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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Your argument is very flawed if you take a look at who created jobs in the US for the last 150 years it has rarely been the rich. So where did the corporation come from?

Here are a few examples

Andrew Carnegie was an immigrant and started as a factory worker.

Henry Ford son of immigrants and watch repair man

John Davison Rockefeller son of lumber man and Travelling saleman

Bill Gates son of from a middle class family

Steve Jobs adopted son of a middle class family

Sam Walton Farmers son and self made

Ray Kroc son of immigrants and self made

The list goes on and on. As I said your argument is flawed. The biggest employers in the country were started by Sons of immigrants and poor or middle class families.


Lets think about the word conservatism, what are we conserving? The status quo! Big Business want thing to stay the same or move very slowly.

As I have written before conservatism by its very nature slows innovation, slows entry into markets, slows free trade and maintains control.

The Powers that be want to maintain the way things are done. Change is the great unknown, if you listen to CNBC you will hear the reporters say time after time the Markets hate Change. Why because it creates uncertainty, which makes forcasting profits more difficult.


The credit card statement was a euphamistic comment referring to poor spending and saving habits by the middle class.

Maybe to get a better idea about where you are coming from with this whole middle class thing...

Who are the middle class?
Why are they the middle class?
How did they end up in the middle class?
What are they doing in the middle class?
Where do the middle class usually work?

Answering those questions might be able to shed some light on what could be done to save them from a tragic socio-economic death.



Did those individuals create jobs when they poor or middle class? Or, as a result of years of hardwork, sacrifice, innovation and perserverance did they reach levels of success that opened up opportunities not only for themselves but for other people as well? (I hope the answer to that question is obvious) That is the American spirit. That is what will save the middle class IF it is embraced.

JoeBlow was blaming the rich for the middle class' problems. In THE land of opportunity, we control our destiny, as is evident by the examples you provided in your comment. The rich provide the employment for the middle class... BUT the middle class is only stuck in the middle with (or without) those jobs if they allow themselves to be.

The remedy for our economic woes and troubles can be found in what it means to be an American. It can be found in the examples of the individuals you listed ObamaRep.

The key is just to do it! Thats the problem...

Thanks for the attempted attack that strengthened the point I was making.


@JoeBlow 4:21

Okay, perhaps I did misunderstand your point. I do think, sad to say, there are some LDS people who would not vote for a candidate if they were athiest, muslim, or a scientologist.

Personally, religion isn't that big of a deal to me. If there's a candidate for office I really like, I don't care if he or she practices voodoo.



There you go again. READ AGAIN WHAT I WROTE and then
justify this statement.

"JoeBlow was blaming the rich for the middle class' problems"

Show any statement that I made that justifies your statement.

For a college student, your reading comprehension is lacking.


manateeshirt | 11:42 a.m.

I'm not even rich. Im a broke college student. Im a kid...


That explains your immature, clueless, cocky rants.

The Bush era tax cuts contributed to the deficit.

They did not create jobs.

They should be repealed.

They were unfunded. We couldn't afford them then, we can't afford them now.

Otherwise, we can tack on $600 billion+ to the deficit.

Not sure at all why you're so bent on shilling for the top 2%, but have it. Maybe someday, you'll learn better.


Also, Manatee, your unfortunate tendency to equate the non-uber wealthy with empty pocketed people on social services is not winning you any points whatsoever.


Romney/Palin......Love it. Can wait to see the debates, the interviews, and the entire conservative platform fall on its face...even better would be Beck/Palin....oh wait thats right....Beck has no interest in politics. He's "just" and entertainer. A very wealthy entertainer that panders fear and falsehoods.

Romney/Palin...Romney/Palin...We can hope for it!


I am new to this whole Deseret News comment board thing and I already LOVE how riled up you people get when someone actually takes a stance.

I was going to write a bunch of sarcastic remarks in response to your comments, but I try to keep in mind that this is a comment board and not a bicker board.

Instead, I will just sum up my feelings on the matter and then you can agree or disagree. I am a HUGE proponent of rewarding sacrifice, hardwork, innovation and perserverance. The reward that capitalism offers for such things is the incentive that drives America's success. The reason I get upset when people whine about the wealthy is because this is America! The land of opportunity! As ObamaRep stated in his rebuttle to my comment, the leaders of some of this nations most successful companies started at ground zero and worked their way up.

With that in mind... the problem with this country isn't necessarily with the wealthy is it? It is with the people who whine with unwillingness to make the sacrifice to get there. Im jumping off the fence and taking a stance. Sue me.

The Atheist

Someone once said "Religion poisons everything." Anybody can see it. Look at how religious wars, bickering, and factions are tearing the world apart.

Religious extremists (the "pure" and "true" believers) flew airliners into the WTCs; religious bickering has split this country in two over same-sex marriage; religions are vying for political influence and power, even trying to re-write history to claim this is a "Christian" nation!

The worst power mongers are those coming from the group claiming to be followers of the non-political man who said "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..."

A close second in power mongering are the followers of a man in whose name people are beheaded or stoned almost daily, and whose teachings include "the Satanic Verses".

As a result of the horrible reputations of the religious people, atheism is the fastest growing "religious affiliation" in the country. People want to distance themselves from the bigots, fanatics, fundamentalists, extremists - in other words, the "religious".

Those aspiring to be POTUS must talk to and represent ALL Americans, not just the religious fanatics. The atheist (and non-religious) population must be reckoned with.

Arm of Orion

Manatee welcome to the internets where stating your opinion is more akin to giving a declaration of war. Although I think that the problem is that we have lost the true spirit of America...amateurism. In the past amateurs built themselves up. They fought and struggled yes some failed but others succeeded and with that brought jobs. We need more amateurs risking it all to bring back the power of this nation. The amateurs fought in the fires of adversity and it is in these fires that the fates of men and nations are forged.


Manateeshirt, isn't it odd how we call America the land of opportunity, but anyone who takes advantage of the opportunity and succeeds is despised, and calls to confiscate their wealth go up?

People complain that the rich keep getting richer. Isn't that a good thing? Of course we don't want the poor to keep getting poorer, but we solve that problem by bringing the poor up, not by taking the rich down. Equality is great, but do we want be equally poor, or equally rich?


Arm of Orion & Independent...

Bless your hearts. I'm glad to see that there are others out there who see and understand the big picture.


you: "People complain that the rich keep getting richer. Isn't that a good thing? Of course we don't want the poor to keep getting poorer, but we solve that problem by bringing the poor up"

So, how do we "bring the poor up"?

I would suggest at least one factor in bringing "the poor up" is that all employees share in the success of a corporation's profits--not just those at the top. The pay of CEOs is 265 times greater than the pay of the average worker. In 1965 the difference was only 24 times. Today, the average CEO earns in ONE DAY what the average worker earns in ONE YEAR.



Sounds like people need to quit being AVERAGE workers and start becoming CEO's...


Both Romney and Huntsman are just spoiled little rich boys who have really done very little on their own. In that regard, they are no different than Paris Hilton!

As men of substance, they are lacking in character. Everything that makes them who they are was given to them by their rich parents.

Being lucky enough to be born to rich parents is not a good qualification for public office!



My you are cocky. Unfortunately in a huge corporation there is but one CEO and thousands of workers.

Get out of school. Go get a job. Let see if you are an average worker or CEO.

Wanna bet?



If you are going to make personal attacks at me for sharing a general opinion... I guess I will make a personal response.

If my goal was to be some hotshot CEO I would take you up on that offer in a HEARTBEAT!

My goal is to live a comfortable life with my family and persue a career that I love and NOT COMPLAIN about others who are doing the same. If that means I make 30k or 10.7mil a year so be it. I live my life knowing that I answer to myself and that I am accountable for the actions that impact my future. Is that cocky or responsible?

Im just not a big fan of people who complain and try to blame their problems on other people...


Will the immigration issue ridicule him again?

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