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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Old Scarecrow

OK, let's see if I have this straight: All of the unhappy people in Utah would become happy if they could buy cars on Sunday, buy liquor everyday at the supermarket, and if it were illegal for the majority of citizens in Utah to vote for a member of their own faith for political office. All of the complainers would then say Utah is a great a place to live and would find other targets for their disappointments, frustrations and anger. Personally, all of that seems like a small price to pay to see the anger disappear from the comment pages and opinion pages of the media. But, hmm, for some reason, I have doubts that the anger would dispappear. Wonder why?


Who cares what percent of ca is lds?

Lots of out of town groups and individual celebs who do not live there also donated time and money.


Many of these comments are by people who attack the Church full time. They are everywhere promoting hate, this is one reason why people don't understand the wonderful, kind, open minded LDS people that I know.


This has to be one of the most insipid and articles ever written. Even more ridiculous are the comments that this has generated.

What does it matter what others think of the LDS church? Think Jesus would have cared about opinion polls? Wouldn't it have been a heck of a lot better if he had simply backtracked on the whole "son of God" thing?

Wouldn't Joseph and Hyrum have also benefited by caring more about public opinions? Joseph certainly could have said it was a complete fabrication and denounced that he had a vision.

The intolerance for LDS beliefs on these boards is astounding. But to me it simply affirms that there are narrow minded people that have a bitter hatred for the LDS faith, for life in Utah, and/or for conservatives and feel the need to spend their free time trying to diminish the faiths and beliefs of others.

Personally, I'm not shocked that Mormons don't have a favorable view from others. At the same time...I don't care.

The Caravan Moves On

Personally, I'd stick with "we are", not "we claim".

Sure, one is more bold than the other but then again, it's true so why water it down?

One actually can say "we are" without being offensive. It the listener wants to get offended, that's his choice.

Again, it's how you say "we are" that is the key.

Say it with a haughty attitude and you'll turn people off. Say it with a quiet dignity and humility in your voice (and your heart) and most people will respect you for your declaration.

Just my 2 cents...


I'm not a fan of this article. It seems more like a sort of "blame the victim" mentality, that is so pervasive already among idealogues. I have a number of ideas that might improve LDS/World relations, but everyone using a new set of words seems pretty nit-picky. Most members can do little to influence world events--we just try to be good neighbors and hope our children don't cave to the carnal/sensual/devilish alternatives offered by the world--and thus in so doing give our name another black mark.

LDS Liberal

JM | 12:02 a.m. Aug. 9, 2010
Many of these comments are by people who attack the Church full time. They are everywhere promoting hate, this is one reason why people don't understand the wonderful, kind, open minded LDS people that I know.

No JM,

Please re-read the article.

Many of these comments reflect EXACTLY what most Americans percieve about the Church.

I'm not saying you don't know of any of the mean, judgemental, holier-than-thou, prideful, bigot members....but they do exist.

You can either continue to be a denier, or come out of your little bubble - face reality -- and think about what WE should be doing differently.

Whos Life RU Living?

Alberta Reader,

Please pardon me on jumping in on your conviction of Joggle being pessimistic. Let me ask you a few questions.

Could you be optimistic about the idea that there is no God? Can you optimistically support the idea that Joseph Smith was a false prophet and was one of the greatest con men to ever live?

If you can't you are a pessimist?

Is there no such thing as an optimistic Atheist or any other non religious person?

Because Joggle may sound negative because he might disagree with the religious beliefs on this board it is not right to judge him/her as a pessimistic person. I am optimistic that Joggle simply just disagrees, just as you disagree with the idea of Santa Claus being real.

On another note, I respect the sacrifice your family is making to put your sons out on missions. I hope they grow and learn a lot, just as I did.

Whos Life RU Living?

To The Caravan Moves On:

If I say I know the church is false, what type of feelings do you experience toward me?

How about if I say I believe/think the church is false, what type of feelings do you think toward me?

I am just curious. One is less arrogant wouldn't you say?


A few thoughts after reading all this...

Wasn't Joseph Smith told by an angel when he was 14 that his name would be had for both good and evil among all nations? Why are we suprised that anyone associated with the name Joseph Smith in anyway experiences the same?

Christ was perfect, the members of His church... are not. SHOCKING. Imperfect people are SO irritating! RARR!

Ezra Taft Benson's Adress "Beware of Pride." Two types of pride. From the top down and the bottom up. This comment board is filled with one of those... you guess.

Oh. I love living in Utah.

Instead of waiting for a mormon to come do something for you... why dont you go and do something for a mormon?

It is only when people stopped hating on the church that we would have something to worry about. As long as the world keeps laying it on thick the members of the church can rest assured that they are doing something right and being "in the world but not of the world."

Thats all.


Perhaps the reputation of the LDS church would be better if they stayed out of the politics of other states. Their money blocked gay marriage in Hawaii and California. At least justice will prevail in the end.


I tried to read all the comments, I could hardly stomach what I was reading. There seems to be a lot of hate and bitterness out there.

The only conclusion that can be made after reading these comments is that there are a lot of people that have very strong opinions and they will not be swayed.

For those that hate Mormons: most of their opinion is based off incorrect perceptions, misinformation, or plain old bias. There is nothing that can be said that will change their opinion. We should continue to treat them kindly, but we should stop trying to change their mind. Their mind is set and it is closed.

For others that still have an open mind, we can still live our standards, correct misconceptions where they exist, and living as close to a Christ like life as possible. That is all that can be done and all that Christ would have you do.


@Alberta Reader

My non-belief goes much further than my rejection of ALL religion. Since you mentioned Jesus...no one has the slightest physical evidence to support a historical Jesus; no artifacts, dwelling, works of carpentry, or self-written manuscripts. All claims about Jesus derive from writings of other people rather than from a witness' own knowledge so in that regard there is no basis to believe in that direction either. While the possibility exists that an actual Jesus lived, a more likely possibility reveals that a mythology could have arrived totally out of earlier mythologies.

As far as missionairies are concerned from any religion that approaches my door...I say the least amount possible to them while getting the point across that I don't wish to talk to them. My husband left the Church before I met him without oficially resigning and it those people that find me instead of him. I have had to more forcefully tell to stop bothering us after they didn't get the hint th first time. One more time and he'll go straight to the bishop to request "no contact".

I have no problem if others need for religion though.


@Alberta Reader

By the way....and I wrote this before...there are positive aspects to religion....such as charity....but many of the same positives aspects can be accomplished without religion, too.



Your statement reflects part of the problem. Although there may be many who do have incorrect perceptions, misinformation, or plain old bias of Mormons...not all of us do. You go on to say people who don't accept the Mormon religion and claims are closed-minded without realizing that many who examine it with an open mind still come to the conclusion that it's not true. Correcting misconceptions and information still may not bring them to belief. When you insinuate that people are somehow flawed or close-minded perhaps you should consider that perhaps it is you who may be that way.

When you mention hate and bitterness (which may be a misconception of yours) you fail to realize that people may have good reasons to feel disdain and that the message (as a whole, doctrine etc.) is to blame rather than the person receiving it.


If I have the time I love missionaries coming to my door. If they leave still believing in any superstition I haven't done my job.

mkSdd3, don't you just wish it was based on something other than knowledge of just what the church is. Of course the typical dodge is to counter any claim by saying THAT writing is not canonical or we don't really believe that.

LDS Liberal

It's like Tibetian monks.

How many of you good LDS people really know their doctrine or beliefs?

What is your perception of them as a people??

This article is about negative perceptions of the LDS church and the Mormons.

Stop playing defense and denial, and listen to what is being said.

We have a problem,
now, let's listen and deal with it.


@ Joggle and Demiurge

You support my position perfectly. All I said is that you do not want to hear any correction to your unsupported ideas. Your mind is made up and closed on the subject of Mormons. They are all wrong and bad people.

I am not talking about Mormon beliefs nor am I talking about religious teachings. Your mind is closed to the concept that Mormons might be good people with good ideas.

My suggestion to everyone on this board is to leave you and anyone like you alone. You don't want to be bothered.

Just Truth

Jesus gained favor with God and man, but in the end His allegiance was to God and not man, who after all crucified Him.

Mormon's are on the Lord's side, and when all is said and done will not worry about favor with the natural man, who in large part will reject God anyway.

It is sad that there are misconceptions about Mormons and their beliefs as there were misconceptions about Jesus too, but if people are willing to look closer the incorrect negative perceptions (lies) will go away and truth will be revealed.

Mormons need not apologize about negative perceptions of what are actually Christlike teachings and practices. Let the naysayers, spew their hate against Mormons, and inadvertently against the Savior. It will only reflect badly on them when they are missing the mark (Christ and His gospel). We could argue that Jesus needed a better PR agent as well, but that still wouldn't absolve anyone from recognizing and receiving the truth and the perfect being whose truth it is.


I know Mormons who are good people. I wasn't referring to them at all. There are misguided people of every religion. My next door neighbor is Mormon, and a good guy, but not someone I share the slightest political or religious beliefs with. Our yard signs are generally directly opposite, as they were on Prop 8.

But in reality you were simply trying to dodge the issue again.

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