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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Wally West

re: moodyblue77 | 10:28 p.m. July 31, 2010

Personally, as an Independent with strong Libertarian leanings, I'd love to see Bachman and Tebow run on the GOP ticket in 2012.

Romney's should tell the Evangelical right to get lost. Then, MR could run as a Social moderate and fiscal conservative.

A ticket of Mitt and Charlie Crist or Ron Paul is something that, I feel, has real merit.


C'mon- it's all about image for the dim-switches:

It would be nice to have a "good guy" like Mitt represent America, if that image is your persuasion. GW had a clean image before Iraq, JFK had one before his affairs spilled out, MLKing was the righteous minister-activist before his infidelity...

Obviously Dems are just as thrilled as Europeans to have a "hip" Black Democrat prez. be our poster-boy. It wasn't just his royal blackness that excited them all, 'cuz Alan Keyes or J.C. Watts could've filled that bill. It's the whole enchalada of a lib, swingin' dude... Drug days behind him, admiration for his impressive accomplishments aside- His swagger says it all.

So let's not hack on Mitt for constantly re-inventing himself or flip-flpping. He knows what didn't work last time around. Shazandra got it: What Mormons don't get re: the whole conundrum of religion is not that there's anti-Mormon bias in the country per se.

It's that there's a majority who know the history of Mormonism. Who invented flipping doctrines and practices for PR, statehood or to avoid prison?


Dutchman, you have a good point about Mitt's religion being scrutinized but not Obama's. (9:06 am today) It came 'too little too late' for those who cared, and not at all for the libs who could care less.

However, I would disagree with you on Glenn Beck's in-roads with conservative evangelicals. He's trying very hard to convince us all that LDS are Biblical Christians. But we know that he's ignorant about the history and doctrines of his adopted religion, as well as what Biblical validity is.

Mormons on the whole are great people, neighbors, citizens and friends. But those of us who smile and allow Glenn & you to try and redefine Biblical teachings are just being non-confrontational. We know that your doctrines are "polytheistic, polygamous and thoroughly pagan"- to quote the late Dr. Walter Martin. That's not "hateful" or anti-LDS, it's just the facts, Bro.

Glenn is sincere, insightful and concerned about our country's back-sliding. But his politics and passion are why he's being accepted- not that he's convinced any knowledgeable Biblical Christians that Mormonism has fit into the Biblical mold, post-Joseph Smith.


Re: ObamaRepublican

I hate to admit it but you are probably correct. If people of the LDS faith began to gain significant control of higher offices, the Gellies in the GOP would go nuts and do something akin to Haun's Mill; maybe not with physical violence but every loathsome tactic politically, culturally, and socially would be employed.

It is time for a new political party, one that actually represents the people and is more interested in doing the right things than in getting re-elected.

Because of the treatment Romney got last election I have quit donating any money to the Republican party and now give directly to candidates of both parties that have a real vision for the future. Sadly, they are few in number.

A Guy With A Brain

Huntsman is a traitor and is not to be trusted.

A Guy With A Brain

Article quote: "Then, Romney attempted to confront concerns about his Mormonism directly, in a speech on religion delivered at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas in December 2007."

Not true. That is not what his speech was about. I wanted him to confront the whisperings about his religion but that's now what he did, other than the 15 or 20 seconds in which he said he would not, as President, be led around by the nose by the prophet of the LDS church. Google "Romney and Faith in America speech" watch it for yourself.

Best political speech I have EVER heard in my life!

Romney 2012

mo no more

It should be clear to these people by now that America does not want an LDS President.

It is fine with me if they want to spend their own money, a fool and his money shall soon part.

The economy can use a boost from what the Republicans did to us all for so many years.

Just say no again in 2012 for LDS U.S. President.


I read all of the comments[didn't have anything more important to do] and agreed with quite a few.

Some thoughts; what if those of us who believe in the power of prayer would pray for a good qualifying person to come forth and run for president in 2012, and those who do NOT believe in such a power, read,re-search, and THINK on finding that person? What if one of us, with all of our opinions, apply for the job? What if we post all of the constitution, study it and apply those rules to how we select a candidate- and then vote? Maybe we'll find another George Washington,who,by the way, prayed! Do we wait 'til the constitution is "hanging by a thread"? Do we govern by law or emotion? Help me, here!
We are suppose to be a Christian country,we follow Christ and His teachings;love one another, not divide by color,race,or creed-religion.
Maybe it won't be any of the names mentioned, in 2012. Will the candidate come from the north,south,east,or west? Sounds foolish? Reread some of your statements without emotion; see what I mean???

LDS Liberal

onewhotries | 2:43 p.m.
We are suppose to be a Christian country..."


NewsFlash - No, we are not.

God fearing, yes.
Endowned by our Creator with rights, yes.

Christian, no.


Wow! couldn't agree with you more, onewhotries (2:43pm)

Instead of dividing and ridiculing, which has become our national past-time, we should be following God's injunction about prayer:

"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2Ch7:14)

That is actually one strong point of G. Beck's with which I also strongly agree. Only our Father, Creator and God can heal and change hearts and give us true peace. I have always been willing to vote and campaign for the candidate who I felt was best for our country, irrespective of all the other trappings (as you mentioned so well.)

I'll take an honest, ethical non-Christian over one who calls himself one and then humiliates his family and his country with his immorality and philandering. (Is that Still a word?) I will disagree with Mormon doctrines all day long, but I will vote one in office with no problem- if I share his dream for America. (Sorry, NO to Harry Reid!)


I've been reading Romney's latest book. I'm not sure I agree with him on some issues, but I give him credit for having some well thought out plans about the direction the country should be going. At this point, I'm really more interested in competence than political ideology, and in that regard, you can't deny that Mitt Romney would be a good choice. You might not always agree with him, but you can bet the country wouldn't fall apart under his watch, which is more than we've had in a long time. Jon Huntsman seems like a pretty smart guy. I'm not from Utah, so I don't know much about his politics, but certainly someone who is so in touch with China would be an asset to our country. I think Barrack Obama seems like a nice enough guy. I don't agree with his world view very much, but had he been competent at his job, I would seriously consider voting for him. He and his party have spent us into oblivion, however, so I don't see how he deserves a second term.

Twin Lights

Unfortunately, several of the posters here are correct. While many (certainly not all) LDS are loyal Republicans, that loyalty is not necessarily returned - and certainly not by the most strident in the Christian Right.

They view us as unqualified by our religion. In the last primary race, Gov. Huckabee's rise was essentially in response to Mitt Romney's early good showing. Many in the Christian Right just could not support a Mormon (they were quite forthcoming on this point).

I am hesitate to abandon the Republican Party. But I do think it is time LDS politicians had a forthright conversation with the party elders to motivate them to fix this. We should be welcome to run for any office and receive full support from other party members without regard to our religion.

The "big tent" has gotten awfully small of late. It needs an addition.


Utahns don't count in any presidential election. Their vote for a Republican is already assured, so you can count on them not caring what an actual Utahn (Mormon) thinks or feels one way or the other.


Requirements for my presidential vote:

1. Communicates ideas I think are good for the country
2. Demonstrates ability to work successfully
3. Has a track record of success under pressure
4. Appears humble
5. Acknowledges God

Capt Coaldale

Why does sharing the Health Care load seem to set American conservatives' teeth on edge?

One night in one of your hospitals cost my insurance over $6,000. In my home province of Alberta the same bill would have been $200, of which none would have been billed to me directly.

Surely fill-in-the-blank-"care" doesn't have to mean that the world has gone to pot!


I am a Mormon and I would proudly vote for a Baptist, Catholic, Jew or Mormon as long as they were honestly committed to honoring, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States and the freedom's it protects. I have great respect for faithful people of all religions and do not consider a persons religion when voting, only their character. If they believe in God and truly practice their religion then they have my support. God knows how we have been deceived by many past presidents who claimed to have our best interests at heart but turned out to be nothing more than self-serving politicians.

Fl Cookie

I'm LDS. I would vote for someone of another religion if I thought they had the integrity and they really represent me. If Mitt has realized that this health care will not work, I would consider voting for him. We need to be "Self Reliant" and take better care of ourselves. The American diet is killing people. I shouldn't have to pay for other's bad choices.


I've tried posting this twice. if Romney is a faithful Mormon and the Prophet told him God wanted something done, what would you faithful Mormons expect him to do? Follow the prophet?

Twin Lights


I understand your point, but the fact is that Utah went overwhelmingly for George W. Bush in two general elections. Utahans (and Mormons generally) will certainly vote for someone who is a Born Again Christian. The reverse has yet to be shown.


@JoeBlow 9:02

Nice try, but your argument has no legs whatsoever. The fact is, LDS voters vote for non-LDS candidates all the time, especially during presidential elections.

Fact - John McCain carried Utah in 2008, although Barack Obama had strong showings in many parts of the state. At the same time, Peter Caroon was re-elected mayor of Salt Lake County. Are you going to try and convince us none of the people who voted for McCain, Obama and Caroon were LDS?

And what about LDS people who live outside of Utah? Are you going to convince us they never vote, unless there's an LDS person on the ballot?

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