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Published: Friday, July 30 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Viva Los Jazz

We already have a log jam at the point guard spot. We have Price, Gaines, and possibly Jeffers who is more of a shooting guard. Mike James is probably a decent player but doesn't really improve the team that much. I don't know how he compares to Ronnie Price.


The Jazz are no longer eligible to pick up Shannon Brown. He has the same agent as Raja Bell and Roger Mason. As soon as Bell was signed, their agent made a statement that neither Brown or Mason would come to Utah.


I think the point of this article is to let the fans know that players WANT to play for the Jazz - not that the Jazz are considering this player. I LOVE this ... it means Sloan, the organization, D-Will, and AJ are attractive/attracting good players and interest in playing here.


I'm not so sure Mike James isn't just trying to get a spot on an NBA team, so he's kissing up to the Jazz because he and/or his agent thonk he would be a fit here. Even Raja admitted, he got a better deal here. It's all about the Benjamins!


Bugoff, who invented the WP48? How good is the calculation?


Of course James would like to play for the Jazz; he is unemployed. He would also like to play for any one of 29 other teams, if he can get a job.

John Wicks

I'm sick of this so called wp48. It is a worthless and useless calculation. Put it to rest.


I wouldn't get mike james...and i wouldn't get Shannon Brown either...if i were to choose a backup PG to D-Will...the Lakers already got him...Steve Blake...another one is Kirk Hinrich...plus i don't think a backup PG is a need...more depth at the 4-5 spot...and another wing player that can shoot threes and defend....Ime Udoka comes to mind...i still am for a Spencer Hawes Trade...or a swing for JJ Hickson...and probably Big Baby Davis...i hope we can snag Shane Battier...or Thabo Sefolosha...we need players who are not a liability on defense...since defense wins championships...the points will come when you get good solid defense...

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