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Published: Monday, Aug. 9 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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In My Humble Opinion

" Rodman was reported to be 'stable,' which I believe is a first."

That's funny right there. I don't care who you are, that's funny.


You got the facts wrong. Whittingham DIDN'T eject Jan Jorgenson, Liz Abel, the assistant AD did. She said that she made an executive call, since Coach Whit was busy (as he should be) with coaching.

Coach Whit is, as he should be, focused on having a very successful season. For those TDS fans who were "offended" at this action, hate on Liz Abel (who has recently obtained hero status to Ute fans...).

Y Grad / Y Dad

I think the SI label of BYU as the most hated football team (at one time) is a little mis-leading. The hate from fans of the Team Up North is so intense, undilluted and focused that it skews the national average.


@ Y Grad/ Y Dad

Wait a minute, I dont remember anyone on our side saying that they "hated" BYU this year. (Yes, I know you are tripping over yourself trying to tell me about Smith and Scalley, save it) Pot......meet kettle!


amen to that. rarely do I laugh at Rock's stuff, but that is a good one.

Otis Spurlock

BYU is not hated at all. Sports Illustrated has that eastern liberal media bias and can't be trusted. Nobody hates BYU and the fans' attitude. Everyone acknowledges and agrees with BYU that they are so awesome, righteous and yet, so humble.

If there is any hate it is from all of the football teams that wish they could join the MWC. It's all sour grapes.


I guess Brad has forgotten how it works with the press. As I understand it Liz Able provides one credential to each press outlet, which Kyle Gunther was using. Therefore Jan was trying to get into somewhere he didn't really belong.


“if. . . Boise State lost and Utah ran the table” If BSU and Utah both go undefeated, I have a hard time believing that Utah wouldn’t jump BSU in the polls, BSU’s last nine game are a joke and are not even worth watching and Utah’s last 5 games include AF, TCU, ND, and BYU.

But Utah has to beat Pitt first and at Iowa State could be a tough game too. Utah’s schedule is good enough to get them into a national championship game. BSU’s schedule however, is probably the most boring in collage football after their opening game.

In the unlikely scenario that situation plays out we’ll see definitively if it’s more important to start strong or finish strong.


RE: Otis Spurlock

Whoa there. Just because we were hated at one time doesn't mean we need to lash out. Take off the sensitive sweater. It's okay.

The last article I saw that was either positive or negative about BYU was one entitled "Latest haul brings BYU that much closer to elite recruiting status." Darn those liberals to heck!

BYU fans, we have to be less sensitive about everything, whether it comes to our sports or our religion. Some people just don't like us. We need to accept it and act like grown-ups.


RE: brluthi

Okay okay so I read Otis Spurlock's comment again and it looks like another Ute fan mocking the Cougars. Ha. I think you threw me off because you actually did sound like a "loyal" Cougar fan lol.

I stand by what I said, though. True blue Cougar fans are willing to take hits and don't need everyone to love their team to get over their insecurities. Yes, we hype our team too much sometimes. Yes, they disappoint regularly. Every team does that, even the Utes. Getting angry at your team is sometimes good to help you realize that it's just a game and there are more important things.


re: brluthi

"whether it comes to our sports or our religion"?

Wow. You need to go take a cold shower, a reality pill, or just plain get out of happy valley.

The last time I checked, it appears that God's team is up North with 2 BCS trophies displayed in the case.


Dear Rock-on,

Let me finish for you...
Both Utah and BYU are unbeaten going into their Nov game. Utah is ranked 4th. BYU is ranked 5th. Utah beats BYU 35-14. Afterward, Utah is ranked 2nd. BYU is ranked 9th. Utah goes to Pasadena. BYU goes to Las Vegas.
Hello Rose Bowl!!!
Welcome to Pasadena!!!


re: MY UTE

Ummmm okay. I believe this is what I wrote:

"BYU fans, we have to be less sensitive about everything, whether it comes to our sports or our religion."

Where did I mention that we were God's team? And when did I enter the mindless "we're better than you" dispute? I just said we need to be less sensitive about it. Looks like someone needs to get off their high "hill"...


Hummmm. Wouldn't it be nice if BYU made it to the Rose Bowl this year? Good luck to both teams from the state of Utah.


A lot of you folks need to live outside the influence of the U of U and BYU and read in the cold harsh light of dawn what you write.

Leno at his best never was this funny...take "funny" however you will.


BYU playing in the Rose Bowl in 2011 while Utah was playing in the Las Vegas Bowl would be sweet for Cougar fans, but would lead to muss hysteria up on this hill.


"So if, say, Oregon played in the BCS title game, Boise State lost and Utah ran the table ..."

Sorry, I had to pick myself off the floor from laughing...

If the Chronie ran this stuff, the editor would pull it.

And if all the NFL teams had flat tires, Utah would win the super-bowl???


Actually, BYU will NOT be going to the Rose Bowl, even if the champ of the Pac-10 or Big-10 end up in the BCS game. What is really going to happen is the Utes are going to 'totally' dominate all their opponents this year (including a 40+ point victory over Notre Dame on national T.V.). With every top ranked team losing at least one game, the Utes will make it into the BCS championship game. Of course, a another undefeated season by the Utes implies that BYU doesn't have a 'perfect' record and, at best, will be heading for Las Vegas again. If the Pac-10 or Big-10 champs do go to the BCS game, odds are an undefeated Boise State will go to the Rose Bowl, which I don't think the Utes will mind under these circumstances. I know what you're thinking, but this scenario is every bit as plausible as BYU going to the Rose Bowl, probably more plausible...


love the comment about dennis rodman.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Lets face it the odds of Utah or BYU beating TCU aren't very goood, let alone beating every other team on their schedules.

If anyone is going to the Rose Bowl it would be BSU or TCU, if those two teams don't make it to the NC game. I don't see Oregon or any other PAC 10 team being better than TCU or BSU.


@Kyle loves BYU/Jazz: I don't agree. I think Utah has a very good chance of beating TCU at RES this year. First of all, the Utes haven't lost in RES for quite a while (I think the last loss was to BYU). Second, Utah is going to be HIGHLY MOTIVATED to clobber TCU this year, even if it means the MWC losses BCS bowl revenue (assuming that TCU was undefeated to that point). Last season, if the Utes had beaten TCU in Ft. Worth, the entire MWC would have lost the BCS bowl revenue from TCU's Fiesta Bowl. With Utah's move to the Pac-12 (I love the sound of that), the Utes are not going to care as much about a single short term payday from another TCU trip to a BCS bowl. Even if Utah goes in the game with a loss and TCU has none, I still think the Utes would be motivated to make one last statement before leaving the MWC. The Utes ARE going to be ready for TCU. It will be great to get into a BCS-AQ conference and not have to worry about this stuff.

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