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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney are not whats wrong with this country. Its the fact that they have followers that it is.


Neither Romney nor Huntsman would get my nod for a Presidential run, not because of their religious affiliations or preferences, rather because of their track records in office. They are both too big government-minded, which has been America's problem on both sides of the aisle. Government is not, and never will be, the solution to the domestic social and economic issues facing us today. Those who think government has any reasonable solution has a lemming mentalility and might end up going over the cliff with those in the lead.


Some may think that basing one's vote on "what is a person's religion" is a form of "profiling". We can't have that, can we!

My grandfather would say, "What's good for the goose is what's good for the gander!"

Now, in my view, if folks can't understand the above, they can't understand "Freedom" either.


I have news for you people.
As the only Mormon at the company I work for, here in So. Cal., I have had many, if not most of my friends tell me that they voted for Romney, in the last election.
The Dixie area of the South will always be the most bigoted. But they will no longer carry the bulk for swinging the next election.
There are far too many more angry Independents, within the entire nation, who far outweigh Dixieland Evangelicals, that want Mitt. The polls indicate it. And, I hear it with my own ears, here in my area of the country.
My father's uncle, who was once a congressman during the 1930s, told my dad, "people ultimately vote their pocketbooks".
This time around, it won't be about Mormonism, but about the economy.
And the American people know that Romney can lead us better in that realm.
Don't count Mitt out people.


There always comes a troll or a bigot or whatever you want to call them to spoil a perfectly reasonable conversation...

Yes Johnson72, I would vote for a Mormon. I have and I will again.. the fact is, I have voted for Mormons several times. Now, as for you saying no one would, won't you tell that to all my southern family and friends that voted for Mitt in the Primaries??? Some are Catholic, some are Born Again Christians but all are smart and not bigots (unlike some) who will vote for a good man.

It is my belief that Mitt has a much better chance this next go around. There are those out there making every effort and being successful at unifying the two communities, the Evangelical and the LDS. Personally, I believe that to be mission of Glenn Beck, a unifier and it is working. Did you even know that Dr. James Dobson has called Glenn and apologized for the bad behaviour of taking Glenn's book off of the Focus on the Family website?? I am sure that disappoints some. Not me, I want to see these two great groups at least be friends.


The religious right are the worst kind of bigots. It is not surprising at all that they will oppose a Mormon on the grounds of religion alone- regardless of his political views. I am fairly liberal and non-religious- and have voted for (and against) some Mormons- though living in Utah, there are few or no alternatives in most races. Still, the religion is not and should not be an issue unless the candidate makes it an issue- such as hypocritical preaching against drinking and getting busted for drunken driving and then claiming that he shouldn't be required to drive within the lines on the road anyways.


We LDS people do not all think alike. It is a mistake to assume that we will vote as a block for a member of the church. No! My vote will come through my own political convictions and whether I feel a candidate matches them. Part of that considers whether a candidate can work with the issues at hand and those who believe differently than he/she does.

There is no 100% right and wrong in our current political problems. Both parties can claim fault for our economic problems, but neither takes responsibility. We're in a similar situation today that the Spaniards were in 1492. Huge national debt, too many foreign wars, and some inept leadership that has been occurring for several years, on both sides.

Extreme conservatism worries me today as much as excessive liberalism worried me in the 1960s.

Where is rational thought and civil rhetoric?

We're in no position of judging whether a person is devout enough to represent the Church. We don't need representation today. It is a world-wide organization. Keep religion out of politics except to allow it to be practiced.


In general, liberals and moderates have no problem voting for a Mormon, as long as the Mormon in question is otherwise qualified and agrees with their views. The real bigots in this country are concentrated in the right-wing of the Republican party.

When Romney ran to the right to pursue the Republican nomination, he was pandering to bigots. Of course the bigots never accepted him, and of course he alienated the middle.

As a moderate Democrat, Romney leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Were moderates like me who elected him in Massachusetts just tools?

In contrast, I really like Huntsman. Of any Mormon politician on the national scene, Huntsman is the one that most comes across as somebody with good judgment who is more interested in focusing on the actual issues rather than pandering to the cultural-warriors. I’d totally vote for Huntsman.


Mr. Flip-Flop Phony

The irony is that Romney would stand a better chance as a liberal or moderate Republican. He decided liberal would be more electable in Massachusetts. His ideals promptly shifted to uber-conservative when it was politically useful.

Liberals won't vote for him because of his flop to the right. The born-again extremist theocrats won't vote for him because he's mormon.

Sorry, Mitt. 'Never happen.


We are hiring the next President whoever that will be, to be Commander in Chief, not Pastor in Chief.

Isn't it sad, that this is even an issue?

Even sadder the way whole system works, and we the voters, have only ourselves to blame. We are controlled by perceptions from the media and political operatives. We take little time to think in depth about issues and the trade offs between various policies and programs. We think like sheep.

Worse, no politician in today's politics can be genuine and unscripted. It's all about marketing and saying the right things to the right interest groups and target audiences.

What ever happened to telling the truth and doing the right thing? I recognize this is just boy scout stuff, and no President can be elected this way, but isn't that sad?

What if we actually made choices based on our impressions of the real person running for office instead of some focus group monster creation? What if they just said what they really believe and let us decide whether or not we agree at the ballot box?

Oh, I forgot, only a few of us vote in Utah.

Blue Chelan56

I don't believe America got what it deserves! I do believe that about 53% of the voters deserve what they now have. The rest of us deserve better!


My born-again/tea partying cousin in the South told me during the primaries that the only thought worse that Obama as President was a Mormon...Yep, she said that. I guess she got what she deserved.

Dana the Barbarian

Mitt who? I'm voting for Newt Gingrich in the next election.


Anti Mormon bias is everywhere, even on these Mormon country boards. It is expected, forecasted, and prophecied. Huntsman wants to take the Kennedy road and not appear to the public he is a serious about his faith, probably for political purposes. Hey, for some of you go for Barney Frank....he is just your type and hype. In Utah, all the bugs jump out of the woodwork to be seen and heard. It might be a eye opener to read Romneys new book to see what kind of thinkier he really is. Do It. Be informed not prejudiced.

Ronnie W.

@ Blue-
Would you really enjoy having a terrible GOP ticket? That's frustrating because I want someone who would do the job well(unlike the current President). If you are so biased that you won't see that faults within your on party then you are lost. I would not want to see a Palin Romney ticket either but because I don't agree with them. Not for sheer entertainment. This is America we are taking about here, not daytime TV. We need someone who can beat Barack Obama because he is not taking us on the right track.


Indiana, I would love to believe what you said about Dobson apologizing to Beck but this has the feel of an urban legend. Can you tell us more about this? What is your source?


If these LDS politicians had any common sense, they would put the interviews in perspective by asking the interviewers in such questions if they had considered the other candidates’ faith and religious activity as a pre-requisite for politics. Such as are only Catholics and Protestants qualified to be presidents, if not, than why bring religion into the race? Or, would the interviewer pose the same questions to a Jew or an Atheist? If these LDS politicians are not putting perspective upfront, they don’t deserve my vote.
That is why I voted for a third runner when Romney ran against Kennedy in MA. With Romney’s sign on my lawn, I listened to the debate were Romney displayed being as much of a liberal as Kennedy. Immediately I took Romney’s sign off my law, and then I voted for a lady who was little known; but, she stood firm on her believes of correctness. My vote was for principal rather than for eloquent speaking. Being a flip-flopper is not an LDS principal; and, people like firmness on principal.


Rock said---"Palin is inexperienced and unsofisticated but anyone who thinks she is dumb has another thing coming."

Thank you The Rock---you not only gave me my best laugh of the morning, you--in one sentence, validated what most people "thing" about Palin supporters.


The reason that Romney is unelectable is because he out of touch with the Americana people. He is big business; but the little Americans are choking in the economical crises. Mitt already displayed his lack of awareness to the poor in Massachusetts. He did not facilitate poor fathers with work to pay child support, while divorced mothers get government grants and can advance their education. Yet, fathers who can’t find work still have to pay the guaranteed child support. Mitt did nothing to balance the problem because rich-capitalists see the poor as being the victims of their own laziness and mismanagement.

my slc

Would I vote for a Mormon?

Heck, if my choices were Jon Huntsman Jr. or the Mitt Romney of 2003-07 Gov. of Massachusetts, sure I would.

Both men are / were moderate, thoughtful conservatives. Huntsman with his dealing of nuclear waste and liquor laws in Utah and Romney with the universal health care plan and the realization that gay marriage was a legal reality in Massachusetts..

Unfortunately the Romney of those years appears to be no longer around. Huntsman is however and gaining more respect nationally and internationally daily.

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