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Published: Thursday, Aug. 12 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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...and this number reflects only those apprehended.


Why don"t we remove the Illegal Immigrants and free up millions of jobs for Americans? Then we could temporarily halt Legal Immigration until the unemployment rate drops below 7%. I don't understand why the government is not doing this. Do Immigrants have more rights then citizens? This is insane!

utah guy


Simple solutions for simple minds. It will be so easy to round 'em up, put 'em in camps, separate the children who are citizens from their parents, provide for their welfare, then kick their parents out. Sounds easy, right?


dumbo123 | 1:22 p.m Harvest is upon us in California. You Utahns who want to take up the United Work Workers challenge to take our jobs aren't applying for many jobs in the fields. Look at the benefits. Working under a 106 degree sun, you can get a real nice tan. There's hours of overtime. Farm workers are exempt from being paid any overtime. You get to work 14 hours days six days a week.


@Utah Guy

That is exactly right and it's what needs to be done on a much bigger scale along with securing the border,employer sanctions, and the removal of all other incentives. What does your extremely complex mind suggest? That we sit back and let them turn us into a bankrupt third world country where half the population speaks Spanish? If you are so brilliant that you can call others "simple minded" lets hear your great solutions or it may be you who is simple minded.

utah guy


Not everything is solved in a simple way. I am with you that employer sanctions need to take place, but the splitting up of families, not educating children, and deporting US citizens (children) should not be part of the equation.

I never said I had all the answers, but I do know the problem is a lot more complex than just rounding people up and putting them in camps. A migratory workforce is essential to our nation, and a path to legal residency (not citizenship) status needs to be put into place.

River Dog

utah guy: You're right on. Dumbo 123 lives up to his/her name. If it now takes well over 400 days to deport someone, how long will it take if we round up a few million? Just follow the money trail. If employers were heavily fined and given jail time for hiring illegals, the illegal population would dwindle considerably. And yes, I agree that a migratory workforce is essential to our nation and a path to legal residency (not citizenship) status needs to be put into place. Well said utah guy!


There is work in California waiting to be had. No one applying for the Jobs. Yes it would be ok for Mexicans to come and do the work.
I have had 3 white guys to do clean up work and they can not do the job properly.
Time to let the Mexicans come back and do this work.
Whineing white People.


Obviously it would take forever if you take 400 days to deport someone. How long would it take if it took 4 days to deport someone? That is more like what it should be. Our Government shouldn't have to prove why someone should be deported. They need to prove why they should be allowed to stay. And they had better have a pretty convincing reason, because the vast majority should just be shipped home as soon as possible.

Chris B

The only thing I don't like about this title is "pending"


With this such a national problem why is Obama stalling immigration enforcement. I guess its because he remembers his roots and had the immigration laws been enforced, he would not be president.

It is inane that the federal government has stalled the law to the point that it is a multibillion dollar cost to this country giving aid and funding illegal aliens who are taking jobs and subverting income and wages of the american people, the spenders and consumers of the economy.

Even if there was amnesty legislation passed these illegal foreign nationals, all Latino's would not like them. It would require they return to their country, pay a fine, and get legal. Another revolt pending.

Why it takes so long to deport is an injustice to them and America. Our court system was not intended to be courts for foreign nationals, the courts of illegal aliens is between consulates and home countries. We don't need permission from other countries to deport, its our right and its only fair to expedite deportations.


The hysteria clearly does not reflect the reality. I am related to someone involved in immigration litigation matters with the government and to say that the feds are doing nothing, especially under the current Administration which is doing more than the prior one, is false. The hysteria is a result of political mischief making by the same political party that is filibustering the reform legislation in the U.S. Senate. The GOP doesn't really care or they would help try to actually do something about it. And they said nary a word in the last Administration. This is all about political power.


Send them back to where ever they came from. Then, apply to return legally. U. S. citizens are expected to obey the law, when not illegal aliens?


Notice that the hiring of judges to handle deportation cases has been held up since 2006, which happens to be when democrats took control of the Senate, which happens to be where judges have to be confirmed.


Not_Scared and the rest of you. You know full well that our agriculture workers are mostly here on the H2-a visas. The scare tactic's don't work anymore.

It looks like the big jump came under Bush in 2006. So much for Obama tooting his horn. He's scared about November and the Arizona backlash.

We need more judges and shorter times. There is no excuse for this backlog.

Cougar Blue

Well said Esquire. I've lived long enough, under several Republican presidents, nearly in the shadow of the border, and it's common knowledge that no one did or wanted to do anything about illegal immigration. Why? Easy. Republicans love big business-I know, I was one, and big business loves cheap labor. So to say that the current administration is the problem is a bald faced lie. No President would tackle that problem and survive. Records also show that there have been 5 times more deportations under Mr. Obama in his first 18 months than in the previous 8 years under Mr. Bush. Place the blame where it belongs and quit this incessant blather. It's just another in a long long line of attacking the administration. So un-American I can't believe it.


There are over 60,000 individuals from other countries that have advanced degrees that are waiting to come to USA legally.

If the country lets the current illegals stay, that is a slap in the face to those who have chosen to follow the immigration laws.

Seems that USA either has to enforce their current laws or do away with them altogether.


If deportation cases are factually x100 more than those cases in 2002...

this means Obama and the federal goverment IS doing something about immigration.



Obama stalling immigration enforcement? First of all, your assertion about his citizenship is simply puts you in tinfoil hat territory. That aside, deportations are up significantly under Obama, and he has levied six times as many fines against employers. Deportation of criminals has nearly doubled. Thousands of National Guard troops are currently trainng for border patrol duties. Obama will soon sign into law a bill that puts $600 million more towards border protection.

It's almost as if Republicans are disappointed when Obama does something they agree with, because that ruins their recreational hatred of him.


Obama promised the Latino's amnesty before his election. The rise in deportation is only 5% or 19,350 individuals.

His fines to business over his silent raids have done very little for deportation, as the people are turned loose to find new jobs. His killing the Arizona bill against the will of the blue dog Democrats, tells the story. And now his Department head is claiming the 600 million was his idea.

He's put his party in trouble in the November elections, and he knows it.

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