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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Ana Lena

Just to clear things up. Yes Obama is Muslim. If you don't think that, than you need to get your head out of the clouds. You need to start paying attention to all the signs and listen to what is being said. People like you on't see things for what they are, that is why this country is in the state it is in. If you think everything is hunky dory then you won't do anything to change it.

Huntsman is an idiot. He doesn't stand for anything. He just exists.

Obama is a coward. He has no back bone and no loyalty to the US. He is the worst leader and should never have been elected.

We need a man who has convictions whatever that might be. Romney could be it if we saw some fight in him. At least we know that Romney is good man. There are not a lot of leaders that have good in them or care for the people. We need someone with passion. Right now Romney is the only one who has what is needed.

In the end we need a leader who loves the USA.

Peter S

I would characterize myself as a devout evangelical christian. Rather than a deterrent to my supporting Governor Romney, his apparent deep personal LDS faith would increase my likelihood of supporting him, just as his commitment to his family. Those qualities, and his executive experience in the private sector, are his two strongest selling points, in my opinion.
I don't plan to support Governor Romney in the 2012 primaries, for other reasons: (1) his substantial, dramatic changes in policy positions; (2) his entanglement with Romneycare at a time when the conservative base and most moderates are outraged by Obamacare; (3) the repeated, underhanded attacks by Governor Romney's core political operatives on the Republican they considered his most formidable potential adversary in the 2012 primary (Governor Palin) which began in the latter weeks of the 2008 campaign, and has continued.
But I will support Governor Romney if he's the Republican nominee, though I think it's likely he will not be the nominee. And, again, his LDS faith, and the depth of his faith, are admirable qualities in my view.


The Democrats do such a better job at appealing to the unthinking masses of people who just want their beer and their baseball and nothing else matters...If Mitt can just promise something of that, as Obama did, convince them he will solve all their problems, he would then have a chance of winning a popular election.


@Blue Chelan56 10:14. If you want better and you feel you deserve better, then you have to do better. Look in the mirror and get in touch with your problem.

rainbow dust

I would vote for Romney over Obama.
I think Romney doesn't understand poor people.
How can he know how they feel when he himself is so rich.
But he would be better then most running, probably.


I will vote for a reasonable, rational, compassionate and honest individual, regardless of their religion, ethnic identity, sex or sexual orientation. Mitt Romney doesn't fit the mold whereas Jon Huntsman does.


Re: my slc

I'm right there with you. I think Jon Huntsman Jr. was an excellent governor. He's top notch! Why in the world the far right bows to Palin is beyond me. 5 colleges in 6 years to finally graduate from U. of Idaho with a journalism degree? Then she quits her job as governor. Are you kidding me? This is a presidential resume`? Get real!

Our country needs someone with proven business sense. We need someone who can run an economy. We don't need hunky dory or you betcha or nukular. We need a CEO.

Reasonable Person

Elect Mitt! Then, he can use his "business experience" to do exactly what he did in business: buy things cheaply, gut them, sell off any profitable parts, and then incorporate everything in the Cayman Islands.

Y'all can't be saying "Mitt's religion doesn't matter", then name-call Obama and Rev Wright.


Am I the only one or is there anyone else who feels like Rom reminds them of a slick snake oil/used car salesman ? I wouldn't vote for that guy if it was a two man race between him and Howard Stern. And Howie aint getting the vote either. Rom is political coward. . . heaping to himself voters having itching ears. All one has to do if folllow his campaign trail banter from last time. One side of the fence in Utah another in Georgia etc.

Wally Ballou

Romney and Huntsman's best chance is to appeal to all of us atheists and agnostics. The fundamentalists think all of you Mormons are in league with Satan himself, while we godless heathens think you're not any crazier than the rest.


Both Romney and Huntsman seem like perfectly viable Presidential candidates to me, and I'm not a Republican or a Mormon. If a candidate is honest and capable, I couldn't care less what religion he or she practices.


Don't expect the religious crazies on the far right to boycot Romney in 2012 as they did in 2008. Conservatives are smart enough to understand that Mitt has all the tools for president and he is their best hope of getting rid of the nightmare of Obama in 2012 and restoring America back to the people.


No one is going to forget that Romney is a Mormon. Not a very good Mormon if he doesn't want that fact to be a real part of his life, but still - he would be a bad choice for the Republican nominee for president in 2012.


Mitt's Legacy:

Republicans will promote:

Gingrich= Family Values Sleaze Bag.

Palin= Half Govenor, Full Time Quitter.

Romney= Slick Flip-Flopper.

Huckabee= TV Huckster.

So, if you want a Family Values Sleaze Bagin, Quittin, Flip-Floppin, TV Huckster,


Say hello to endless pre-emptive wars.

Say hello to a continuous re-distribution of money toward the wealthy.

Say hello to corporate welfare.

Say good-bye to good jobs.

Say good-bye to Social Security and Medicare.

The Republicans will say it will be different this time.

Last time we fooled you.

This time you can trust us.



Although my screen name may indicate I'm concerned about 'children' only, don't let that fool you! (However, when you come right down to it, I guess it's the 'children' who will be effected the most from any presidential election in the long run).

It seems to me that when considering "voting" for an electoral candidate, the absolute most important question is; CAN, AND WILL THEY RUN OUR COUNTRY BETTER THAN THE OTHER CANDIDATES? I, for one, think we better take a good hard look at the 'capabilities' more than what church they attend on Sundays.

Our country was founded, "for the people, and by the people...and, I believe, was originally based on "Freedom of Religion". Isn't that why our forefathers sailed the ocean to get away from being told "what" they could worship and what they could not? George Washington was voted the 1st President not based on his religion, but on his ability to establish the foundation for "all" the people.

Time to throw religion 'out' of politics and make decisions based on 'who' will do the best job for the United States of America! Our future children will definitely all be affected.


How about this for the GOP in 2012: a Romney/Huntsman Ticket; a Huntsman/Palin Ticket or Palin/Huntsmam Ticket;How about a Romney/Bush or Bush/Romney Ticket or Huntsman/Bush; or how about Romney/McCain or McCain/Romney.

Uncle Mal

I don't think that this is an issue. I've heard that Mitt Romney has been less-active for years, ever since he supported abortion rights.

Say No to BO

Romney is polling well against Obama. Then again, EVERYONE is polling better against Obama.
Old names (like Romney) mean pre-packaged smear ready to go another round.
The GOP will trot out a couple of fresh faces and see how they do. Maybe Jindal or Pawlenty. Or a wild card.
Romney is done. Huckabee is done. Gingritch is done. Palin is done.
You have to package a regional candidate and label him a hero. More like American Idol than picking a real leader.
The dems may be stuck with Obama unless he wants to walk away. He should be easy to beat.

Idaho Coug

A Few Points:

1. Goatesnotes was right. The extreme left and right may be the loudest but it is middle/moderate American that swung the last election and will continue to in the future.

2. Presidential candidates have to appeal to the extremes of their parties to be nominated but then the more reasonable/moderate you at least appear (Obama) is important in a general election.

3. I believe that both Romney and Huntsman are moderate/reasonable men but may have to appear less so in primaries. That may bring the label of flip flopper but it is politics.

4. I LIKE that Huntsman labels himself as a "soft" Mormon. Not only will he perhaps appear less extreme to the Christian right-wing (willing to back off the more controversial Mormon ideas) but he may actually appeal to more LDS voters than some would think. The reality is that many LDS are not harcore LDS and have flexible testimonies despite the louder rhetoric from hardcore Mormons.

5. Bottom line - we need someone who is genuinely reasonable, moderate, and willing to work with everyone/compromise in order to actually get something done. Someone Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton accomplished.


"Just to clear things up. Yes Obama is Muslim. If you don't think that, than you need to get your head out of the clouds. You need to start paying attention to all the signs and listen to what is being said. People like you on't see things for what they are, that is why this country is in the state it is in. If you think everything is hunky dory then you won't do anything to change it."

This is what I expect for people who would vote for Romney: little attachment to reality.

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