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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Informed Voter

My daughter grew up in California, married, and several years later moved to Utah. She had plenty of friends in Calif, LDS and neighbors of other faiths, but after 3 years in SLC, she has hardly any and none as "good friends". Members associate with their expanded families, long-time ward friends, and she and her husband feel unaccepted by the ward. She has made a big effort but it is not reciprocated. Clicks are alive and well in her ward and neighborhood.


Interesting article. It is true that people of other faiths do not know enough about the church and that's our own fault. He is right that we need to do things differently to spread the word of truth. It's not about getting them all baptized. That's God's job. Ours is getting them to hear what the church truly represents from us personally. If we can do that much more without trying to convert, there will be more truthful information spread and more favorable reports and understanding. Even when Christ reigns on this earth, there will still be hundreds of religions that prefer to stay to their own beliefs. So like the article suggests, if I were all of you, I'd look into it a bit more and utilize the suggestions given. It just may surprise you that the results are positive. It won't surprise me though as I am going to use the 13 articles of faith more by asking people how much they know the church believes and then give them a card for them to read. There they will get the idea better than reading it from the internet. Great article!


@Alberta Reader

I don't see life in general pessimistically or negatively, but I do see religion (as a WHOLE) that way because of the negative impact it has had on people and the world both past and present. That's not to say it's all negative. There are positive aspects to religion. My post on this subject reflects how many people outside of Mormonism see it. Mormons may feel persecuted or unfairly portrayed, but that is mild compared to how many religious people treat atheists/agnostics/non-believers.....like something in them is flawed. Your post reflects that!

Why is it that people think a person has to have religion to be happy? I am happy without it and I love living in Utah. I admit I have a negative attitude toward people in general....not just Mormons...due to working with the public and dealing with their rudeness for many years. Otherwise, I enjoy people who display sincere, positive, and caring attitudes and will react positively to those attitudes. I try to have a positive attitude toward people, but I admit I select my friends carefully and most do not live in Utah.


An organization that is supposed to control what happens in the state of Utah, can't even control who becomes the mayor of Salt Lake City. I am not impressed.


@Alberta Reader

You are wrong! I am both optimistic and pessimistic. It depends on the subject. I love Utah for the most part, but I can't say there aren't some negative aspects to living here. There were negative aspects to where I used to live, too, but I am happy to be here and happy in my life here. I just posted what I know about how many people perceive Mormons. There are reasons for people's negative reactions to certain things including religion, but it doesn't mean THEY are to blame for that reaction. It would do you well to refrain from trying to dicipher or judge someone from a forum such as this.


Part of the problem is that people are too easily offended, not just outside the LDS church, but inside as well. This is why some members leave. People shouldn't have to walk on eggshells every time they talk about the Gospel to someone, for fear of offending them. I think about Nephi and how he favored speaking plainly about the Gospel, so it was not mis- understood. And yet this approach still angered many people.

When I watch General Conference, I see the Brethren speaking clearly and plainly about what we represent and what we believe. Those who may have a guilty conscience or have been fed lies and misunderstandings about the LDS church, are more likely to be offended or confused when hearing the truth.

county mom

Well, I read about the Mormons and blue laws and about all kinds of other things that the people of Utah and the LDS faith need to change. I was born and raised here in Utah. I lived in other states since graduating from high school. Go to the southern states and try to get anything on sunday. It's call the "Bible Belt". Go to Washington and just fold your arms, and bow your head in a public place. Utah is not the only place with its funny laws and rude people, but you can buy a car on sunday here and get a beer if you wish. People are not perfect. I have lived in wards that were not freindly and I have lived in loving openly caring wards. This is not unique to just Utah. I have found it is mostly me. If I walk into church happy and freindly I draw people to me and make friends.


I wonder what a poll of Christians would have been for the first 100 years or so after Jesus died -- probably a lot of negative perceptions (false ones).

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Elimination of the Utah blue laws?
You mean allowing stores to be open on Sunday? How would that help people think more clearly we are Christians?

Anyway, somehow I recall that there are stores open in Utah on Sunday.

No, what we need to do is share our message more often and more boldly. I will be the first to state I have not shared the gospel enough, declared the good news of the restoration enough, and helped others see the light enough.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

All is not well in Zion. There are too many who are confused. There are too many who do not know.
75% of the population not knowing that the Church excommunicates for polygamy is a sad statistic.
I am not sure all we can do, but we need to do more than we do.


@county mom - Well said. Thanks you. Your comments are profound in their simplicity.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

It is clear from this article that Mormons do not shareaccurate information about their religion enough.
If people do not know that we teach that Joseph Smith restored primative Biblical Christianity, if they do not know that we only allow a person to be married to one living spouse at a time, then we clearly do not share the message of our faith enough.
Speaking of it less and speaking out less against the stupid and inane polygamy jokes are not the answer.


Nobody with a reasonable science education especially in geology, history, and anthropology is going to become a Mormon no matter how pretty it gets made. It simply will not happen unless the person abandons their education. Much of my opinion of the LDS church is based on doctrine, not on the Mormons themselves who can be very nice people - except in the case of Prop 8. I can't tell you how the groups of LDS on street corners soured any little bit of positive opinion remaining.


By the way, polygamy is not something I have an issue with. It will be practiced whether or not the participants are legally married, just as gays will. I believe consenting adults should be allowed to do what they will short of violence and coercion, and that includes signing marriage contracts.


This sounds like a branding problem. This reads like a marketing study.

Wasn't it hoped that by using 3.2 billion federal dollars and getting the 2002 Winter Games Mormonism would look more mainstream? God works in strange ways and the Salt Lake Winter Games became the topic of jokes about self righteous Mormons acting scandalously.

By alignment with the Christian right Mormons thought they would gain acceptance. Conservatives loved Mormon money they just like being distanced from Mormonism.

Then, it was Prop 8 and fighting for traditional marriage. In an age of "Big Love" when you put Mormons and marriage in the same sentence many giggles are heard.

This is just my observation. I liked the days when Mormons won't bothered by appearing mainstream. My grandfather's generation wouldn't have sold out to get the Olympics. They knew they were a different culture. They knew their different culture filtered out certain elements from Utah.

A different generation took over and learned the hard way that to bring people to Utah doesn't mean you can convert them.

So, we see anger in Utah because Mormons are losing influence. You created your problems.


If we Mormons would just embrace homosexuality and all the other extramarital sexual behaviors, encourage alcohol consumption, abandon our beliefs in modern day revelations that say this is the actual church of Jesus Christ, deny that we believe our doctrine is true, completely ignore our leaders, stop temple work, give away all tithing money, and grossly overemphasize the importance of abandoned practices of the past — everybody would love us. Come on you guys. We all know that God just wants us to be liked.


I was impressed with this article and can relate to the idea of finding room in one's life to learn and appreciate people of other faiths, and by being open to learn what we can from others, they are more likely to want to learn why you are who you are. I have always felt like I needed to be an ambassador for the church, so I have many friends of other faiths, and I know that they respect me even if they do not agree with me. I grew up in the evangelical community and joined the LDS church when I was 18 yrs. old and I have never looked back. I have a very good Catholic friend who was moving and needed help. I called the Catholic church to see if they could help her, and no one responded, theh I asked my LDS church and they came and helped her move and paid for the rental truck. Which one do you think was a true christian? I am so sad to see so much "hate" out there and really feel sorry for people who are constantly spewing hate as they respond to a story.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan

Your comments are very good. I have known enough people from enough places to realize any attempt to pigeon-hole people is unwise.

Again blue laws and Prop 8 definantly do not lead to fellings that we are not Christians. Whatever else people think of Glen Beck, he is clery a Christian, with his lead book being "The Christmas Sweter".

While some of the gripes may indicate why people dislike the Church, it does not at all explain the ignorance of the Church's basic teachings.


to John Pack of Mich.

You write - "No, what we need to do is share our message more often and more boldly"

Right.. Like that will help to endear mormons to their non-lds neighbors.

Just be neighborly and leave religion out of it.

Thats what people want from you.


I think it so funny that people think the LDS Church was the only Church in on the prop 8 battle. I am sure if many of our friends outside of the LDS faith looked in to it they would find many of their Churches were just as invoved if not more!! Yes, some people don't like the LDS Church's stand on Prop 8 and therefore look unfavorable at Mormons, However alot MORE people of other Faiths are happy with what the LDS Church did and now have good things to say about the Church!! I do not think prop 8 hurt the LDS Church one bit! in fact, it actually helped it's perception not only here in California but Nationwide! Stay Classy!

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