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Published: Thursday, Aug. 5 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Big Rock

Why is this a story? A BYU guy not wanted at a Utah practice. That's big news.


Wow, seriously? Glad we are all so professional here.

Utes 31 Tide 17

That is completely ridiculous. I listen to 1280 all the time, it's not like Jan's spying for BYU or something like that. He's a legitimate sports broadcaster on a legitimate radio show.

I'm sure one he and Whittingham talk it over, they'll correct their mistake and let him be there.


Come on Utes, Jan is a great local radio personality along with Gunther. I guess the Utes have a bunch of classless coaches and players as well as classless fans! :)


I just have one question, was this or was it not an open to the public practice? If it was then having Jan there along with other media members shouldn't have been an issue. Reading reports from other reporters of the Utes first practice leads me to believe that it was open to the public. Sounds as though Utah may have handled this inappropriately.

Ute in DC

Why is Harmon even talking to Jorgensen about this? Harmon is the BYU beat reporter. This is a story about Utah practice.

Harmon and Jorgensen don't even work for the same company. They are both acting as Jorgensen is still a BYU player.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Coach Whit just did Jorgensen and 1280 a huge favor, with all the free publicity.

Jorgensen is less than one year removed from being a player. I suppose it's understandable that they'd rather he not observe practice, although he was welcome back for the interview portion.


Is Dick even trying anymore to hide his U of U animosity/jealousy?


Just remember the number one rule on the hill - nobody question King Kyle!


That this was even reported by DN is a joke. It is not even news worthy and a complete waste of time. Whitt ran closed practice, that means anyone he doesn't want there should not be there. Even Jorgensen was totally understanding.

Get real DN, TMZ you ain't and shouldn't try to be!


Once a Zoob always a Zoob!! Send Jan to practices in Happy Valley and Kyle up on the Hill.

The Big One

Starting to crack Whitt? You use to be a coug you should kick yourself out.


Classless move by the yewts.


@ acrolight12

this was closed to the public. if by "public" you mean "media" then yes.

I think this is a non-issue. Whit is just being careful. I doubt he listens to the "jan and gunther show". I am sure they will get it straightened out.


This comes from an insecure coach who can't recognize that an ex-player, working in the media isn't going to pass on trade secrets to his former team. That would be like anyone in the NFC East not alowing Troy Aikman or Moose to announce their games, because they used to play for the Cowboys. Sounds silly huh?


It's that inferiority complex thing surfacing again.

Let's see, BYU plays Utah in 3 months or more, beforewhich Utah will have played 11 or 12 games. By the time Whittingham plays BYU in November, BYU will have had ample time to see practically everything Utah does. So what is Jorgensen going to learn on the first day of practice (without pads) that he will pass on to the hated rival that will improve BYU's chances of beating Utah in November?? I'll tell you what - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

It is all about Utah's fixation with beating BYU. Afterall, Isn't this the same guy who has a clock in his office counting down to the BYU game???

Utah and Whittingham owe Jorgensen an apology.


Perhaps the pending move to the PAC Something has increased the Utes' self esteem such that they can pick and choose who they wish to attend practices.

I'd say that if the practice was open to the public, Utah's media specialist Abel isn't ready for big time exposure if she starts picking and choosing who attends public events.

Will Jorgensen be banned from games as well?

Maybe Harline still is open -- in someone's mind.


This practice was not open to the public.


This is funny after listening to 1280 with Gunther and Jorgenson.

Clarification, Utah's practices are not open to the public. My guess is Gunther ditched Jorgenson and KWhitt and other Utah personell doesn't know he's media even though he was wearing a media badge. Im sure it will get worked out. I doubt Whitt would believe he was spying not that it would matter anyways since both teams will have changed drastically over the year.


sounds to me like some one is getting a little Paranoid

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