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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Frisbee player

@ Joggle
Now we are just playing word games with each other. You think you are a critic, I think you attack. Either way, I have a question for you. From this one article alone, how many comments did you make? Can you even count? When someone spends so much time making comment after comment that are, as you say, "critical" about a specific religion, wouldn't anyone draw the conclusion that that person has something against that religion, something more personal in nature?

Why do you feel such a need to, if not attack, "criticize" mormons to an endless degree for simply trying to live their religion?

Call it what you will, you seem obsessed to "criticize", "attack", "mock" and bring down the mormon church.


@Frisbee Player

So what if I made one or many comments? Why does it matter? Many were responses to other people. I enjoy debating and discussing issues including religion. Are you the forum monitor? Mormonism happens to be the dominant religion in Utah. I would treat any other religion the same. I'm not the only one who criticizes Mormonism on this forum! I have had some good exchanges with some LDS participants here, but unfortunately there are some....like you...who are the exact example of why Mormons are seen unfavorably! It's fine with me if you want to live your religion personally, but when you take it out into the public venue and think everyone else should live by your Mormonism and not criticize it....then people have a right to object and give their opinion. Too bad you don't realize that and instead decide it's personal when it is not!

I've tried to explain some things to you, but obviously you don't understand and choose to be offended. That's your problem....not mine!


I see said the blind cat >8+)


Gee, one would think that many on this site want others to be tolerant but do not seem to have that quality themselves. I am a convert to the Church (since age 22 in 1959). I love being a Mormon and allow others to enjoy how they want to live. I am sorry there is so much negativity when the Church reaches out around the world and helps so many. I have many fine LDS and non-LDS friends. The Church may or may not be true in many people's minds but I have not found a better way to live. May God bless all!!


In the eyes and ears of many the negative outweighs the positive and they have found the best way to live that is the best for them! Intolerance breeds intolerance breeds intolerance....tolerance breeds tolerance.


Enough already. Look, I don't care if you are Baptist, Catholic, Mormon or whatever. Just live your life as Christ would have you do. When people ask how you have handled a hardship, give the glory to God and they will see who you are and what you stand for in your religion. I live on the East Coast where I often refer to us as the red-headed step-children of the church BUT we do have substance. I remember a couple of young couples coming out here for college and went to an inner city branch. They moved to a more affluent area because they couldn't deal with something less than "perfect". They missed such an opportunity to experience life outside of "Happy Valley". Others have embraced a real world concept and have gone home with much more understanding and compassion. They were the winners and true Christians. There are the strong and weak in any faith. Just be the best that you can be. Others WILL pick up on it. (Don't be pushy, just real!)


Faith and religion is not needed to be the best that you can be! Just be the best you can be with or without it and others will pick up on it! If others want to know about your faith; they will ask!


dave: The church doesn't have a strangle hold on Utah. Most of the Utah government is LDS so they vote how they feel. We are never told how to vote. A lot of stores are closed on Sunday and not all are Mormon run stores.

Bebyebe: The church doesn't run everything.

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