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Published: Thursday, July 29 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Utes 31 Tide 17

People said the same thing about big fish when Urban Meyer went to Florida.

A Pac-10 championship/Rose Bowl is MUCH more likely than another undefeated season would've been in the MWC, particularly with Boise joining. Utah was a Freddie Brown catch on 4th and 5 or 2 missed Ross Evans chip-shot field goals from finishing 12-1 in 2008.

Besides, you could still lose a conference game or two and still get the conference championship under the right circumstances. It will be tough, but the next step in the evolution of Utah football is smelling rosy.

Howard S.

Utah will do just fine in the PAC12, Thankyouverymuch.

The DN will continue to be the voice of bitterness and envy for those left behind.

Howard S.

Right Robinson, lets not grow and measure ourselves against the best. Let's not upset the DN and their BYU readers by daring to presume that we can do better and be better.

Let's instead stay at home and not upset those who haven't qualified to sit at the table with the big boys.


The assumption is that Utah will be a middle tier program. Hmmmmm. Then why are there several knowledgeable writers at SI, ESPN, and other sports oriented websites that feel Utah will hit the ground running and be able to compete for a Pac 12 title immediately?

Kurt Vonnegut had my favorite addition to the adage that starts, "Opinions are like..." He added "They all stink but your own."

Oh well, what else should we expect from a D-News writer? I smell it through the net.


Assumptions that Utah will be a top class Pac-12 team from the get go.... Hm.... little over confident don't you think? Believe me. I hope the very best for the Utes and want them to do well. Although, I honestly feel that it may take a few years for Utah to acclimate to playing so many tough games. I am thinking you might be wishing you had held your tongue before your team loses a few games in 2011. It may be a d-news writer, but everyone needs a reality check from time to time.


So should we take a step down to the WAC so that we can go undefeated and play in a bowl game every year?

And I love that Robinson mentions the Sun Bowl and Holiday Bowl as mid-tier bowls. Both bowls are bigger than the Vegas Bowl in payout and recognition. For example, the Sun Bowl pays $1.9 million, Holiday Bowl pays $2.1 million, and the Vegas Bowl pays $1 million.

Let's say that Utah does end in the middle of the PAC-10. That still lands them in the Vegas Bowl against the MWC Champ. I want to play against the best and beat the best. BYU can hang around and beat up on Wyoming and UNLV and enjoy the Vegas Bowl during their best seasons.

It will be fun to measure a great year by quality wins against quality opponents instead of trying to go undefeated every year against 3-4 good teams and 6-7 dogs. And the reason the MWC isn't getting AQ status? Wyoming, CSU, NM, and UNLV are all ranked lower than 105 out of 120 in preseason rankings.


Two points that are hilarious here.

1) The guy opining here is assuming that the PAC 10 schedule is tougher than a MWC schedule. That's a pretty big assumption and shows that this guy hasn't really followed college football close enough the last decade to realize the parity in the top 9 or 10 conferences. The PAC 10 conference will be tougher only for the same reason Utah fans are excited to move into the PAC 10, more money to attract and recruit players. It also means Utah can schedule 4 pansy teams on their schedule and still get respect from the BCS fools. That would equate to an easier schedule. Don't be surprised to see Utah in the Rose bowl atleast once in the next 5 years.

2) this point was already mentioned, but Utah can now have one loss and still get invited into the BCS championship game or even 3 or 4 losses and still get into a BCS game assuming they are ranked high enough at season's end. A much easier road, contrary to what this writer thinks.

Logic is embarrased by this story's assumptions and opinion.

What's up?

Utah will do all right, likely as well or better than the AZ and other non Cal schools. The one thing for sure "It means millions more in revenue" BUT also many millions more in expenses..


Have we heard even one positive report from the Dnews about the Utes? Of course not; they’re mandated (by their masters) to sully the PAC12 at ever stop and rewrite history to make BYU less irrelevant.

Hey Dnews. How about writing a fair and unbiased assessment on how Holmoe. In a free thinking environment, this guy would have been run out on a rail.

Naval Vet

"In reality, Pac-10 membership will actually make it more difficult for Utah to get to a BCS bowl, not easier." -- D. Robinson

In reality, in 2008, the MWC ended up ranked as the 4th best conference in the country...ahead of #5 ACC and #6 Big [L]East. That means #2 Utah's road to the BCS was more difficult than #15 Va. Tech's or #17 Cincinnati's. And, had ybU not blown it against Ariz. in Vegas, the MWC would have taken that #3 slot over the Pac-10.

Va. Tech played their way into the Orange Bowl despite losing to #21 Florida St, and unranked E. Carolina, Boston College, and Miami.

Cincinnati played their way into the Orange Bowl despite getting BLOWN OUT by #5 Oklahoma and unranked UConn.

#3 USC got a mulligan vs. #18 Oregon St. -- who WE had to beat -- on their way to the Rose Bowl. Had the Beavers upset the Utes in SLC that year, we would have wound up in Vegas playing an unranked 7-5 Arizona team rather than proving ourselves against a Top-5 12-1 Alabama team, one game removed from the NC.

More difficult? Nope.

Naval Vet

"Think about it: The Utes are a BCS school. As already mentioned, that likely means fewer wins and conference titles, which decreases the odds of an invitation to a BCS bowl, not to mention the national championship."

Think about it. The Utes were denied a shot at the National Championship despite going UNDEFEATED in 2004 and 2008. In 2004, the Utes blew out every opponent. In 2008, the Utes' SOS was ranked higher than Alabama's and USC's. It's difficult enough to merit a very competitive SOS when you have New Mexico, Wyoming, and San Diego St. on your schedule every year, but in the year that we DID, it STILL WASN'T ENOUGH! In fact, the year that we did, we were the only undefeated team in the country. And it STILL WASN'T ENOUGH!

Our odds of obtaining a bid to the Nat'l Championship didn't suddenly decrease. Quite the contrary. Our odds just improved.


This could resolve the dilemma about continuing the rivalry. BYU would likely still be playing Utah most of the time since they get the 4th or 5th team from the PAC-10. Happy days are here again.


I'm just curious how they got all the other gold fish to look at the Ute gold fish?

This last year of the Utes will be interesting in the MWC. I suspect they'll get what is usually reserved for BYU, everybody's best shot. Good luck to them in future years. I think they'll do ok in the PAC 12 but believe BYU has a better shot at making a BCS bowl game before them after this year.

I also believe the Big XII is simply waiting to expand. If BYU puts together two impressive years one of two things should happen. MWC gets automatic bid or 2-3 schools get invites to other major conferances. Big XII could still fall apart allowing MWC to invite left overs and get automatic bid. This whole shifting of the landscapes in college football is still far from over and in the end BYU, TCU, and BSU should all end up in a BCS conferance.

Wiley Old School

"That's how Utah cracked the BCS – twice. That's how TCU, Hawaii and Boise State earned BCS bowl invitations. That's how BYU won the national championship in 1984. They all sneaked into the national championship picture through a loophole left open for those teams that don't belong to the elite conferences."

While one can't argue that Utah's 2008 schedule included MWC bottom-feeders, it also included defeats over four end-of-season ranked teams... more than many elite BCS schools played. So lumping the 2008 Utah season in with the BSU, Hawaii, and BYU '84 seasons is a stretch.

Even Utah's 2004 season edges out any of the BSU (1 or 2 quality wins), Hawaii (1 maybe 2 quality wins), or BYU '84 (any quality wins?) seasons.


I believe that Utah will not go to BCS games as frequently now. That seems to be a fair prediction. But think of the upgrade in the quality of my season tickets! Big fish in the small pond was fun for while, but if you aren't willing to take on the big fish, what's the point? This is proving time, and small fish everywhere should hope Utah has the success that will validate their claims.

LV Aggie

18 million is 18 million, I'm pretty sure it's still about the money and less about championships bowl gmaes.

Naval Vet

"It might actually be easier to be one of the country's BCS busters, a team trying to get inside from the outside. They have a better chance of running the table with an easier schedule." -- Doug Robinson

Only mid-majors have to run the table in order to play in a BCS game. Va. Tech went to the Orange Bowl with 4 losses; 3 of which were to unranked teams. Since we're no longer a mid-major like ybU, that point is moot.

Howard S.

So Robinson believes that the Utes PRE-1994 performance against PAC10 teams is more indicative of their expected future performance than their POST-1994 performance?

A fine example of Cougar logic...

Naval Vet

"Instead of facing six or seven difficult opponents each season, they face about three. If you're working the system – a system that is vastly flawed, as we all know – that's a proven path to travel...That's how Utah cracked the BCS – twice." -- Doug Robinson

That's not how Utah [or TCU] cracked the BCS. That's how BSU and Hawai'i got there. The Utes blew out every opponent in 2004, and beat 3 ranked teams [one in the Top-10] in the regular season. THAT's how WE got there. Remember, in both those years, BSU went undefeated in the regular season too. But they played a weak SOS, so they didn't get in. There's no argument that can be made that could suggest we backed into it like Hawai'i. We earned it.

The Utes are not trying to "beat the system". We're trying to prevent "the system" from beating us. Like the time we were lost a shot at the 2008 Nat'l Championship, despite going undefeated, in favor of 2 other 1-loss teams.

We WANT better competition. I think you may have had us confused with the tdS.

Howard S.

Robinson's sour grapes opinion is nothing more than shameless pandering to the Cougar base of his readership.

The real reality is that their isn't a Cougar anywhere (including Robinson) who wouldn't trade places with the Utes in the PAC 12.

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