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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Slim Shady 801

They said a Roman Catholic would never be elected....JFK proved that wrong. Hopefully we will get another one.


What they should say:

"What my religion is" is a different question than my position on religion.

"I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some people call us Mormons.

"I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and Savior of mankind.

"A tenant of our Church, from the beginning, is 'We believe in worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, when, or what they may.'"

"Those are my beliefs."

"As President of the United States, my job is to protect the rights of all men and women to freedom of conscience, and yes, freedom of religion.

"The free exercise of conscience is the most fundamental of American, indeed, human rights, and is guaranteed in our Constitution. As President I will defend and support that Constitution, and those rights."

Sally Smiles-a-Lot

I believe Mitt would make a great president. He is smart, very experienced, especially when it comes to the financial arena, and that is what we surely need right now. One poster said: "When asked, Romney should say, 'I have already said everything I will say about my faith. My objective is to help America get back to work and I will not be distracted from that goal.'" I think that is a good approach to take. I meet people nearly every day who are trying to sell everything they own, just to pay their bills, or keep their homes. Problem with that is, at least where I live, there are so many people out of work that there isn't anyone to BUY the items others are trying to sell.

We need a president with a common sense approach to energy development (oil and gas, specifically) that will work WITH alternative sources, i.e. solar, "green" fuels, etc., rather than eliminating a vital source of employment and economic independence, as the current administration seems to be trying to do. IF BP didn't destroy the Gulf's economy, Salazar's crazy ideas sure will.

Critical Thought

A government full of Democrats would rather have you be a Republican, and a government full of Republicans would rather have you be a Democrat, than have you oppose both. It doesn't matter if democrats or republicans are in office. Neither will benefit the working class.


I think the first Mormon president will have to be a Democrat. Why? Notice which states did not vote for Romney--way too many of them are in the (very Republican) South. And yet Romney was voted in as governor of a very liberal state. Liberals have no problem with a Mormon Senate Majority Leader. Yet we all saw the anti-Mormon feelings from Huckabee and his ilk when Romney ran for president. What does that tell you? Too many people in the South are anti-Mormon bigots. Most of those people are Republicans. Part of me thinks Huntsman may start calling himself a Democrat and, if Obama stays in office, Huntsman may try to replace him in 2016. As a Democrat. Only way a Mormon can win.


Any person who's faith might not fit the mold as "Main Stream Christian" probably won't sway too many voters in the South. It's sad because I think Romney was the most qualified for the Job when he ran.

What's up?

Rommeny's "stand on the issues" are kind of "soft".

Baron Scarpia

I was reading recently that the GOP is now dominated by a "shaky" alliance of Tea Partiers and Evangelicals, both somewhat diverging in values/objectives -- one is more Libertarian in views, the other obviously more fundamentalist in its Bible-based beliefs.

Evangelicals are increasingly finding they don't necessarily hold the same values as Tea Partiers, however, and so as the tide of the Tea Party continues, Evangelicals may lose their grip on the GOP, allowing an openly-Mormon candidate greater opportunity.

My concern with Romney and Huntsman, however, is that their electability has centered on their moderate politics that doesn't align with the Tea Party movement (e.g., Romney's healthcare initiatives that resemble Obama's and Huntsman's willingness to be a part of the Obama administration and his pro-renewable energy/belief in climate science [that flies in the face of GOP's sensibilities]).

Personally, I think Huntsman would make a great moderate GOP candidate, but his perceived "liberal" politics will never get him on the GOP ticket.


This tells me that mainstream "Conservatism" and Mormonism are incompatable. Why vote conservative if they cannot accept Mormons as Christians?!!
time to consider the alternatives!!


Romney going after the Republican nomination for President is a fools errand.

In the current political environment when people like Senator Bennett cannot even get out of the convention, how does anyone think a man that donated money to Planned Parenthood, who was for choice before he was against it, who instituted a government healthcare plan with a mandate that everyone buy insurance, and who is a religion that most religious right voters think is a cult can get nominated?

He will be attacked from the Tea Party for his instituting Romneybama care in Massachussetts where ever he goes.

He will be attacked from the right for his religion by the likes of Huckabee.

He will not win the nomination with a primary schedule that goes from Iowa and New Hampster to letting the South (South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia) decide the Republican nominee.

He would have a better chance at being elected if he did the Ross Perot Independent route and financed the effort to collect signatures to get on the ballot in all 50 states.


Yes Johnson72, I think we GET your point.

I for one believe in Mitt Romney. I think people are seeing that he is the real deal. I think everyone is fed up with Obama and his "change".

As For Gov Huntsman he seems a little too inexperienced to run for office.

Mitt Romney For 2012.

I find it hilarious that you clearly anti Mormons post on an LDS owned website/newspaper.

I am Mathman

I wish that I could vote for a president without knowing his/hers religious affiliation. I don't care. All I care about is how well the country will be ran, not if the president attended service on Sunday morning. Let's keep religions out of politics. They just cloud the issues. And, before anyone says religion does matter, Romney might be president right know if it didn't. Think about it.

Midwest Mom

All that these politicians are showing is that power is more important to them than their convictions.

"But be hold, it is to get gain, to be praised of men--and ye have set your hearts upon --the vain things of this world"

Third try screen name

I had to laugh at the very concept. How does Mitt put his Mormonism back in the bag? That ship has sailed.
Harry Reid has survived because the GOP attack machine doesn't work like the democrat one.
They have made Romney and Palin lightning rods. And they will do the same for any other candidate with conviction.
The GOP's worst enemy is itself. Steele runs from the platform rather than holding it up and selling it as an alternative to tax-and-spend.
GWB spent but didn't tax. He didn't follow the platform.
Mitt tends to waffle.
What the GOP needs is someone who will proudly carry out the party platform...
...on immigration reform
...on taxation
...on defense.
As long as they continue to court the middle they will be nothing more than democrat-lite.
What's the LDS youth song say? "Stand strong, even if you have to stand alone."


Both are seeking the middle -- Romney running more conservative, Huntsman running more liberal.

It's what you do when you're a politician.

You have to appeal to middle America to get elected.

Obama bamboozled a lot of middle America, then after the election has governed from the far left.

Clinton lasted two terms because he "got it." Obama shows no signs of running to the middle, that's why he will be a one-term president.

The American electorate is composed of 20 percent hardcore liberals who will never change and 40 percent harcore conservatives who will never change (Michaal Barone's analysis, and I agree).

The key in elections is to tap into the "moderate middle" 40 percent who can swing elections either way. That's exactly how Obama got elected -- he appealed to the middle to win election, then ran to the far left to govern. Big mistake.

This has been going on since the beginning of the Republic. Jefferson hated the party system, and warned against it. He and Adams ignored each other when Adams was President because of party, though they were good friends.

Polarization is reality and will never change.

Middle America tips elections.


I wouldn't vote for a "Mormon" ... but I would vote for Mitt Romney or John Huntsman because I'd be voting for the person, not their religion.
If Harry Reed ran for president I wouldn't vote for him.

It's funny how religion isn't an issue unless the candidate is a Mormon. Even when he had to publicly denounce comments made by his church leader, Jeremiah Wright, Obama's religion was no big deal. But since Romney was Mormon, religion was a big deal for some.

Dave K

Palin is too much and doesn't wear well. She panders to the crowd and is too slick. Romney is the same. Their 'packaging' is too scripted and they both come across as individuals wanting power and fame more than principles.
I'm a conservative and LDS and I think we need genuine leaders. The bashing on both sides of the isle gets us nowhere.....


Listen baby, he's not a foreign born Muslim. Give it a rest.

And it was George who kissed the Saudi prince.


This is a no win issue, unfortunately. Being a Mormon is not a good reason not to vote for someone, but the reverse is true. Someone should not vote for Romney just because he is a Mormon, but that is what Utah did and will do again. I look at the issues, and consistency, and on both, Romney comes up short for me. I was an early fan, but when early in the last campaign he ripped on the French people, where he served his mission, he started losing me, and my opposition grew when he flip-flopped on the issues.


It was never smart politically to woo the neo-conservatives in the first place--

Politics and religion are not comfortable bedfellows. We shouldn't vote for someone simply because of his/her religion.

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