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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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@LDS Liberal | 2:25 p.m. Aug. 9, 2010

You seem to think that we have not heard the complaints being posted here. We have heard the problems, I'll even try to sum them up.

1. Mormon church is controlling the politics in the state of Utah

2. Mormons supported Prop 8

3. Mormons are mean, judgmental, holier-than-thou, prideful, bigots

Now most Mormons being told these thing will tend to defend themselves. We will not just give up our rights to run for office or to vote just because someone thinks we have a lot of influence in the state of Utah.

As for the 3rd reason above, well I guess we should all give up Mormonism just because someone misunderstands me.

The original article asks us to try to and put a better foot forward to make perceptions change about Mormons, but most of the people here have their notions about Mormons and nothing will change their minds. There are not solutions, and frankly it isn't even my problem.


When you stand for something, you automatically make enemies who will look for anything and everything wrong with you. We could make friends with everybody if we just stopped standing anything.

I understand the importance of appreciating diversity, and I'm glad that I grew up and live outside of Utah. I understand the importance of being accepting of people with different cultural and religious backgrounds than your own. But sometimes it would be nice to not have to defend my beliefs all of the time. It would be nice not to have to explain to everyone why I don't drink alcohol. It would be nice if I didn't have to explain polygamy over and over again, despite the fact that I've never practiced it. It would be nice to know that Utah would always be there if I ever got tired of being the minority. I can understand that it must be difficult for people to understand my religion, and it must be difficult to be a non-mormon in Utah, but how do you think I feel?


It's one thing to stand for something, another thing to buy an election in states where your followers are a very small minority.



Wow...I'm astonished...because YOU have it completely wrong! I NEVER have said Mormons are not good people! Where did you get that I did? Of course, Mormons have good ideas....in general. I ONLY disagree with your doctrine and your religious beliefs. Mine are simply different. You disagree with them and that's fine with me. Are people not allowed to disagree with your religion without taking it as a attack on them personally. Are we expected to never disagree with you?

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a mainstream Christian. I know she is very devout! She represents her religion in her actions and words, yet we have never spoken about her personal belief in God. Our opposing beliefs are accepted by one another and we know that both of us are good people. When all is said and done....we love one another and our religious beliefs don't matter!

Sorry, but I haven't seen that much in Utah. Most Mormons never seem to be able to step away from their religion to just be people. Couldn't it be that Mormons don't understand people who don't belive the same?



Who brings their religion up first? You or the person with a different cultural or religious background? Although I have debated religion on the internet in another forum the Mormons were not represented EVER. The mainstream Christians that were there treated people with different religious beliefs and non-beliefs pretty much like I am treated on this forum...like you shouldn't express your opposing opinion concerning their belief or disagree with them. If Mormons don't want people to disagree with them perhaps they should not feel so inclined to spread the word. If they feel inclined to spread the word or discuss their religion with people....they should expect differing opinions, questions, and disagreement. I rarely discuss religion outside this kind of forums because to do so...I too...would have to defend my beliefs. LDS does not have a patent on feeling they have to defend their beliefs. It goes both ways.

You can always just say you don't drink because of you don't personally like to because of your religion and leave it at that. I've heard people not of your religion say they just don't like to drink.

LDS Liberal

Joggle | 7:00 p.m. Aug. 9, 2010
You can always just say you don't drink because of you don't personally like to because of your religion and leave it at that. I've heard people not of your religion say they just don't like to drink.


Excellent point.

By saying "I don't drink, it's against my Religion."

Is like saying in essence,
"Sure!, I'd love a good stiff one! Filler up, I dying for a shot of good hard brandy.... oh, wait...I can't, someone at Church told me I shouldn't."

I don't DRINK because I choose not. Period. The End.

[My religion only tells me "why" I should not.]

That's why I'm Liberal.
I choose to do what I'm doing,
I am not dictated, shunned, or coerced to do something 'for my own good'.

That was Lucifer's plan.


It seems to me after reading these comments that the Mormons would like to run unopposed in this forum and that people with different beliefs shouldn't be allowed their opinion. People of different beliefs are trying to tell you why your religion is perceived negatively or unfavorably, but you don't seem to be listening! Correcting misconceptions and giving more information may help in some cases....but many people will still view your doctrine as unbelievable and your rituals as weird...just stating the facts! If you can't answer questions to a listeners satisfaction or avoid them... people will walk away. If you can't overcome the objections, exclusivity, disbelief, and skepticism....then you will never change peoples minds. You blame the people that don't believe for being unable to believe your message rather than the message itself. It's not their fault that that they think the message is flawed or unbelievable...even if you don't. That alone will prevent anybody from considering it.


@LDS Liberal

I've agreed with many of your liberal comments in this forum! You at least seem to understand opposing beliefs to a larger extent than many LDS here so far as I have read your comments. Although I believe Lucifer to be a mythical being and a symbolic representation of evil....I can only say I know what you mean in the context you present....and smile to myself!

I like Lucifer's plan! Heaven might be rather boring!

That statement will probably offend somebody, huh?!


I am sorry to hear that there are those who do not have a correct understanding of what members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe and stand for. I have been a member of the Church for most of my life, and I can honestly say that I find a greater goodness and joy in it than I can find anywhere else. It means everything to me, and I hope that others will come to understand what it is all about; because amid all the criticism and false accusations, it is a source of peace and happiness to all those who sincerely embrace it.

Alberta Reader

Just to let you know I have read your comments to me and have thought about them.
I however do beleive there is evidence that Jesus lived on the earth and is documented. We are measuring our time based on the birth of Christ it is now 2010 yrs since he was born. I could give the evidence later if desired.
You are a fiesty one

The Deuce

In this day and age with all of the internet and information out there, I am suprised that there are so many people that have no idea of who Mormons are. I am not LDS and have simply taken the time to read about their doctrine and not about the many untruths that some would have you believe. While I do not believe in some of the same doctrine, I know when I read some of these posts that either the individual has no idea of what the Mormon doctrine is or they simply are spreading lies. In either case please don't write comments that are not at least truthful in nature. Whether you believe or not is your business. Be fair in your comments as some of these posts are a joke. Once again, I am not of the LDS faith.



People find great joy and goodness in different things. You can't expect all people to find the same joy and goodness in the Church that you do. I know about your Church and it would actually make me feel a loss of freedom to be myself. It is too controlling and oppressive. If it fits your personality and brings you peace and happiness...that's great, but you can't expect that it will do the same for others.

Alberta Reader

The Deuce
Thanks for your comments well put

LDS Liberal

Joggle | 8:30 p.m.

Thanks, I've appreciated your comments as well.

I've often wondered, I'm LDS, born and and raised in Utah, most of my family lives here -- and I still have a difficult time living here amongst the 'saints'.
Such closed minds, and hard-hearts! Not what I was taught in sunday school.

Listening and understanding any all views, including those opposing my own - was the most valuable thing I learned in college.

It's funny, I also remember LDS missionaries running around trying to convert others - praying for THEM to open their minds and hearts, without EVER opening their OWN.
[The first REAL application of what I learned about listening and understanding others!]


@Alberta Reader

You are welcome to present your evidence when you are able. I've researched the probability as to whether Jesus actually existed or not so I believe I can most likely refute your evidence, but you are welcome to try!

Of course a historical Jesus may have existed, perhaps based loosely on a living human even though his actual history got lost, but this amounts to nothing but speculation. However we do have an abundance of evidence supporting the mythical evolution of Jesus. Virtually every detail in the gospel stories occurred in pagan and/or Hebrew stories, long before the advent of Christianity. We simply do not have a shred of evidence to determine the historicity of a Jesus "the Christ." We only have evidence for the belief of Jesus.


Joggle and LDS liberal

I am LDS. I understand clearly what you are both saying. However, don't ever expect the stubborn people of Utah to listen to anything they think is below them.

I had a few LDS turn their backs on me when I needed a friend and thought they were my friends but learned differently. none the less life goes on.

My Dog is my loyal buddy and I don't need any fake friends.


@Joggle | 6:24 p.m. Aug. 9, 2010

You say that you do not hate Mormons, say I got it all wrong, but you yourself used the word disdain to describe your feelings towards Mormons. Maybe you should get out the dictionary.

You say that everyone is attacking you because you do not believe the same way they do. No one has attacked you they have only defended themselves from your attacks.

You are certainly welcome to your opinions and I have not said one thing about them. In fact I was asking everyone to recognize your opinion and the fact that your opinion was set. I was asking people to stop trying to change your opinion. You seem hyper sensitive to me. Maybe you should follow the advice to "live and let live".

SLC gal

Bash the church all you want. Because I am a member of the church, I am a better person, and I guarantee, if you knew me, you wouldn't find me "unfavorable".


Thanks for your post, Zinnia! Substitute my loyal cats for your loyal dog and we both feel the same!! Sincerity is a meritorious virtue!


To John Packer of Mich. -
You asked how you are supposed to let other people know your beliefs if you don't discuss them. I live in Utah. I know exactly what your beliefs are. I am not interested. You would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to convert. So, let's move beyond that. Do you like skiing? Do you like baseball? What do you find funny?
Now, granted, from your name, I assume you live outside Utah. It's okay for you to explain your doctrine to anyone who seems interested. But remember, a lot of people just aren't interested. Talk about baseball or something.
I am episcopalean, bordering on agnostic. I discuss it about twice a year. Though I can tell you exactly who of my coworkers are mormon, I guarantee not one of them knows I am episcopalian. They just know I am not mormon. And that is fine.
For mormons living in Utah, at least, the best service you can do to create a 'normal' perception of your church is to not mention callings, temple work, etc. in conversations with non-mormons.

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