then american citizens? get used to it illegal's because the majority of america is sick of paying for you to leach of the tax paying, legal residents of this country. Virgina, Florida, Arizon, Utah and soon many more states will be passing the same style immigration reform.


A couple of thoughts:

The response to the use of a "carrot and stick" metaphor seems contrived. Stop looking for other reasons to become angry. If it is not contrived, there is a serious cultural gap and someone from the dominant culture should be helping those representatives from La Raza etc. to communicate to those of the dominant culture.

The connection between the LDS Church and the two "immigration bills" (the one in Utah and the one in Arizona) is troubling. The Mormon Church is clearly not taking this stance, why are the members so fully invested in these measures? I think the membership of the Mormon Church is being co-opted and led away by political extremists. The brethren need to take a stand now to protect the membership from these wolves in sheeps clothing.

Fitness Freak

Not surprised!

Illegal alien trespassers PROBABLY ARE hopeful that they won't get caught, just like any other criminal holds out hope that he won't get caught!


Illegal is illegal.

If I do something illegal, such as intentionally burn down my neighbors house because his dog keeps restrooming on my lawn, I am punished.

BECAUSE it is the law. The law is what protects us and KEEPS us free.

Cracks me up that he busted out the "brother/sister" card. Its got to go both ways. If these illegals viewed me as their brother/sister they wouldn't sneak into my country illegally and break the law.


I bet if we asked Latinos to halt illegal immigration it would fall on deaf ears. Push the bill through Sandstrom. These complainers have no interest in what is best for America.


Mr. Sandstrom is right to present the bill. Lets see if it ever gets to a vote in the legislature. Certainly, Mr. Yapais and Mr. Archuleta are to be commended for their efforts to voice the opinions of their groups. Mr. Archuleta's association with LaRaza. And, I am sorry to hear the religion card being played as it is an effort to stop discussion as opposed to finding a viable solution.


Besides Proyecto Latino and La Raza, Archuleta said he and Yapias were speaking on behalf of several other groups such as Centro Civico Mexicano, the Utah Hispanic Coalition, the Mexican Federation of Clubs, Casa del Pueblo, the Brown Berets and others. Why would these two men claim to speak for the Brown Berets who are as racist as the Aryan Nations. I hope this is a missprint by the DN.


Rep Sandstrom is absolutely right, his bill is doing what the majority of Utahns want, strong enforcement and no amnesty of any type. I have a lot of legal Hispanic friends and they all tell me that Tony Yapias in no way represents them and they are as tired of him and his nonsense as all the rest of us are.
The only tensions being stirred in Utah are being created by the actions of law breaking illegals who have no right to be here at all. Legal Hispanics and the rest of the community have a great relationship, I count many of them as friends.
Race baiting on the part of Yapias, et al, is the problem, not the desire of the people of Utah to rightfully ask that the laws of the state be enforced. His assertion that the church needs to cave into the demands of such groups and go against the its own 12th article of faith are outrageous and off the wall.
The church has asked for civility but that should not be viewed as a request for a blanket for every drug dealing criminal from Mexico who shows up here.


They do pay taxes and buy houses nit all are crimnals not all are illegal.Cant wait to hear the end of this can of string beans

Flaming Liberal

Um, no.


Rolly is right. Joseph Smith was right then. The Fourteenth amendment was right later.

Sandstrom (sounds like Strom Thurmond) may please his constituents in the short run.

But his bill will ultimately embarrass the LDS Church in much of the nation, throughout the U.S. Latino community, and all over Latin America.

Please tell me the man is not LDS. He is embarrassing me already.


Learn the ENGLISH language, use it at all times, stay off welfare or go home.



So you think that anyone who wants the law enforced is a "political extremist"? Next time your house is being robbed you can call 911 and say "this is a political extremist requesting help". Unbelievable.
You also "want the church to take a stand now"? Does that mean they want us to start obeying the 12th article of faith or is the stand going to be that there are now only 12 articles of faith? You can't have it both ways.If church members in East Germany were required to obey a communist government then the members from Mexico should be required to obey the laws of the U.S.



Funny. Just because a bill's author happens to be a certain religion does not mean that religion is fully invested. It's just states trying to protect themselves.


Am I missing something....? If you are here "legally", then what's the fuss????

If you are not here legally, then why not get yourself legal status by "exposing yourself" to the process?
Is this really a difficult concept???

Good grief, I travel in Mexico and guess what....? I have to have the appropriate papers......gee golly oh land a mighty.....and I can choose....from the following difficult, but politically correct, options:
#1. Stop traveling in Mexico
#2. Obey the laws
33. Consider complaining to the Federalies and see if that helps.......

Why is this so tough.....?


"Archuleta said Sandstrom's bill is one in a long string that targets illegal immigrants by making it harder to find jobs, impossible to get drivers' licenses and welfare, and tougher to enter schools."

Um well yeah, that's the point - illegal immigrants should not have jobs, drivers' licenses, welfare, or schools here.

I can't read people's minds, but it's comments like this that make it pretty clear to me that those who oppose the bill are really pro-illegal. All complaints about profiling and community problems are just a smoke screen.

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