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Published: Tuesday, July 27 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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It's music to my ears too if we won a championship. Stock and Mailman would be the best players of franchise history but u two (dwill and al) would be the heroes in jazz history if that happened.


the key to a good run by the jazz this coming season is okur's health. if he's healthy and in shape, he'll be the X factor for the jazz. hitting 3s, getting rebounds, clogging the lane(not necessarily blocking shots) and keeping the other teams' big men playing honest defense. jefferson and millsap might be the starters but okur's length and shooting would greatly help the jazz's cause even coming off the bench. even against the lakers, okur would have a big impact playing against gasol or bynum by simply hitting those long jumpers and giving millsap and/or jefferson easier timer in the paint


I'm glad you're happy, Al! Now make us happy and take us to the promised land! :)


Well he's certainly saying the right things.....


So glad to have him over Boozer the mercenary. Also happy to have Raja back and to see the Jazz tell the Blazers to eat Matthews contract.


I'm just glad that we've picked up some guys like Jefferson and Bell that are enthusiastic about being here. Frankly, I think this club needs a good shot in the arm of excitement that we weren't going to get from Boozer...


Welcome to Utah! It's a wonderful place!

What you said is music to our ears! :)


I've already forgotten about Boozer! It will be great to see how they can perform on the court - 52+ wins is my projection.


abr2116 you mentioned someone named Boozer...who was he...is he related to the Loozer?...


Al, on Sloan octain and nourished by D-Will feeds, will be one heck of a disturbance in the NBA force. This is going to be fun!


This is going to be fun to watch. Go Jazz!


I am so excited for the upcoming year. I think we are going to be awesome if we can stay healthy.


Several things have to happen for AJ to be an ALL Star at Utah.

1. The Jazz need sufficient outside shooting to open things up for AJ's low post game. The combination of AJ at the low post and Millsap in the high post should be very strong IF the paint is not packed.

2. With a healthy Okur in the low post (and with his 3 shooting clear outs) AJ in the high post could be even better than the AJ/Millsap combo BUT only if AJ improves his passing.

If combos 1 and 2 are combined with enough outside shooting the Jazz have 3 ways (plus running) to beat opponents.

IF AJ plays defense and the Jazz develop an interior defense then they will contend. Okur is still weak on D and Millsap can be shot over.

Stardom is predicated on AJ improving his passing and defense dramatically. AND the Jazz having enough outside shooting to keep the paint unpacked by torching Kobe and other free roving SG/SFs who back off of the Utah SG/SFs.


"Music to your ears"? Wait until you walk into ESA for game 1 ... us Jazz fan will bring music to your ears... you may need ear plugs!!! Welcome to Utah Big Al!!!


I think they need to ease in Okur so he will be healthy the rest of the season. At 100% health I would give the Jazz the nod over anyone.


AJ will be an all star this year. He'll get 20/10, and with Boozer and Stoudemire moved to the East, there's not as much competition left. What's the list of better PF in the West?


Big Al was a monster in Minnesota. He scored 23.7 without Deron Williams...He is a great guy. In the middle of winter, 30 below, 75 degrees below with the windchill factor....and all there is too eat in the fridge is Lutefisk, Lefse and Head Cheese...and people are screaming hockey insults at each other....I would probably have a whiskey or two myself...and crave to be out of the American Siberia...known as Minnesota.


So what are the thoughts of the Jazz going after Rudy from Portland. They guy can really hit the 3 and spread the defense for AJ


Utah Jazz fans embrace hard work and dedicated players. We respect work ethic, and frown on guys that make comments about money. I really like Al Jefferson and his demeanor, it is very positive and refreshing and should rub off on other guys on the team. I am getting excited for the season to start! GO JAZZ!!

#1 Jazz Fan

I like this guy's attitude. He'll be a welcome addition to the Jazz.

I'm glad we'll have a competitive team this year!

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