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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Vote margin on Prop 8 was 599,602 more yes than no. There are about 540,000 Mormons in California. Even if every Mormon voted no, it still would have passed. Yet, Mormons are easy targets like they always have been. Rioting outside temples, vandalizing chapels, and intimidating members are just some of the no on h8te followers' tactics.

Almost every Catholic and Jew in California voted yes on prop 8, but harassing a Jew would be anti-Semitic.

What is amazing about that survey is who views Mormons in a bad light. Read it again.


There were Mormon groups with signs on every major intersection in this area during the weeks before the election. The local church build whatever you call it had its lawn covered with the signs.
John20000 is suffering from bizarre math. Every vote moved from the yes to the no column shifts the count offset by two, one up, one down. it would have taken 300,000 votes to defeat the measure. In a state the size of California that's about 1%. The LDS Church indeed did funnel several million dollars in money and more in other things to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. The Church has already admitted once to submitting an incomplete (read false) statement on what it spent. Don't try and dodge out of it, you've earned whatever feeling you left behind.



Oh, first off, out of politeness, you already know me from a facebook group and my username here isn't as forthcoming about that as yours (Andy Lesage)

"Do you have any friends who are other than extreme liberals?"

Since I'm LDS, more than what you might be thinking, however, my comment referred to non-member friends so they wouldn't count and I don't have many non-member conservative friends.

"The fact of the matter is that the majority of people in California voted for Prop-8."

Can't argue with that, nor can I argue with the fact that more support those kinds of things than oppose. However... those that oppose it got a massive drop in their view of the church (heck, I haven't paid tithing in 20 months now so I'd like to thank prop 8 for allowing me to pay off a student loan). I don't see supporters getting a large increase in their view of the church. We're still the quirky Christians or those perverters of Christianity (or whatever the chrisitans who hate us call it)... just convenient allies to them, that's all.


"Almost every Catholic and Jew in California voted yes on prop 8"

Would you like to share the stats on that? (after all, Catholics dominate that gay friendly northeastern US).


Looking up CNN's exit polls for Prop 8, Protestants were 65-35, Catholics were 64-36, Jews didn't have a high enough sample size for the results to be given there. Non-religious were 10-90.

White evangelicals were 81-19. that's as close as you're going to get.


John Pack Lambert; It is a little bit ingenuous when you say you Mormons don't practice polygmy. You may not practice it today, but you believe in it. It is written in your scriptures. It is like others saying that they don't practice racial discrimination, but they believe in it. If you believe in it then it is in your heart, and to say that you don't practice it is a cover up.


To John Pack Lambert of Michigan at 5.36pm.
I only mentioned the Pride Parade and the Days of 47 Parade as examples of community events in Salt Lake City where only one portion of the community participates and/or feels welcome. I meant no offense. If that example doesn't work for you then insert The Boy Scouts Jamboree and the Sustainable Green Living Festival, or anything else.

We have plenty of segregated programs, events, and venues in Salt Lake City but very few that are inclusive for the entire community. Structurally that makes for a divided and I believe weaker, less trusting, and less neighborly city.

So I reiterate my central point. Where are our community events and civil spaces where EVERYONE can be included and be together UNCONDITIONALLY?

Gordon T.

There are good and bad people in every religion. What people object to is the controlling nature of the church. This produces people who have a skewed sense of reality. Every religion is a cult to some extent, however the church seems to control its people to an extent that people view as very unrealistic. Mormons who are not tithing are discriminated and not seen as "members". If Christians who are not Mormon knew what the church actually believes in very very few would consider them Christian.


@onewhotries: I got your point (and I'm sure that most did). Nice posts. Thanks.

durwood kirby

By their fruits shall ye know them. If the fruits are good, the good vibes will come with them.


OOOOOOH PLEASE!!!!!! Good grief, Heck sakes! You folks are all ready for the funny farm. What a hilarious people!


Re: John20000 | 8:01 p.m. Aug. 7, 2010

"Almost every Catholic and Jew in California voted yes on prop 8, but harassing a Jew would be anti-Semitic."

Orthodoxy makes up approximately 11% of American Jewry. Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist congregations all accept and welcome gay Jews including ordaining them as clergy.

I don't know how you could make such a statement on who voted for prop 8. It is just not accurate.


@Alberta Reader

It is presumptuous to think I'm negative because I simply disagree with you or because I have an opposing opinion. Naturally you will have a negative reaction to an opposing view, but I'm not responible for your negative reaction....you are. I'm not irritated; I'm only strongly opinionated. You wouldn't expect me to agree with you when I don't in order for you to have a more positive view of me, would you? I can't help that you don't like my opinion! I have a right to disagree.

I'm happy to report I am never irritated when I post here or I wouldn't.


Mormons are "Mormons". That's the problem in a nutshell.


To John Pack

"Catholics don't proselytize? You have an awful lot to learn. Catholics are among the most active proselytizers in the world."

I have yet to have one come to my door, have you?

In other countries, I do believe they work to introduce those who are not Christians to Christianity and specifically Catholicism as part of their relief work.

But I have never heard of Catholics hitting up Christians for conversion.

my slc


"What chanting groups on street corners in California?"

I keep a house in Newport Beach and SLC. You must not have been in Irvine. The crowds were thick on the corners and chanting and singing during drive time and weekends.

It was a nightly game to see how many lawn signs could disappear. The ward had signs on the lawn.

It was a bitter campaign and there are still ugly overtones around.


Huh....nearly 200 posts on this article. So far only 8 on the 10 aid workers killed. Funny where this very average article has taken the discussion. I am LDS, I am happy to be, I happen to agree with the Church's stance on gay marriage (oh, yes and everything else - you see I believe the Lord is leading the Church), I agree the people in the Church are not perfect and I am tolerant of other religions...the Church does way more good than any other Church I have seen..I was a missionary and I was treated nicely by most and experienced some very rude and crude treatment, this wasn't appreciated by me, but I understand everyone has their rights. I feel bad that there are members of my faith that do bad things, but I am extremely proud of the many that do so many good things. I am also amazed at how many good people, LDS or NOT that are wonderful and good people. Now back to the good articles and GO UTES!


Perhaps if the LDS church practiced more tolorance...

Or excomunicate Glen Beck.

One of the two.

Alberta Reader

Who knows we may become friends yet. Conversation even like this seems to have that effect.
I understand the point you are making.
It was Jesus Christ himself that said "Go ye unto all the nations and preach and baptize in my name."
So all Christians should be trying to share a message if indeed they follow the Saviour.
Thus the Missionary program and "message" you referred to.
I just had a son return from a mission and my other son serves in Iowa at the present. As a parent you love them and miss their physical presence greatly.
I am sad when I hear how my sons have been treated at times. If you are a parent you will understand what I just said.
So next time you come across missionaries trying to do their job. Think of parents missing their sons and how you would like your sons to be treated if they were in the same position. We can all respectfully agree to disagree. I am sure we could be friends given the chance. I do hope you read this.


Why why why? Why do most posts always end up with a few LDS who always like pointing out the faults or comparing the LDS church to the Catholics or the Jews. So when you get in trouble do always say to others LOOK they did it first waa waaa! What a lot of crybaby tattle-tails.

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