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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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I'm not LDS and I don't ever wanna be, But I would vote for Mitt. But I'm voting for Newt Gingrich who I think will be the man for the Republicans in 2012.

Mike in Texas

Romney and Palin, What a ticket to certain a republican crash and burn. Hope springs eternal.


Give Obama his due. When he hired Huntsman as an overseas specialist he took him off the national radar, that allowed the GOP to try to re-decorate their candidates who have already run and been turned down by the American public. They sent them out hoping for a spike in the polls but lets face it.

Huckaby and Romney on the same team did not work before and history will repeat. Palin is the closest thing to Aesop's fairy tales we have in our party.

GOP's are dying for a fresh face to elect and right now that person is not there. Running one of the has beens will re-elect Barrack.

There may still be time for Huntsman but he will have to cue up responses and figure a way to win in his own party for him to win on a national stage.

SJ Bobkins

It's OK to be an anti-Mormon bigot while the political correctness folks take a dim view of a biased expression towards other faiths. Until that changes, Mormons will never get a fair shake when competing on any field, outside the Intermountain West. When the Evangelicals hijacked the Republican Party in 1994, the definition of a conservative now included walking softly on issues the Evangelical lobby deems important. With only 30% of voters registered as Republicans why does anyone running for a national office have to kiss up to the wacko religious right? If Mitt would stick to his moderate views, while maintaining a rigid line on government growth and spending, he would do a heck of a lot better. Barry Goldwater was labeled the father of the conservative movement, he was neither religious nor did he feel the need to pander to any faith based group. He would be spinning in his grave to realize the extent of the influence such groups yield. Romney will never "get" their vote, he should be working to lock up the center-right democrats who are more independent than democrat.

my slc

Who is the new GOP?

Go to the editorial pages in today’s paper and read the article by Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico.

He seems reasonable to me, but on some social issues he may not fit into the Utah GOP mold. His web page lays out his stands.


It doesn't matter going round and round how sad it is that people are diverse and vote accordingly. This is the big weakness in democracy. A really qualified candidate, like Mitt Romney, could be damned from holding office because a majority of voters don't like or can't identify with his religious beliefs. That isn't going to change and the system isn't going to change! I hope Mitt is 'slick enough' to find away to beat that.


I wasn't under the impression that Huntsman was very active in the first place whereas Romney is a different story.

I think this is the paper's way of letting us know that unlike Romney, Huntsman is kind of a Jack Mormon.

Huntsman does have a great pedigree for LDS people to admire. He'll probably do favors for the church if asked, but I believe Huntsman is to the LDS church what John Kennedy was to the Catholic church — church and religion is much more of occasional tradition than it is an adherence or a practicing faith.

mark my words

Romney is not a sacred cow folks!
He maybe the best we have.
All the others picture me as the devil running the show!

Anonymous Contributions

I happen to be the same faith as Mitt, and I've met him before.

I simply don't get what's so wrong with telling the world straight up what you believe! - If there's a scarcity in politics these days, it's straight answers - straight talk.

What's less appealing in a candidate is a guy who would recalibrate & compromise their faith (especially in Jesus Christ) for the sake of gaining the popular votes. Those same popular votes that have been derived from an ignorant mass population (the same voters that have written Obama into our country) and by those same political movement/s that have abandoned the root principles our country has been made great by.

One thing is certain here, and that is that this country was not established by spineless individuals who weren't willing to take up leadership roles that may or may not have been popular. With how much adultery to our tax $'s are going on, we may as well be in a repeat session with King George III. Several of the founders were protestant King George III was Anglican - telling that the framers had back bone.

wild horses

Don't we all wish Michael Savage would run?
He is the best one out there!


To Ana Lena 12:07 PM. Obamacare has already saved lives. I have personal knowledge of this. God bless President Obama. The guy's got guts unmatched by any of the people on this blog.


If the Lord wants Mitt in the White House, Mitt will be in the White House. It's that simply.

I will vote for him.

ANYONE would be better than what we now have. He is a Muslim and is destroying this country. Why is that not of concern to anyone?

Go Mitt!

DR Hall

I probably would never make a good politician as I do not like to make a lot of compromizes especially persal values. I much rather have a good Christian remain a good Christain than become a corrupt individual. I too am an Indexer for the last 7 years working on public records and am LDS but will not give up christian values just to be elected to even a dog catcher. We need very decent people in all walks of life as they will help America stay strong to its values as a GOOD country. I appreciate a Good person no matter what their religion because likely they will treat others as a good people and set the example for others and work together to build a real good and stable America with top notch people and families.


After reading the day's comments.....

There is much more to Mitt than the presidential looks and 3-4 minute interviews present. Read his book, "No Apology", to understand (from "the horse's mouth") what his views, positions, and proposed "fixes" are. There is so much more to him than most folks see (or care to search out).

I am also drawn to Newt Gingrich. MUCH more politically astute, focuses on the issues, and presents himself admirably in the toughest arenas -- without contention.

As much as I would like to see a Gingrich/Romney or Romney/Gingrich ticket in a '12 election, I don't think Romney, Gingrich, or Palin honestly don't care for one another.

The '12 election will be an anti-Obama one. The GOP candidate will win -- whoever it is. No moderate or independent will vote for Obama.... but, perhaps they would for Hillary Clinton.

Napolien Dynomite

Too bad the world cares so much about his religion, and that he will lower his standards for them accept him


I don't have a problem voting for a Mormon ... but I would have a problem voting for Mitt or Jr.

LDS Liberal

roger | 9:33 a.m.
In contrast, I really like Huntsman. Of any Mormon politician on the national scene, Huntsman is the one that most comes across as somebody with good judgment who is more interested in focusing on the actual issues rather than pandering to the cultural-warriors. I’d totally vote for Huntsman.



He'd have my vote,
regardless of what party ticket he ran on.

Spacious Living

Whether or not it's accurate, this story is written such that both Jon Hunstman Jr. and Mitt Romney are two politicians through and through who are - like far too many politicians today - facade individuals too concerned with popularity and slippery when it comes to anything integrity. . . void of personal integrity, and misleading when it comes to communicating the influences in their lives that direct their decisions. If we are not, or cannot openly be inspired by God - we are not adequately inspired to lead a country. Especially a country that carries God's name everywhere on all things that have any level of legitimacy, or bedrock foundation to them.

Spacious Living

Hey ST - do you know anyone you WOULD like to vote for? - - - I well understand your comment - key is finding someone - anyone -

Spacious Living

I agree with what "Civil" said. Well put!

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