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Published: Tuesday, July 27 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Re cheeks:

I disagree with your first point. There are 2 ways a team can get better, one is by bringing in new, better talent and the other is by players already on the team getting better. Taking those 2 factors into account I think the Jazz are better at every position this year.

Dwill was playing hurt most of last year, I think CJ is about to have a breakout year, Bell is better than Wes, Hayward should give the SF spot better depth than last year, Milsap should have a better year than last year and AJ has been better statistically than Boozer over the last 3 years, plus he’s younger and better defensively. And If we sign Fes and he continues to improve, the rotation of AJ Okur and Fes is a better rotation at center than what we had last year.

This has been the most exciting offseason the Jazz have ever had and I think it will translate into more wins and like you I can’t wait for the season to start.


We are hoping that a year later and a little more maturity will bring this big boy into a big man. The big guy needs to focus, and stay dedicated to getting better, which I think he will. Fes and Gaines need to spend a lot more time practicing their free throws too.

bald eagle

Fesenko=much below average center that isn't going to get much better. Very little improvement in 3 yrs. Don't buy this argument it takes 5-7 yrs. for a center to contribute. Also, Fes is goofy and somewhat uncoachable. He'll never develop into an impact NBA player. Having said all that, there aren't any better options for the Jazz at C and he should be re-signed, hopefully for only one year.


Re: The Great Houdini
A number of the so-called "basketball experts" rate the Jazz at #2-3 in the Western Conference after picking up Jefferson and Bell....your opinion is meaningless as it's based on nothing except your being naive about the NBA.


A. Dont count your Tomics before they hatch.
B. Fess will never even fit in Mark Eatons shadow.
C. "If" Fess would... "IF" Fess could.
D. I dont see any teams fighting over Fess.
E. Sign Fess for or around Qualifying offer.
F. Sign D-Wills friend Auggie instead..


Fes is a young kid in a foreign land, all by himself. He deals with language barrier, every day. Even the alphabet is different. His size separates him, any way. He is in a tough spot. I hope he becomes a player but I admire his determination in staying here. I know what I would have done at his age: run home to where things are a lot more comfortable. As for the so-called "fans" who are on his case, constantly, he should have two words and the second should be "you."

Draft dumbie

I'd like to see the Jazz re-sign Fes and Gaines, and sign Jeremy Evans, Sean Williams and Jerry Stackhouse to fill out the roster. Sean Williams would give the Jazz an athletic big who could run the floor and block shots--something they currently do not have (who is like a slightly taller, longer, more athletic Kirilenko). Stackhouse would give the Jazz insurance at the SF spot. Based on his play last year with Milwaukee, he still has a good offensive game, and could play 15-20 minutes a night, if necessary. It would be good to keep Evans' rights to see if he could develop.

All of these players could be had a bargain basement prices--and even though the players on the end of the bench seldom play, it would be nice to have some players that either can play when called upon, or are athletic, talented "projects" who could turn into good players down the line.


Jazz, use AK's money to go get Tyson Chandler after this season. I have a feeling AK will end up in New Jersey--for the money and the idea of playing for a russian owner--and Chandler is something the Jazz have never had, an athletic center that can block shots, finish alley-oops, etc. I just saw a replay of the Jazz-lakers series and on one play Deron throws it up to Fes and he, even with nobody around him, doesnt even come close to catching the ball, let alone dunk it. That would never happen with Chandler. AK is a very valuable asset, and I would have no problem with his return at a much lower price, but Chandler could be the piece to put the Jazz in a position to seriously contend (especially since kobe will be pretty much done by 2011-12)


Unless the Final Word is a Jazz insider and actually knows the players personally he is spouting off junk he knows nothing about

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