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Published: Tuesday, July 27 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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B Russ

@ Captian L, Chuck Nunn, Shaybo, and Bugoff

Well said, I totally agree.

I can't wait to see how Fes does this year. I seen quite alot of improvement with what little playing time he has been given. We've been patient with C.J. and it looks like thats going to pay off. I believe that Fes will start to payoff soon too.


@True Fan Hoopsworld is openly saying Utah does not have enough 3 point shooting to take advantage of Jefferson's low post game.

Utah was a .500 team with Boozer's high post game until Korver was added to unpack the paint.

Jefferson's low post game requires more shooting to give him the space needed to operate. You do not want AJ shooting contested double teamed jump shots.

He has to have more outside shooting AND he has to become a better passer.

Millsap will replace Boozer's high post game for now. AJ will operate in the low post and replace Okur's very weak inside game. No one replaces Okur's outside game.

For that to work the Jazz have to have other outside shooters who can hit high percentage jump shots. IF they don't then the inside plugs and the flow of the offense stalls.

My biggest concern is injuries to shooters during the season. The loss of Bell, CJ or even Hayward for a couple of weeks will plug the paint for several games.

An insurance shooter (even a D-leaguer) is needed so they can cover injuries during the season.


Fes putting fear into Lawson and wiping the smirk off of Melo was worth the $900,000 the Jazz paid Fes last year.

He struggled with LA but much of that is Boozer and Millsap being to short.

I think AJ can handle Odom. IF Fes will block out Bynum, AJ might handle Gasol.

The best way to beat LA is to spread the floor on offense and play zone on D.

Fes and AJ put muscle on the floor and they can move LA out of their spots IF they will do it.


Losing Fes wouldn't be the end of the world, in fact it might force the Jazz to get a better 7 footer, that can shoot free throws.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

15-20 minutes and six fouls is about all you can expect from Fes. That said he is still worth around 2 million if you ask me.

The problem is when he plays the defense totally ignores he is in the game. Maybe with more playing time he would know what to do with the ball when it comes to him, but right now he has a lot to improve on offensively.

Who are the 9 under contract? They must not be counting Gaines and Jeffers or the 2nd round pick. I fully expect those three and Fesenko to take the last 4 roster spots.

I think you are panicking a bit about the outside shooting Bugoff. Like someone else said Bell is a very capable outside shooter. DWill, Okur, and CJ (streaky) can also shoot the ball pretty well and Hayward may be able to contribute also.

I think this Jazz team has a legit shot at the 2 seed and if they can play well as a team and everyone steps up come playoff time they have a chance at beating the Lakers.


I would say replace Fes if the Jazz had a better player for the money to replace him with. FTs are a weakness along with all of his offensive game.

I have reviewed the FA list pretty extentively. I looked over D-league and Euro. I do not see anyone the Jazz can grab for cheap and plug in who will defend well at C.

I see some people who can play PF and cover C for a few games if necessary.


The only way the Jazz will get a better c in the long run is either by trading AK this year, going after a free agent next summer with AK's money off the books, or bring Tomic over and see if he can develop. Fes is an ok stop gap at $2m or less.


Tomic, who would want to try to play this little guy against someone like Bynum. Get a grip on reality! Fez needs to be resigned because:

1. He takes up space in the middle (anyone remember Eaton).
2. He won't run like Ophertag.
3. His contract is affordable.

He isn't the greatest center in the leage but who else are the Jazz going to get for 1-2 mil.

Captain L

Without Fes the Jazz don't have a true center, and definitely don't have anyone that can bang and hold his ground down low. Fes's impact on the game is way more than statistics show, his skills need alot of work but they aren't that far away. Fes needs to get playing time so he can not rush, or hurry things, he needs to slow down and use his size and strength. If he will do that he will gain confidence, relax and become more productive.
Talent & potential don't always produce stats to start with, a player like Fes needs to learn how to use his talent and God given abilities and when he does he will produce.
Centers with his size, (height,length,bulk)& athleticism, are hard to find, the Jazz need to sign him for at least 3 years and have team options for even more.
The fact Fes's plus/minus was the highest on the team doesn't say his individual stats are great, it does tell us that while he is on the floor his team is winning. That's what we want isn't it?


AJ is not a true center, but he can play center. Okur is not a true center, but he can play center. Boozer played center in college, but he is not a true center. Lots of players could and did drive on Okur and Boozer (I've never seen Jefferson play, but he says he prefers PF to C and others have said he is not too great a defender).

Not many players drive on Fesenko. He is a true center. We need him, and I like watching him, too.


All of the stats indicate AJ is better at PF than at C. In the long run AJ will primarily play PF not C.

Fes is either a temp solution at C until Okur return or he develops into the defensive C the Jazz can't afford without reworking AK/Okur's contracts.

If Okur is the C the Jazz can't contend because neither Okur nor AJ are good enough on defense for the Jazz to be true contenders.

Over the next 2 years the Jazz have to find/develop a C who can defend and has a decent offensive game.

As long as the paint is not packed the offense will score. However, they will not contend without a defense like BOS,ORL or even LA's. All those teams have front court defenders.

The defense at PG/SG/SF is passable but not great. The interior D is bad.


Fez would be good in the concession stand, selling cotton candy,

Captain L

The interior D was bad with Boozer, Okur and Milsap but that is one of the things I like about Fes, he changes things the other teams like to do and he disrupts their offense. It is true his offense is far from being productive and efficient but he will improve. I have said this many times but those who can remember Eaton often wish we had a defensive presence like him and he produced very little offense. Fes is way more athletic than Eaton and he just needs coaching and playing time to develop & he can be much better than Eaton.
Like Chuck was saying Tomic is not a true center, we need Fes and Tomic, Tomic can swing between 4&5 but Fes is the one we need to develop, so we have a physical presence in the paint. Like KOC and many others have said, Centers take alot more time to develop. Fes is only 23, those who want to rag on him and get rid of him need to chill out and learn some patience.


i'd really want the jazz to make another trade before the other TPE's are gone...i dont know much about their salary situation...and how the TPE's will play...but...they could go for a trade...here are some names i'd throw in....
Spencer Hawes, JJ Hickson, Marcin Gortat, Fabricio Oberto, Josh Boone, Jevale Mcgee, Hilton Armstrong, Nenad Krstic, Nick Collison(depending on how Cole Aldrich and BJ Mullens plays out), Rasho Nesterovic (probably too old), Earl Barron and how bout Ronny Turiaf?


Fes is bascially a bigger version of Beidrins or Przbilla if he can develop some offensive moves.

He is not Shaq and neither is Shaq any more. Ming appears done or nearly. Big Z is mostly spent.

Fes is about the biggest C out there right now. Zoubek is only 260. Pittman is shorter. Cousins is 270.

The Final Word

re: CaptainL

you said:

"I like Hayward better than Korver but worry Sloan will do his normal and struggle playing a rookie."

Ya, kind of like he did with Matthews and Millsap......DOH!!!!!!

Its pretty simple people. If a player produces they get minutes. If there are better players to fill the minutes then the rookies sit.

Big whoop.

Quit trying to take anecdotal stories of rookies not playing and make it look like it is the norm.

As for Chuck and Fesenko? I hear they are engaged. They were share their delusional vows at the altar sometime the summer.

Sure thing Chuck, only you can talk like Fes is Shaq in his prime or something. It really is a bit ridiculous.

Fesenko only got a qualifying offer from the Jazz and he and his agent can't scrounge up another dime from any other team.

If you think he is so great Chuck then maybe you should offer him a contract to play in your fantasy league...you know the one where you describe to us all the magnificent things he does.

Fes has talent for a big dude but unfortunately he seems intent on squandering it.


Earl Barron is cheap. NY does not use him a lot.

But then NY could have played Lee at C with Stoudamire or they could have kept Lee (a better player) for less. NY is mismanaged worse than MN.

Who knows what NY will do?

Captain L

Re The Final Word : If you have read my comments on these sites before, I qualify my statements and give reasons for my opinion. Mathews and Milsap are the exceptions not the rule with Sloan, I have watched him for 22 years. Even DWill wasn't played like he should have been and most of the rookies sit, watch and learn before they get much if any minutes. It is just the way Sloan is, hustle players like Mathews & Milsap get PT but that is the only kind of player that gets it.
DWill, CJ, Fes, KK, Brewer,Almond, Humphries, you can name all the 1st round picks over the last 10 years if not the last 20 years and the results are the same, rookies don't get much time. Again Mathews and Milsap are the exceptions not the rule.
Sloan is a Hall of Fame coach but I don't like how he handles rookies and young players, he doesn't like a player to make mistakes and until they learn how to not make mistakes they sit, whether they are more talented or not. Sloan is a negative reinforcement type coach, which hurts players confidence.


Hayward is going to have to play the first time a wing gets injured. Sloan will not have much choice. He did play Koufos his first year when forced and Koufos played pretty wel.

Koufos was dorked up this year. I suspect it was the way he was handled. Sloan has his good and bad traits. The biggest problem is that he will not change unless forced.

He has shown more flexibility since Larry passed. I think it is run more like a business now and less like Sloan's kingdom.

Chuck Nunn

OK, no more pansies responding to my post behind your little jolly pirate nicknames. If you're not man enough to use your own name, then keep your little snide remarks. JFFR comes up with one game that the Lakers had a lead when Fesenko went out, but that leaves out all the others, ergo, my point is STILL VALID! And Okur was INJURED during the Denver series, and all you daffodils moaned about how Utah was going to get swept with Fesenko playing. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. And "Final Word" I sure hope that's your final word, because you brought NOTHING worthwhile to this discussion. Don't agree with me? Don't have to. Welcome to America. But man up, or you're just a COWARD!

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