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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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"Just look at the scrutiny Romney took about religion. No one else was asked about their religion.

Obama? I'm pretty sure fox news spent two straight weeks with nothing but bashing Obama's church. Also almost 10% of the electorate thought he was muslim in that one poll...

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Are you serious about your blabbing about the Olympics?
Most of the people connected with the alleged scandals were not Latter-day Saints. The mayor of Salt Lake City during the whole process was never a Latter-day Saint.

Actually people going to Utah and joining the Church is more common than most on here will admit.

The percentage of Latter-day Saints in Utah is quite probably larger today than it was in 1950, for sure than it was in 1975.

However Utah has less than 1% of the US population. So if we want to change perceptions in the US as a whole, we have to think beyond Utah.

About 2/3rds of LDS in the US live outside of Utah. There are people in my ward who have never even visited Utah, and I am in a Young-single adult ward where every member is at least 21.

the truth

RE: Bebyebe | 8:42 p.m. Aug. 6, 2010

Typical ANTI- or NON- mormon response,

If the Mormons do not want change for you, will not capitulate to ALL your demands, they are the bad guys.

UTah is strongly mormon area,

you knew that coming here,

you should not expect them to change for you or bend over backwards just to please you.


"Show me any other religion that has more misinformation and hatred spewed against it"

Based on christian facebook groups.... catholics get more than we do (probably because they're bigger than us, reverse the sizes and that'd be us) mostly directed at them from evangelicals. Evangelicals take some fire, and everyone just plain dumps on atheists/agnostics who tend to fire a lot of it back.

Polling shows that people are more willing to vote for a Mormon than they are for an atheist (the gallup poll showed atheists were the group at the bottom, even lower than homosexuals).

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

If the vast majority of the population can not identify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims to be the ancient Christian Church restored than it is clearly a problem of not getting the basic message out.

This may be seperate from why there is a negative perception of the Church. However, if we feel, as I do, that a key to having a good impression of the Church is having a correct impression of the Church, than we need to find ways to share the message of the gospel more.

Many may have heard the message of the Church, but clearly the vast majority of the population does not understand it. On the other hand, the proportion of the US population that does is much greater than the number of Latter-day Saints, so we are making some progress.


Get a life and stop looking at the Church and Utah with rose colored glasses.
This is an article about the image the Church portrays around the country. The Church is looked at as ridiculous everywhere but Utah and Idaho.
Ask yourself why!

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

67% of the US population does not even realize that Mormons believe the Bible. For years the Church was distributing free Bibles. I have known people who would bad-mouth the Church but had a full footnotes and Bible Dictionary copy of the Bible because that is what they could come by the most cheaply (specifically because it was left behind by the last owner of their house).

Only 12% of the US population can identify the central claim of the Church to be the restored Church of Jesus Christ. This is not the type of figure that indicates most people have heard the message of the restoration. This is the type of figure that indicates the vast majority of the US population has not heard the message of the restoration in a meaningful way.



"The percentage of Latter-day Saints in Utah is quite probably larger today than it was in 1950, for sure than it was in 1975. "

It's not, this is the first year (2009 I mean) that the LDS percentage increased in several decades (and it was like .008% or something rediculously small like that where I joked that my moving here for college was half of that). The thinking with this year was that the recession kept people from moving and well... LDS members outbreed non-mormons.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

The Mormon/ everyone else divide of Utah is false. Most Catholics could not stomach the "pride parade" and similar things. I remember entering Temple Square once passing a street preacher raging about how evil President Hinckley was for allowing the Pride Parade to occur.

Jon Huntsman, Sr., was one of the members of the committee that helped with the raising of money to renovate the Cathedral of the Madeline. Thomas S. Monson has spoken at events there multiple times. A Catholic Cardinal has spoken at BYU.

I knew of a ward in downtown Salt Lake City that spent months planning the community picnic in the city park.

The Pioneer Heritage Park has sought to reach out by reconizing Catholic and other contributions to early Utah. Evangelical meetings have been held in the Tabernacle.

I am sure that there is more that could be done, but assuming that it is only Mormons who dislike Gay Pride Festivals is a false starting premise.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Depending on how you define "those of color" the claim there are more with it than not may be accurate. However, at least in the only place where actual Church policy had to change to spread the gospel, this is currently inaccurate.

Polynesians, Melanesians, Negritos (that is the actual name for the racial group, there are a group who live in the Philipines and some other South-east Asian areas who have generally been pushed to the mountains and such by the Malays), Asians of all kinds, Native Americans from all the Americas and actually everyone else besides those of African descent.

The actual full inclusion of Native Americans in the Church has at times been less than good, but they were ordained to th priesthood at all times through Church History.

I have many friends and associates in the Church, including the only person I personally know who ran for congress, who are of African descent, and the most awesome person I baptized on my mission was such.

I just want to make sure the record is set straight. Elder Kikuchi has been a member of the 1st Quorum of Seventy since 1976.


@dave | 3:24 p.m. Aug. 7, 2010

Wow, I would hate to live a life so full of duplicity and contradictions.

o You run a business in Utah, so obviously you see nothing wrong with taking profit from Mormons, yet you "avoid Mormon owned businesses."

o You claim to be discriminated against in Utah, yet claim the right to discriminate against Mormons. How does that work? The ole "two wrongs make a right" excuse?

o You "spread the word about Utah's evil empire" yet "love it due to the geography." Don't you know that Mormons are the ones who made this geography livable?

o You claim you believe in democracy and autonomy of states, but not for Utah. Utah needs to change its "foolish" laws to conform with other states.

Yeah, I understand why not everyone would embrace the Church as our family did, but on the other hand, I really don't see myself being happy living so angry and inconsistent.

Live and let live I guess.


Exactly right atl134. The LDS being involved in Prop 8 has severely hurt impressions of the church here in my part of CA. The measure would have gone down to quiet defeat were it not for the money and the chanting groups on street corners.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Exactly how are we supposed to increase the number of people who realize that the basic belief claims of the Church are that it is the restored Church of Christ, or increase above 25% the percentage of those who know that Mormons do not practice polygamy, without sharing about the Church?

People like Atheist can gripe about us sharing our message all they want, but until they can explain a way to increase the knowledge of others without sharing what we know I remain unconvinced.

No matter how good and upstanding of a person I am it will not change the perception of the Church if I never say I am a Mormon. Beyond this, I have learned that no matter how much a person knowns about me and my family I still have to tell them point blank that Mormons do not practice polygamy for them to accept that, and even then many say I lie.


the practice of "knocking on doors" to "bring people religion" or even a "message from jesus christ" puts mormons in the same demographic as jehovah's witnesses.

the era for "tracting" for "investigators" has passed. it's doing more harm than good.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

By "our youth" do you mean LDS youth or US youth? If you are claiming lots of LDS youth are registering as Democrats and trying to say this is somehow bad, you have an odd position. At many levels this is a good thing, at least if the theory that Glen Beck hurts the Church is valid, and at worst it is a neutral thing. Registered Democrats can and do serve missions, marry in the temple, hold church callings, serve in the first presidency and many other things in the Church. It is not a "the shy-is-falling" event, and I would expect a Glen Beck hater to realize this.

The fact is that the majority of Americans are not secularists or atheists. Prop 8 was supported by a majority of voters in California. These may lead to the media elites hating us, and may then lead to them trying to smear the Church more, but they do not directly explain the dislike of the Church in most of the US. Indirectly maybe, but directly no.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Do you have any friends who are other than extreme liberals?
The fact of the matter is that the majority of people in California voted for Prop-8. More people in the US support than oppose such measures. So it is clear that your sampling of friends is not representative of the US as a whole.

Beyond this, how much of this is actually because of what the Church did, and how much of this is a result of the misrepresentation and lies thrown at the Church over the matter.

Missionaries in no way expressed support for Prop 8. Claims that they did are lies. The Church was not funneling tax exempt donations to Yes on 8, it donated no money. It did make in-kind donations of time and resources, but those constituted less than 1% of all money expended in the effort.

The claims about how many volunteers were LDS or how much of the money came from Latter-day Saints are all suspect. Religion is not reported on voter forms, contributors of less than $100 (like myself) are anonymous, and so.


What chanting groups on street corners in California?

The only chanting people I saw on my Oregon news were the "no on h8te" groups who were blocking the entrances to LDS temples.

wild flower

Mormons need to cool their jets and remember they are not better than all other peoples (TRIBES OF PEOPLE) just because they were raise to believe so. It is a narcissist society to think you are better than others who exist on this earth.

LDS Liberal

OK, another personal example....

After living out of the bubble for 22 years, we move back to Utah.

At work, I do my thing, live my life.

After about 6 months, a gal comes up to me and asked if I was a "Mormon."

When I asked her why, and was it because I didn't smoke or drink coffee (the 'normal' que in LIBERAL Seattle) her answer shocked me.

Remember this is right here IN Utah...

Her said, ...
"You treat me just like everyone else."

I was stunned, so I asked why that was the reason she had to ask if I was LDS.

She continued....
"...did you know I was gay?"

I said, "No. I thought maybe?...but it didn't matter to me one way or the other."

She broke down and cried and said, "I've lived here my whole life, and No-one has EVER been that nice or treated me just like everyone else.....especially Mormons."

My reply - "look, we're all going to Hell -- not one of us is perfect. My only chance of Salvation is to love everyone, be nice to others, and then beg for mercy."

So much for the WordofWisdom.


Been busy with other things so just getting to respond to those who were offended by what I said,;and for that, I am sorry.
I'm also Sorry that you did not get the point I was trying to make.
For example; if you have a degree in, say science, and I discover something, anything, that surpasses what you already learned,and you're satisfied with what you know, great! But, what I discover, if it's valididated by other scientists and I offer it to you then I am offering more knowledge, that which you were lacking.It doesn't take away the fact that you're a scientist , it only strengthens and adds to your knowledge making you a better scientist.
I don't think of myself as better or smarter, etc., than you or anyone else. I just "question all things and hold fast to that which is good." I use to be a non-mormon,I didn't like the way some of them treated me and my children, I didn't like nor do I like it now that some LDS have a superior attitude; so again, if I sounded that way...SORRY!

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