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Published: Friday, July 30 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Oh Dick,


The answer is yes especially with the U gone to the PAC-12.


Why don't they form the bYu Conference and just play the blue team against the white team each week????

They could have volunteers from the stands participate in the games as the quarter back or perhaps a tight end to make it more interesting.

Just throwing out some ideas for Tom to consider.


72ute Jealous! Could you imagine the Ute's going independent? I'm laughing right now. BYU going Independent? Absolutely.


Keep trying Dick. Keep trying.


I didn't see a lot of clarification about the financial viability of BYU as an independent. Technically BYU sounded more than capable, but is it likely that many organizations or companies will spend a lot of money on BYU sports?
As I recall some years ago, BYU had the Blue and White network. I'm reasonably certain that its demise was due to lack of money - not BYU athletic proficiency nor fan interest.
There's the old saying that those who do not understand history are bound to repeat it.
How much historical understanding is present?


Why all of the sudden is BYU panicking about its conference situation? Several months ago, everything was fine and dandy in the MWC, but as soon as Utah leaves for the PAC-10, all of the sudden BYU can't get out of the MWC fast enough. Articles like this were non-existent before Utah bolted. And when in the past has BYU had a press conference to discuss "the status of the athletic department?"

This is all coming about because BYU administrators and fans cannot stand that Utah got something that they desperately wanted. This is a classic case of trying to keep up with the Jones's next door.

And that, my friends, is your Reality Check.

Rock Of The Marne

Cougsrock, why would a Ute fan be jealous when his team was invited to a better conference (something BYU has been hoping would happen for 30 plus years, yet never does)? BYU getting out of the mid-majors; I'm laughing right now. See ya little brother.

BYU 99

I would love to see BYU go to the Big 12 but if they aren't going to get an invitation anytime soon the Cougars need to move on towards independence. I'd love to see them play other religious schools every year in football like Notre Dame, TCU, SMU, and in basketball Baylor, Georgetown, St. Mary's etc. Plus keep the in state rival games with Utah State and Utah. The Big 12 is making a mistake if they are not going to choose BYU. We may need to move on.


@ Reality Check. You're right....to an extent. BYU and Utah was the MWC. It would be the same thing if BYU had bolted and if Utah stayed. They were the brothers joined at the hip. Both said they hated each other, but deep down w/o each other neither of them would be where they are. With Utah gone, sure there's envy, but it boils down to 2-3 teams holding up an entire conference. Once one corner of a foundation leaves, the whole building begins to shift, and Utah leaving was that shift. BYU is in a crumbling house that at the moment is causing panic. You can call it "keep up with the Jones", but its more of a car losing a wheel that's about to go out of control. Again, Utah would want out if BYU left....due to instability, not jealousy.


Oh Cougars....your getting more and more pathetic by the second. Here is the real truth....NOBODY....repeat...NOBODY...wanted you to be apart of their BCS conference, that is not going to change with your ridiculous rules and backwards way of thinking. So why on earth do you continue to think you are better than you are......I truly wish you were quality enough to have come with the Utes to the Pac-10.....your making fools out of yourselves......smartin' up!


I've always believed that BYU would be much better off going Independent. BYU is unique!..with a fan base larger than the Pukes could ever dream of having, they are set for a big move. The PAC-NON settling for the pukes was the slap in the face they needed to wake up and take this program to where only BYU can do for themselves!....

If you have the ability to go Independent, why not?...

Monkey Wrench

Here's your "Reality Check."

BYU has been working on this for "three years." They have know since the formation of the BCS that they were going to need to make changes. There is not a program in the country that can compete with the BCS schools long term without somehow coming close to them on the revenue end (except maybe a school like TCU with producing oil wells on campus).

Utah knew it that's why they took the PAC offer. BYU knows it, Boise State knows it, and maybe most importantly law makers (Congress) knows it. Changes will come to FBS football - its a fact. The form those changes take will be interesting to watch but they will come. Schools across the country will need to make adjustments and prepare for what the future brings. Some may move to the FCS and others may drop football all together but if they want to compete at the highest level they will need to be in the revenue stream.

So, "Reality Check" this is not an "all of a sudden" response to Utah's move it's a calculated strategy that is on going and will continue to playout.


BYU going independent is step 1 to irrelevancy, and in a couple of decades, dropping football.


One of the things that BYU may have created independently is a fan Rhorsach test. For those not familiar with the Rhorsach, this is a pyschological test in which everyone sees the same data, but the conclusions are actually dependent upon the viewer.
Max Hall inadvertently authored one. Everyone who followed his outburst and apology saw the same content, but conclusions have varied dramatically and widely.
The varience is due to the concluder - not the originator.
We all have our own opinions about the institutions and universities we value. Perhaps we could respect even some of those we don't.


Given the situation and past history I would prefer if my Aggies passed on playing BYU hensforth. USU is improving their product and simply don't need the BYU attitude any longer. BYU is not attractive when they insist on scheduling based on their rules. There are many other great teams better suited for equal scheduling of home and away games.


BYU is being proactive and very smart with all of this. They can take 1-2 years to see if they get an invite to the Big 12 or if the Mtn West gets an AQ BCS bid, or if they can leverage the Mtn channel to allow them to broadcast some of their own games like Texas is getting in the Big 12. However, if these things don't materialize BYU will be ready with bowl alliances, team commitments, ESPN partnerships and commercial sponsorships for their BYU sports channel.

BYU would easily double their reach on TV and it would be incredibly easy to make multiples of their measly $1.5 million Mtn contract for TV revenue when they are by far the #1 draw in the conference!

Funny how all the BYU haters come out of the woodwork and make lame and thoughtless arguments against very prudent and intelligent actions by BYU! Be happy for your own team and the Pac-12 without being an ignoramus that still has to bag on your old rivals to feel better about yourself!


Excellent article, Dick. Like to read more, particularly a Part II on the Financial ramifications.

BYU can't stand still and won't.
1. If the MWC gets an AC for the BCS, it stays. If it does not, BYU must advance itself some way. If not, BYU will end up losing some good recruits to Utah (for no other reason than the PAC12 BCS NC possibilities).
2. If it get invited to the Big 10-12... they'll move.
3. If no Big 12, no AC in the MWC, then, it might be forced independent.

Get busy livin' or get busy die'n, Andy.


Here is hoping for independence. BYU's history in its conferences has always been a one or two game deal per season that has provided excitement. BYU's rivalry with Utah has been intense in only the last 15 years, twenty years prior it was Utah hoping for an upset, waiting for that long awaited championship that BYU routinely acheived. Once I came late to a BYU UT game and it was already the Y 49-0 BEFORE halftime, think it was '89. This year excitement will be in the air for TCU and UT, next year TCU and BSU, besides those guys, who cares? It is a deal worrying about losing and feeling not too thrilled over yet another win against Colorado St or Wyo, or underachieving SDSU. The challenge with independence though is scheduling. It has been a huge challenge just getting to play one game against a team from the BCS. No one wants to come to Provo unless they have a connection from their coach(FSU, UW). I'd love to see a diverse schedule instead of winning another championship which are watered down due to winning those routinely over the past 30 years.


Rock of: Jelousy is the only way of explaining Ute reaction to the option of BYU going Independent. Thats something the Ute's couldn't do. BYU could flourish.

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