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Published: Friday, Aug. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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A good first step would be the church releasing it's stranglehold on Utah. Allow normalization of the laws and elimination of the blue laws.

Visitors know it's the church that forces them to go to the equivalent of the DMV for wine. Forcing auto dealers to be closed on Sunday... these two are just a small sample.

until these are rectified the church will be seen as suspect. By their deeds.......


Now we're not only being criticized by non-mormons, but mormons too. Just what I needed.


Interesting article. Very good information. But I'm not going to start saying, "We claim" and "I claim" just so people can feel better. Using those phrases just gives people an opening to say, "So you don't really believe it, you just 'claim' it." It's almost like I'm apologizing by saying, "I claim," just so I don't offend anyone. No one ever seems to care about offending a Mormon.

Henry Drummond

While I am not an "active" Mormon I am saddened to see this. Mormons do much good in the world and I'm sorry to see them being increasingly misunderstood. I think that at least part of the problem is the tendency for Mormons today to respond to criticism or misstatements about their beliefs with angry accusations of religious bigotry rather than with patience and truth.

Criticism is an opportunity to educate. Why don't you just talk about what you really believe in when others get it wrong? If people say you are not Christians, why not just respond by telling people what Christ really means to you rather than railing against them for their lack of understanding?

Responding to criticism or ignorance with anger doesn't create a better public image, it just does more harm. What purpose does it serve to make charges of religious bigotry against the PAC-10 for inviting the University of Utah into their conference but not BYU? Wouldn't it have reflected the spirit of the Church better to make a more magnanimous gesture? Don't most people prefer to see a sermon rather than hear one?


this is just my idea why, I am a member and I get treated pretty poorly by members here in Utah!!! I see judgemental, prejudice, and fairweather mormons here, I don't see them forgiving and kind here!, I hate going to church, so maybe they should think on how they treat other people!! not just the in crowd of the church! it isn't God's church anymore! it is the people church


People have a bad view of mormons because they counteract the small amount of good they do with bad. In Utah we see how they say they want small government and yet constantly try to make it bigger and legislate morality on non mormons. Then with prop 8 the whole country saw them try to do the same thing. When Glenn Beck is the most famous mormon people are going to hate you. When most of the faith don't even understand that they seem like scientology light to the rest of the world mormons cant even begin to try and look normal to the world.


Dave, the church doesn't create laws, and the church is not responsible for the blue laws, liquor laws, or car lots on Sunday law. The state legislature passed those laws. If people like you would quit spewing falsehoods and incorrect information, maybe we wouldn't have to keep correcting you.


tinkerbell, it sounds a lot like you have an us versus them attitude going on here. Maybe you are half the problem.

But then again, maybe you are not a member after all, just someone that is posing as a member so you can cast a few stones.

Conservative Democrat

The Mormon church controls UT and your proof is in the blue laws and the state liquor stores? Oh, please. I've lived in Utah and know about the laws (and the perception) that you are talking about. If I use your logic, what am I to think about states in the Midwest and South that have entirely dry counties? Do you believe the Mormon church controls those states or localities too? Or are you suspicious of any area within the United States that is predominantly controlled by a highly fundamentalist viewpoint. The Mormon church does not control Utah or its citizens. It rightfully expresses an opinion and lets the citizens of the state make their own choices.


I believe this is good information. Most of my life, I lived as a religious minority outside of Utah. Many people were skeptical of me because of what they were being taught in their own churches about mormonism. I don't hold it against them, it is what it is and as members of the LDS church we all can do our best to set the record straight.


hayduke, Are you suggesting that a Mormon is not allowed to have a say in politics? Last I heard, even Mormons have a vote and can have their say in how things are run. I guess that it is OK to hate the Mormons and blame all the problems on them.


lets watch this message board fill up and we will all see why people's view of mormons is "unfavorable"

Monsieur le prof

There's so much hatred and bigotry on this blog that I can't begin to imagine what it must be like elsewhere. I think it's gays, ex-Mormons, and southern Baptists that are the most vocal in their opposition to Christ's re-established church.


Here is the problem - mormonism encompasses more than just religion, it is a large part of your social lives. The immersion makes you much less likely to meet other people. Then, when you do, you make some joke about the ward house, which just doesn't interest me, and makes me feel like an outsider. I have several good friends who are mormon. They rarely mention religion around me, and if it does come up, they don't get offended by a little ribbing about their church (you can joke about my religion, and occassional agnosticism if you'd like too. I don't mind). I have met many more mormons who, honestly, kind of bore me socially. They are too serious about their religion in what should be a social setting, and they are too stiff for slightly off the wall jokes. I don't begrudge you your religion, but if it occupies 33% of your thoughts and conversation, we just don't have much to talk about. So my advice - place yourselves in more settings in which no one else follows your religion and relax. And please, don't even think about converting me.


The legislature had to scamper up to temple square to get the profit's approval to change the private club law.

Utah is a theocracy. The 'church' runs everything.

Living in Utah will always result in dislike of mormons.


mkSdd3...I hate to inform you that while you are "Technically" correct in that the church doesn't set the laws, they do have religious representitaves that do...who force their view of religion on everybody else. Come on...you know better than that!!!

Same for you conservative Demo...you KNOW that the reason we have intolerant liquor laws, No Auto Sales on Sunday is because of the INFLUENCE of the LDS church. Don't bury your head on this and loose the point on symantics. It's this kind of logic that makes Mormons look bad.


Thought provoking article. The gospel facts are there, yet it seems our missionary approach and delivery needs a boost.

Close to forty years ago I joined the church. It has been a huge benefit for me and my wife. Our six children were active and raised in the church. Only two remain active.

After a significant time pondering why, at least the partial conclusion is that somehow they lost the desire. For a long time I have felt that "desire" should bump "faith" out as the first principle of the gospel.

If I had a chance to teach my other children again, I would emphasize and motivate desire, reason, and understanding.

My wife and I were helped greatly by joining the church. Our children still have the principles and character they were taught in their youth and by example in the home. Yet they now believe the "world" has better answers -- or at least easier.

It may take them 40 years to re-learn the gospel principles and that answers may indeed be found in the scriptures, general conference, church, and church books --- and of course, on your knees.


How would any intelligent person ever get a favorable impression of an organization described as follows:

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is THE Kingdom of God on the earth, but is at present limited to an ecclesiastical kingdom. During the millennial era, the Kingdom of God [the LDS Church] will be both political and ecclesiastical... and will have worldwide jurisdiction in political realms when the Lord has made 'a full end of all nations (D&C 87:6)'"????? [this is from the Bible Dictionary of the LDS Church]

Those of us who support participative, democratic government, civil rights, and liberty are opposed to such totalitarian regimes. The LDS Church deserves to be seen in an unfavorable light.

Zadruga Guy

Bebyebe, the LDS Church has absolutely no control over what the legislature chooses to do. The Constitution of the State of Utah expressly forbids it or any other religion from doing anything like that. That is unique in any state's constitution. Thus, Utah is the ONLY state that CANNOT be theocratic.


mkSdd3, I am suggesting that the mormon church should stop trying to act like a political force, like they did with prop 8. I have no hate for mormons only the bad people who try to force it on others, people like chris buttars, mike waddoups, glenn beck and the rest. Theyre pathetic people who share a religion and the world sees that religion. I know a whole lot of amazing mormon people but they dont get seen on the public level. You should all hope that Huntsman runs for president so a good mormon can be seen in the public.

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