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Published: Saturday, July 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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In my craziest fantasies I dream that the 2012 ticket running against President Obama is Romney & Palin.

I say "Romney & Palin" and not "Romney/Palin" because it's not at all clear that Palin would settle for the VP nominee - I think she has her sights set on the whole enchilada - the first female US President.

Romney would never dream of accepting the #2 spot.

Romney's religion would unsettle the hard-right evangelical Christian base of the GOP, but Palin would ease their angst and give the evangelicals a reason to be excited about the ticket. Somewhere, some GOP strategist is already working this out.

As a Democrat, I adore the idea of having the Silver-Spoon-Fed-Flip-Flopper and The Great-Empty-Headed-YouBetcha-Quitter heading the GOP ticket.

The shear wacky entertainment value of such a scenario is almost too much to grasp.

Please oh please oh please oh PLEASE! Let it be Romney & Palin in 2012!


So what is it that Huntsman is saying? He is sitting the fence? Lives in the gray area? Either you live the covenants you make or you don't. But I'm not sure what message he is trying to send by saying I'm not overly religious. I guess I can say he doesn't overly impress me.


Don't we all wish Glenn Beck would run?


Huntsman is a "soft" Mormon? That's interesting. Regardless of his or Romney's level of orthodoxy, I think that the best strategy for any Mormon contemplating national office is to stay silent about it. Religion should be taken off the table and out of the discussion. It's nobody's business. When asked, Romney should say, "I have already said everything I will say about my faith. My objective is to help America get back to work and I will not be distracted from that goal."

Fender Bender

RE: taking5 @ 10:13

That's quite the assumption - Huntsman isn't living his covenants because he said he's not overly religious? How did you reach that conclusion?


I love the people in Indexing, on facebook there are a lot that are not LDS and there are a lot that speak Spanish, and we do not look at our differences.

Our conservative people need to stop thinking about how we differ in religion and think about how we agree, get all those Mormon haters to do indexing then they would get over it.

I know that sounds kind of strange, but really, I have never seen so much unity between people.

Big Rock

I'm not sure what the big deal is, a mormon will NEVER be elected as President.


A gay president would be elected over a Mormon.


Forget about being a "Mormon" or a "Monster" or a "Mobster", America simply does not elect "intelligent" or "competent" people as President anymore.

America is more caught up in smooth, articulate and how good good the first ladies' arms look in a sleeve-dress.

Mitt Romney knows more about the economy in his left side burn than Barack Hussein Obama could ever know.

Hate to say but America is currently getting exactly what she deserves.

The Rock

Unfortunately Romney is viewed as a flip-flopper.
His biggest liability is Romney Care. It just looks too much like Obama Care and it is failing. He has got to make a major statement on this. If he just said; "We mapped it out and it worked on paper; however, in practice thing that we never expected to happen did happen. We have now learned not to do it that way."

Oh, and Mr. Blue, go ahead and under estimate Sarah Palin. Exon did and got their butts kicked.
Palin is inexperienced and unsofisticated but anyone who thinks she is dumb has another thing coming.

Sarah Palin is a major threat to the left. All the evidence you need on that is to see how much effort the left puts into destroying her, and they have not come close to succeeding yet.

I would like to see her serve one term as a senator. After that she would be tough to beat.

Yup, you betcha!


I would not for a mormon... would you?, and i think the rest of the country wouldn't either.


re:Fender Bender

One of the most obvious covenants Mormons make every time they take the Sacrament (Communion) is that they will always hold in remembrance the body of Christ and His blood which was shed for the human race and always remember Him and keep His Commandments and that they will take upon themselves His name. In other words, they are to stand as witnesses for Christ at all times and in all places.

Which, I would assume, should include the political arena.

Having a great respect for other peoples and the sincerity of their religious convictions and traditions shouldn't mean that one can't also believe something specific oneself. I'm not quite sure what Huntsman believes, but I personally prefer someone who believes something and holds to its teachings and lives up to its doctrines (always to the best of one's human ability, which doesn't imply a standard of perfection that could only be reached, as I believe, with Christ's help). One never knows what to expect of someone who doesn't have a moral frame based on something beyond himself and what feels comfortable to him.


I don't understand what Huntsman is saying when he says those things about his family. You can be any religion and still have respect for other religions. I'm not sure that I'd trust Huntsman just for the fact that he is in the grey area. I just wish that Americans would open their eyes and find the best candidate if he/she is Mormon or not.
We need somebody that will turn back to the Constitution and return government to the people, but we need people in this country that care enough for the country to look for the best candidate and take the time to vote and not just for someone because of religion or race or sex. One day this might happen if people wake up. If this isn't soon we may find ourselves without the freedoms that we have enjoyed in the past.


bigotry is always lurking here within the hearts of Mormon-hating trolls.


There's no way that a black guy named Hussein with a Muslim/polygamist father and a wacked out racist minister could ever be elected POTUS. Who would vote for someone like that?! The same goes for anyone who's a Mormon or a Jew or...anyone else who doesn't believe EXACTLY what I believe.


Let's see, Both are extremely successful businessmen. I think it would be refreshing to get a "Mormon Administration" in the White House. It certainly couldn't hurt especially after 20 years of Clinton, Bush, and Obama.


PS or at least do a better job than our current president. I don't see things getting any better with his version of " change".


Oops sorry.. "vote for a mormon" sorry.


"Would rather have a Mormon than the current Muslim we have in the White House who goes around bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia among others" That would be, I think, the Bushes. No American family is so intight with the Saudis (see Fahrenheit 911). Oh and BTW, Obama is not Muslim, not that I would give a hang if he were.


For those who say, "A Mormon will never be president," I say, consider the following.

When Reed Smoot was elected to the Senate after Utah became a state, there was tremendous opposition to him being seated because of his LDS/polygamist ties. Finally after years of battle and many hearings, Smoot was allowed to serve in the Senate.

Imagine the reaction you would have gotten in Smoot's time if you had said, one day, a Mormon would serve as Senate Majority Leader. Well, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?

Simply put, never say never.

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