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Published: Tuesday, July 27 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Chuck Nunn

Who makes up a name like Chuck Nunn?

I reckon it was too much to expect you cats to man up. Well, Fesenko is what he is, a big center whu plays that role well when given the chance. There is a reason the Jazz want to keep him, and it's a good thing they don't listen to you cats.

Nevada fan

I am with you Chuck! Not only do they need to sign him they need to use him. Also don't sweat this guys that get lippy on this blog I guarantee you they wouldn't do it to your face and they know it.


It seams like all Jazz fans agree that the Jazz need a big shot blocking center, but fail to realize that big shot blocking centers are the rarest of NBA commodities. If I were to ask the average Jazz fan to describe the perfect guy the Jazz should bring in to play the almost mythical “big shot blocking center” they would describe Fes with more polish.

All the Jazz need from Fes is to do exactly what he did in the Denver series for 15 to 20 min a night. Fes’s strengths are Jefferson’s and Okur’s weakness and vise versa .

If Fes can continue to improve he could be exactly what the Jazz need to go from a good team to an elite team.

I'd be surprised if someone could come up with a list of 5 young 7 footers in the world right now that have more potential on the defensive end than Fes.

The Jazz need a big shot blocking center and his name is Kyrylo Fesenko.

Captain L

Re byronbca : Your comments are exactly what I have been trying to get all these so called experts to realize. Fes is exactly what you would draft if you were drafting a center, tall, long, athletic, bulk, almost all centers need developing, very few come into the league ready to play and make major contributions. All Fes needs is playing time and coaching and he could be one of the top 5 to 10 centers in the league. I'll agree he is a bit of a head case but the talent and potential is worth working thru that problem.


MIA has filled up their roster which means they have no room for their 2nd round picks.

Varnado is one of the best shot blockers in the draft. The Jazz might be able to get him for a minimum non guaranteed salary of about $500,000. He is very similar (little heavier) to Evans but with more experience against better competition and is a much better shot blocker.

The Final Word


Captain L

Maybe you are only reading part of my posts. I have said all along that Fes is big and has plenty of ability.

However I believe you guys give him far too much credit. Sure he has had some very nice spurts but the fact remains this:

Last post season as he got more minutes his production declined...as the Denver series ended and the Lakers series began he got progressively worse despite being the biggest.

Also don't forget Fesenko was on the floor with our first team as well which probably contributed substantially to his good +/-.

I think Fes has dramatically underachieved given his natural abilities. He is huge and he moves well for a big man and yet he went huge stretches without even a rebound!!

He has now been here for years...he has had great coaching, yet he has chosen to joke around, smoke, and act like a teenager.

You said: "All Fes needs is playing time and coaching and he could be one of the top 5 to 10 centers in the league."

Big leap to make based on his ability to translate his gifts he has squandered thus far.


well...i never said Fes should not be signed...he should be signed + 1 more Big and 1 more outside threat...there are also 5 bigs that has potential to be a shotblocking C...Spencer Hawes, Greg Oden, Cole Aldrich, Jevale Mcgee and Darko Milicic (yes Darko)...to name a few...and to be an effective shot blocker you need timing....im not saying im an expert...but if you perfectly timed for a shot...that shot will be blocked...Fes is a space eater...on D...that means there's this massive dude in the paint that you just can't move...if he improves he will be good...but he wont be top 5 C...he'll be more like Joel Pryzbilla a solid C...i can't see him pulling off a david robinson or a hakeem olajuwon...in the end...Fes will be a solid C...but not an all-star...he still needs a lot of practice for him to improve...

Captain L

A center with the physical attributes that Fes has are hard to come by and so when you have one you need to try your hardest to develop him. Fes has only been here 3 yrs but his mental discipline and seriousness have been a problem and concern. Still with his abilities you don't give up on him, you push and encourage and work and hope he will develop and come around. When you see flashes of great play, that is when you say he has the potential to do that all the time if he just will, Fes had 12 boards in the last Laker game, games like that are what we need and games like the Portland game and Houston game. Fes has it in him to be good, the Jazz just need to sign him for cheap for 3 more years and then work with him and he will develop and if he's signed for cheap, he's a bargain and fills a need.


Fesenko had never been counted on or given as much responsibility as he was given in the playoffs last year. I think now he realizes the focus it takes to play in big games and I think his discipline will finally be where it needs to be to make a solid contribution.


Fes is a risk, but with so much potential at a position the Jazz are desperate to fill (shot blocking center) they have to take that risk. Signing CJ Miles was risk a few years ago too, but it looks like that gamble is about to finally pay off.

If the light ever goes on for Fes he could be an absolute beast, if he never improves I think he’s good enough right now to be a good insurance policy if Okur or AJ ever goes down.


"The Jazz just need to sign him cheap for 3 more years." I'm sure that's exactly what the Jazz are trying to do but the fact a deal isn't done yet probably means Fes doesn't think he's worth "cheap". Fes and/or his agent may think the Denver series raised his value (either money or year of contract) more than the Jazz do.


Fes is a reasonable risk for this year and the lock out year. By then the Jazz will know what they are doing with Okur's and AK's contracts.

The Jazz seem much more serious about contending. They did not over pay Brewer or Mathews. They did replace Boozer (for less).

The fans have discovered (FO knew) that there are lots of players who want to come to Utah. Decent players will come to a winner.

They are moving players who are not an ideal fit at their respective position. They are refusing to over pay. They are acting more like SA. They know they can get good/better replacements.

The flex requires the right players. IF the Jazz can get ideal players at each position as a starter, they can get tweeners for back ups who can play multiple positions.

If they get enough good players and max the flex they will contend. WHEN it runs right the flex can't be stopped.

The Jazz are still very weak on defense.

Right now Fes is the best available option?

OR use the TPE/AK at the deadline for the right C and/or an SG/SF.


Sloan has a strong tendency to run his best players into the ground during the regular season. I agree with winning but he could learn from BOS and PHO.

They both played less than ideal players to give the starters some rest and develop talent. Where would PHO be without developing Lopez?

I think the Jazz injuries are related to Sloan over playing his Vets.

It does no good to give Sloan bench players he will not play. IF the Jazz are to contend they have to have a very strong bench at least thru the first 5 bench players.

When healthy Sloan is going to go with 9 players or less with the bulk of the minutes. The FO has to give him the right 8-10 players. The rest are development, insurance players but they have to be capable in case of injuries.

The Jazz seem to be betting on Okur rather heavily. Can he rebound? Can he still elevate and shoot?

I doubt if the Jazz know before the trade deadline. How well can they compete until the deadline? Do they try to compete or dump salary then?

Captain L

For some reason my last two posts weren't allowed to post. Maybe because I suggested another site to read some interesting comments, I'm not sure.
The just of my comments were Coach Corbin stated that he felt CJ would be a go to guy in the NBA. That is something I have been trying to get everyone to realize for years. Especially Houdini. CJ has made it hard for some people to realize this because his stats and performance haven't made it obvious but talent wise and potential wise CJ has what it takes to be a go to guy.
That being the case it is easy to see why the FO and coaches think CJ is one of the core players for the Jazz. CJ playing the 2 is where he is best suited & hopefully that is where he will get most of his minutes.

B Russ

I see where the Kings have hired Cousins' high school coach as an assistant to mentor and help develop Cousins. Smart move by the Kings.

I have thought all along that Fes could use some mentoring and that more emphisis should be placed on his development. I am sure it has not been easy for him adjusting to a new country, new culture, the rigors of the NBA, Jerry Sloan etc. Big men that athletic are very rare and should be given every chance or opportunity to develop.


Siler is suggesting the Jazz are close to signing Fes but not today.

B Russ

I see where the Kings have hired Cousins' high school coach to mentor and help develop Cousins. Smart move by the Kings. Big men with that much ability are rare in the NBA.

I wonder where Fes would be now in his development if he had had more mentoring or tudoring? If more emphisis had been placed on his development.

Captain L

BRuss: I agree I have said many times that the Jazz should do like the Lakers have done for Bynum, they hired Jabaar to tutor Bynum and it still took 3 year or so for him to come around.
Bugoff: Was Siler's comments on twitter or the trib.?

Viva Los Jazz

RE: Captain L I love the idea that Fesenko is like Mark Eaton physically but has a lot more athletism. You're right, he'll be much better - and hopefully we can sign him to a long term deal.

I hope we can get a deal done with Fesenko. We have to have a defensive minded player and Fesenko needs to improve against elite teams like the Lakers, but he's much better than Kosta Koufos defensively.


This year the Jazz will be in the same position they were last year. They didn't get any better or worse this offseason. That being said I am excited about the pieces we have. After this season we can drop Kirilenkos contract and sign him for a reasonable amount around the mid level exception. With the extra 10 million or so from dumping that contract we can sign a valuble player to help a championship run. Also, next season Tomic should come over here. He is 7'2 and is rumored to be the next Gasol (Pau not Marc). The Jazz have the pieces in line to build something special. I'm excited.

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