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Published: Tuesday, July 27 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Chuck Nunn- I came up with more than just one game. I clearly demonstrated that Fesenko does not have that big of an impact on the game. The Jazz did lose leads when Fes came out, but the point is it had very little to do with him coming out.

And are we supposed to believe that Chuck Nunn is your real name?

Chuck Nunn

Oh, and that was a 3-point lead in Game 1 against the Lakers, by the by. They fell behind by double digits before the quarter was over. Game 2, Fesenko goes out with Utah up 13-9. The game was tied 20-20 when he came back in, and Jazz trailed by 4 at the end of 1st quarter. Start of the second he's out again. when he's brought in with 7:13 in the game, Utah trailed by 11. Game 3, Fesenko comes out of the game with Utah leading 15-9. Game 4, Fesenko leaves the game with Utah up 16-12. By the time he gets back in in the second quarter, Utah's down 15.


Anyone who watched those games could see that Fes did what he was told to do: Block his man off the boards and shut down the middle,without fouling out. He was not supposed to leave his feet to block shots.....and foul out.

I am sure a lot of us who watched the games agree with your assessment.

PS. D-Will played 28 minutes a game as a rookie....more than Milsap or Mathews. Could everyone stop saying that he did not play his rookie yeaR


this is funny....thinking fesenko changes the game instantly...i mean...there are a lot of factors in the game where in leads could be blown...heck...it's like saying that...i changed the channel when the Jazz were up...and when i turn back to the game...LA was leading...so it must mean...if i watched the game entirely the Jazz could've won...there are a lot of factors that have happened during that game...and its not entirely based on Fesenko...there are 4 other guys in there with Fes...so its not like Fes vs LA...it was Utah Jazz vs LA Lakers...to be honest...i really thought Utah will win the series...i never lost hope till the end...but the ball just didn't bounced our way...this year is something to look forward to...and i sure hope Fes develops into a more efficient player...an Oden Type minus the foul trouble and the injuries...

The Final Word

re: Kakashi

You need to stop with like...the logic man....I mean Chuck has found his true love and Fesenko is the right man for him.

Just leave Chuck and Fesenko to enjoy their fantasy basketball league they have going.

Its really cool how the league works. Whenever Fesenko is on the floor and anything good happens he gets all the credit. All the stuff Fesenko does not do and all the bad stuff never gets mentionedor is obviously some other players fault.

Kind of like our current president. Blame, blame, blame and then take credit for bogus stuff.

I guess that is why they call it a FANTASY basketball league.


Fes had a discernable affect on the DEN games. Some games it was clear. He had a bad game or two also as I recall. However, when he had to go up against Bynum and Gasol who are taller and better than Nene and K-Mart he had less of an impact.

The real question is not "should the Jazz sign Fes who is cheap, knows the system and is about as good or better than anyone left"?

The real debate should be about replacing Okur with a C who will defend so that the Jazz defense improves or if the Jazz should continue to try to outscore opponents since they are stuck with Okur's contract for this year.

Replacing Okur this year with anyone other than Fes amounts to trading AK (if possible) and still being at or in the Lux tax.

Or use a trade exemption and going deep into the Lux tax. The average Cs who can defend and provide some offense start at 6-7 mill and go up to more than Okur.

No one knows how effective Okur will be until he has been on the court 2 or 3 months.


Once the Jazz get into the Lux tax their options are quite limited.

They have no room for error in any additional acquisitions. The big contracts of AK, Jefferson, DWill and Okur take up to much money.

They are at the margin. If they lose 2 wings to injury this year like they did last year, what are the options? Hayward and OJ? Even if they lose one wing they are hurting.

If Jefferson is injured before Okur returns (high probability) who covers C and back up C?

Until Okur fully recovers this team is extremely vulnerable to injury. AK and Jefferson have histories of missing games.

However, being in the Lux tax makes getting insurance players is expensive and difficult.

I think besides Fes who can only play C the Jazz need an insurance player at big and one at wing.

Resigning Fes is a no brainer. He even makes sense if the Jazz could find a PF/C who could both defend and contribute on offense for cheap.

The Jazz do not win 50 games this year without some injury insurance.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2

Would love to know how Fess is doing in the FIBA qualifying tournament. Is anybody able to find a way to follow his games there? If so, what is he showing??

CJ Miles

Captian L: Millsap and Matthews were not first round picks. Sloan will play the underdog but he won't play rookie 1st round picks.........


Sloan has a vet bias partly because they get calls from the refs and because they know the system or pick it up quicker.

If he is forced too or if a rookie is clearly better then Sloan will play the rookie. He claims it takes 3 years to learn his system. Some players never really learn it the way he wants them to.

Some players are not the best players but they know the system and run it well. Collins is a good example. He was not better than Fes or Koufos but he played anyway. He is still not better than Fes and Koufos and many metrics support that. He is still playing.

Coaches (not just Sloan) have biases in favor of players who implement their systems and do what the coaches tell them to even if they are not a good as some younger players.

Captain L

Re The Final Word : I agree with you on at least one thing, that being our current President, what a loser he is.
But, concerning Chuck and Fes your way off.
Like I said, to many of you fans can't see anything but statistics and if a player doesn't produce statistics he must not be any good. bahhumbug, bs,
Fes isn't a stand out player YET but he has the potential to be one, whether he will reach that potential is to be determined but the positive impact he has on the game defensively is not hard to see. (if you can see). The object of the game is to out score your opponent, that takes defense and offense, & teamwork, Fes had the highest plus / minus of anyone on the team, that means while he was on the court his team was winning, THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT!!!
The fact his offensive (and even defensive)game still has alot of room to improve doesn't mean he doesn't have a positive effect on the game. Chucks points are accurate, while Fes was in the game the Jazz were winning, period.


Again.....D-will averaged 28.8 minutes as a rookie. He started 47 games,missed 2, and did not get to start 23 games. He only shot 42% and average only 4.5 assists. But he still started 70% of the time. He played more minutes than Stock played in 9 of his 19 seasons.

D-Will has turned into a terrific player, obviously. He also proof that Sloan lets rookies play,when they earn the time.....but nobody gets to play based simply on draft position.

If Hayward earns PT, he will get it....just like D-Will.

Captain L

CJ MIles: The point is whether the player is a first round pick the point is he doesn't like to play young players, he likes vets. Mathews and Milsap are the exception not the rule. Sloan has a hx of 22 yrs of the same problem, CJ, Fes, KK, are the lastest examples of players with alot of talent but not the hustle type player like a Mathews or Milsap. DWill was frustrated his rookie year because he was playing behind 2 journeyman (for half the season)pts (McCloud & Palasios(sp))and he was way better than them. Sloan plays with players confidence by the way he jerks them around.


Re: Bugoff, Fez is not the only big who hasn't had much of an impact against LA's big men, that list would include most of the centers in the NBA including Kevin Garnet.


Im surprised Portland hasnt offered Fesenko a max deal yet.


@Shaybo I agree. You can not expect one player to offset the collective effect of Bynum, Gasol and Odom.

AJ is not going to do it. Millsap and AJ are not going to do it. However, they will be better than Boozer and Millsap.

If Fes had Shaq's offensive moves then he and AJ might do it. But if Fes had Shaq's offensive moves he would cost a max salary.

The strength of Fes is his impact on defense. If he can add some offense then he really helps the team.

A lot of people think he played poorly in the playoffs but I thought he did okay. Not great but I saw enough to conclude that he could improve with enough experience into a defensive C who rebounds and get 8-10 garbage points and maybe some close shots.

Stat wise both he and Koufos are in the bottom 20% of the Cs but they are not the bottom.

Koufos may find a home in the triangle. All he has to do is rebound, and defend.

Fes has a harder road in the flex. There is a lot more going on for the C.

Captain L

This is going to be a long summer, football will help but...........
It has been an interesting 1st month of the off season but now the dog days will drag on.
Hopefully something exciting will pop up every so often.


Why is Dallas stockpilling centers?

Draft dumbie

I checked out the Ukrainian team in the FIBA qualifying tournament on the internet this morning, and from the last entries I saw, it appears that Fesenko is no longer on the Ukrainian team. Does anyone know if that is true, and if so, what happened?


Chuck Nunn- I came up with more than just one game. I clearly demonstrated that Fesenko does not have that big of an impact on the game. The Jazz did lose leads when Fes came out, but the point is it had very little to do with him coming out.

And are we supposed to believe that Chuck Nunn is your real name?

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