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Published: Wednesday, July 28 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Hard to argue with the 4A and 5A rankings. Region 1 will be out of Davis and NRidge for sure. Region 4 has got to be the toughest in the state. If Hunter can keep it together I like them in region 2. Bingham rolls Region 3.


this season's championship can definitely be classified as Bingham's to lose. The only weakness they have is not being as deep as they've been in the past with the losses of players to Herriman. Both of their lines are dominant and other than Alta they should dominate their opponents.
Alta's strength this year is going to be their O-line and lb's and the Hawks should notch another region title to their list and won't be an easy out for Bingham in the final.
I'm glad to see Bingham and Alta on opposite sides of the bracket this year.


does anyone know who won the scrimmage at Snow College between Springville and Sky View?


Realist, what do you think of Syracuse?


This is going to be a good year, Bingham is already currently ranked #9 IN THE NATION! That is awesome, started in 05' and its amazing what dave peck and the peck family has done for the bingham football team, I would like to know if Steven Cantwell is gettin any looks, so excited for Bingham to run that Spread option with him and langi, tackling those two all game, no chance! Another banner at the school this year hopefully!

2a Fan

Millard ahead of Grand and South Sevier? I thought they lost a lot of quality players from last year. I honestly think Grand can give both San Juan and SS a run for their money, but it does seem SS and San Juan are a level ahead of everyone. The east region will be very strong.


Bingham 9th in the nation? How is that possible when they got drilled by a Texas team last year. Bingham is good but would lose 2-4 games in these bigger states. I know Bingham has a lot of returning starters back but after last years loss by 21 points that they are one of the best in the nation. Best in State yes but one of the best in the nation not buying it.


yea yea ya.. "this might be Mountain Crest's year".. Heard that before. At least this year, Timpview isn't considered the "underdog" against MC like the experts predicted last year


utah10 - the team that Bingham lost to also beat every other team on their schedule and won the Texas 5A state title so it's not like they lost to an average Texas team.
One of the rating services, I think MaxPreps already released the rankings and they have Bingham at #9 in the nation.


MaxPreps has Bingham ranked #9 in the Nation. Bingham lost to Trinity. Who was the #1 Ranked High School Team in the country. And is projected to be the top team in the country this year as well. The game was played in the new cowboys stadium and was televised nationally. It was a huge step for Bingham and for High School football throughout Utah. Harvey Langi and co. played a great game against a great team. They just could not physically compete for 4 quarters, the secondary especially had a hard time. Bring a texas school up to Salt Lake County and we are looking at a different outcome.

JD Books

Kudos to the Desnews for ranking South Sevier in the top 5. Mcallister built the program now with a steel foundation and the new coach will reap the benefits.

Particulars of no Consequence

plyxply, why do you make comments on a topic when you know nothing about it?

"the team that Bingham lost to also beat every other team on their schedule"

Sorry, but no...

Euless Trinity was a young team that followed their win over Bingham with two losses:
Bingham (Utah) September 7, W 42-21
Cedar Hill Longhorns September 12, L 14-23
Allen Eagles September 18, L 28-35

Particulars of no Consequence

PureOpinion, you and plyxply may want to avoid further exaggeration. I'm not sure who's 2009 pre-season rankings you were looking at, but no reputable organization had Euless Trinity and their three returning starters ranked #1 at the beginning of last season (or even at the end of the season - they were a two loss team...)


Timpview will still be awfully good. Their line will be first rate, insert Covey at QB and the T-birds haven't lost a step, skill players like Jorgensen and McKenzie returning, great coaching staff, certainly the team to beat in 4-A.

A team to watch might be Timpanogos with another coaching change. There is athletic talent in that school if someone can just harness it. Westlake might be a team to watch with a former T-Bird coach at the helm, he knows the T-Bird way of getting it done. Ursua is a good talent so watch for The Thunder to make some noise. It will be interesting to see how Springville reacts to this personal tragedy that has hit their program. Salem Hills is making progress, not sure if SF will be as good as some think. Their school lost a lot of enrollment. Their success last year was based on a strong senior class but the school's population has been hit hard, they have 3-A numbers (around 900 students).


Re: Snark
Syracuse will make the playoffs thanks to Roy, Weber and CField being in their region. Not as athletic as '08 or '09. I am guessing .500 record. Hard to say at this point.

sid 6.7

This pains me so to admit as I am a Huge Skyline fan but I agree with the 5A voters. Bingham is the team to beat. I think Alta will lose 2-3 games and be happy to make the Playoff's. PG you will be lucky to have a 500 season. Don't count Davis out. I think their the team to shock the Miners this year. I also like Syracuse and with all the kids from Riverton, Bingham and Copper Hills and the Coaching Staff that has been assembled don't be surprised if the upstart Herriman Mustangs make some noise this year.

Skyline is a solid team this year and with the exception of the Hunter match up they should breeze through a weak region. Playoffs? Well that's a different story. I don't know if my mighty Eagles can compete with the likes of the Miners and the Darts not to mention Alta and Lone Peak. I will say this and every body knows it, never count the Duper and his Skyline Eagles out come play off time.

It's going to be a great year, I can't wait!


particulars - my mistake, you're correct, they did lose those two pre-season games after beating Bingham but ended up winning the state title I believe.
A factor in that game was the blocking below the waist rule, it was an obvious advantage for Trinity blocking low against players who haven't ever had to deal with fending off that kind of a block. I think physically Bingham was somewhat overmatched, but in reality that game was good enough that if played again it could've gone the other way.


Bingham is LOADED this year and ranked #9 in the country. Their only loss last year came to the eventual 5A Texas state champion, Trinity. Trinity this year starts off ranked #1 in the country. This year is Bingham's to lose. I do see them playing Alta for the state title in November. Alta too, is going to be really good this year.

"Mark your calendar now!": Alta vs. Bingham, 28 August 2010 @ Rice Eccles Stadium, 7:00p. This should be a great game, and YES, there will finally be enough seats for everyone to see the game!


3A is going to be good this year Juan Diego will be the team to beat along with Hurricane, even Park City will do well Wasatch on the other hand lost some really good seniors and don't see them as a top 5 team, they have a young quarterback who won't see much time this year that probably should be starting but will get some time and could eventually start mid season with his speed and confidence. Next year on the other hand could be Wasatch's year the Senior class is a little flat this year but with a loaded Sophmore and Freshman squad coming in they will dominate soon! I have to congradulate them on winning the 7 on 7 tournament that is the first time Wasatch Football has won anything in this sport in High School.

soccer coach

Bingham is the team to beat? I have driven by their field a few times this week and have seen them practicing in helmets on their field. Is this legal practice time for football right now? For soccer we can only be conditioning and our tryouts are a weak before football. Bingham can win it all but if they are breaking rules than go USC.

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