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Published: Tuesday, July 27 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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GO FES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear he's really good at half-court shots.


He played well enough against Denver in the playoffs. He's a big body and has six fouls to give. Plus he has an awesome haircut and he's a good dancer.


i hope big al jefferson when he practices against fez does not get hurt again in a accident. fez is aukward but i still like him. he doesn't know his strength. would be a shame as we need big al to wipe out the lakers next summer. hope the second rounder gets signed and plays well and will be popular as he can fly and dunk better than brewer. kinda thin, they can fatten him up with burgers.

The Great Houdini

fes isn`t going to make much difference either way,unless he suddenly learns how to play basketball,as assembled we aren`t even a playoff team,maybe 9 or 10 seed


Dont Sign this Ostertag Look-a=like!!
go get a real player!
better off with a real 6' - 6'-7" "real" basketball player, than Fez "waisted space" leads the league in banging his head against the backboard

Captain L

Houdini : I know you hate CJ, but I think he's going to make you eat your negative words this year, he started to play much better the last couple of months and in the playoffs he averaged around 14.4. He plans on averaging that much or more and improving his rebounds this year. I can't understand why you seem to dislike him so much.
AJ and Bell should replace Booz & Mathews without a hitch, in fact I think AJ will be better than Booz and Bell better than Mathews. Bell will provide vet. leadership, something the Jazz have needed. I like Hayward better than Korver but worry Sloan will do his normal and struggle playing a rookie. AK should have a good contract year and the Jazz should be just as good as last year.
To me Fes is the key to the Jazz being better this year then last year, if he can improve and develop what he brings to the game will make the Jazz better, if he doesn't improve and become at least a rotation player, I see the Jazz being about what they were last year.


I'm indifferent when it comes to Fesenko. I certainly wouldn't overpay to keep him. I think 2 million per season is the absolute highest I'd be willing to go, and maybe a 1 year deal. If Tomic comes over next season, to team with Jefferson, Millsap, and Memo, then Fesenko's services will no longer be needed.

I certainly wouldn't be the least bit opposed if the Jazz decide to go in a different direction, especially if they can bring in a wily vet.


Fez showed me something in the Denver series, we wouldn't have won without him period, with some playing time he will come in and be a banger and a force in the middle. Those who don't see the potential in him are just close minded and don't want to see. We need to sign him to a multi year deal or we will have to over pay him or lose him next year just like Mathews.


Given what is left out their as options at C the Jazz are best off to resign Fes to a multi year with team options.

Hoopsworld is openly saying that the Jazz need more outside shooting to utilize Jefferson's low post game. Millsap will replace Boozer's high post game but Jefferson's will require even more shooting to give him room in the low post.

The Jefferson (low post)/Millsap (high post) should be an improvement over the Boozer/Millsap small ball game.

It remains to be seen if the Fes/Jefferson (twin tower) combo works as well as the Fes/Boozer combo. Outside shooting could be crucial.

Tomic will most likely replace Okur's 10 Mill contract when he comes over. That would put Tomic and Fes at C. AJ would move to PF.

The Jazz need to resign Fes, add 1 more outside shooter, play Gaines (or get better), get a back up PF for injuries.

I kinda of doubt that OJ is a shooter or that Evans is a back up PF.

A shooter at SG/SF is the highest priority.


Assuming the Jazz sign Fes they then have to get insurance at PF.

If AJ gets injured the Jazz play Fes at C and Millsap/AK at PF. Who back up the C? Millsap?

If Millsap gets injured the Jazz start Fes at C and move AJ to PF. Or AJ plays C and AK covers PF, then Hayward plays a lot more at SF.

If Bell, CJ or Hayward get injured who fills in?

The Jazz really need back ups at PF/C and at SF/SG.

They actually need decent players at those positions.

I am not confident OJ and Evans are the right players for those roles.


CJ Miles can shoot. So can Raja Bell, and Gordon Hayward. I don't see the need for another shooter on the wings at all. Williams is also a good shooter, as is Memo. In fact, this team is loaded with guys who can hit the J.

I can see the Jazz resigning Memo when his contract is up, assuming he's regained his health. He's got several good year ahead.

Fes looked flat footed, and completely out of synch in the Lakers series. Not to mention his flaky personality that drives Jerry nuts. He's a big body, and that's about it. His career stats, up to this point, bare that out quite clearly. You can get the same productivity out of dozens of other journeymen centers. He's expendable in every sense of the word.


Let's see how much Portland offers him! :)

Chuck Nunn

I get a little tired continually trying to point out the virtues of Fesenko to the hard of heart -- and head -- but here goes. Fesenko was key in helping Utah past Denver. He played his role and he played it well. Against the Lakers, when he subbed out, the Jazz had the lead in every game. It was only after Utah went small that they'd give up the lead, and then they're fighting all the way trying to get back. Fesenko can provide the Jazz with a lot of punch in the middle, especially defensively. But he can only do it when he's on the floor. And if you're expecting Tomic to fill that role when he comes over, don't. Tomic can play center in a fast lineup, but he's more like Pau Gasol or Kevin Garnett as a 7-foot power forward in the NBA. The Jazz would benefit greatly from re-signing Fesenko.


This may be a wish, and can be a reach. But how about Shaq coming here? His minutes are down. I don't see too many teams paying him more then the mid-level money out there, for the minutes he plays. His is now maybe a 10-15 point, 8 or so rebounder player for the minutes he has. That will give others a time to rest, or play along side. Derron would be able to easily find him for an assist.


How much is Portland offering Fez?


People are saying Fesenko won the Denver series? Did we watch the same series? He did OK but Utah was just better than Denver. I really think their outside shooting is what won them that series. Against the Lakers it was a different story. I like most Jazz fans knew Utah did not have a shot that series with Okur out of the lineup. Yes it is true that Fesenko was our best option but far from effective. He was left unguarded on many occasions only to throw up a wild shot or get fouled and miss both free throws. Unlike the Denver series Utah got away w/ using Millsap and Boozer as F and C but not in the LAL series. Fesenko was exposed for being just a big body w/ very little basketball skills. I'd resign him but long term deal eh? Especillay now with Jefferson in place of Boozer (we know have a true low post player who is actually different than Millsap.) I like this team better already.


@Chuck Nunn- I'm getting tired of you continually sucking up and distorting facts. Fesenko was a big goof against the Nuggets in the first couple of games. He was not key to their victory. He filled a need, but we would have been MUCH better off with Okur.

And your claim that "we had a lead every game until he came out" against the Lakers?.... um... thanks to ESPN that didn't take long to disprove.

Game 1- 5:58 Millsap enters the game for Fesenko Lakers 16 Jazz 13

Sorry, I really do like that you believe in Fes, just don't distort the facts.

On another note... any updates on how he is doing in Europe this year?


@ ChuckNunn- sorry to keep hitting a sore point... I don't value the +/- statistic much, but I just wanted to show you Fes's +/- in the playoffs.

Game 1- 5 minutes -1 (worthless stat, not enough time)
Game 2- 20 minutes +10 (best on the team!)
Game 3- 23 minutes +6 (Korver was +22 in 25 minutes)
Game 4- 29 minutes +6
Game 5- 20 minutes -7
Game 6- 10 minutes -13

Game 1- 13 minutes 0 (not bad considering the jazz lost)
Game 2- 17 minutes +4
Game 3- 12 minutes 0
Game 4- 30 minutes +9 (worthless minutes..Jazz got killed)

What does this prove? Well not much. Like I said +/- isn't that great of a snapshot statistic. I only posted it to show you that Fesenko is not a game changing performer. He is a role player. Jerry Sloan is a master of using role players... Fes will not get playing time in big moments (as evidence by game 6 minutes and the fact that he doesn't play much in the 4th)

For a million bucks, bring him back, but not much more than that.

Draft dumbie

Anyone who has followed the NBA at all should know that decent NBA centers are hard to come by. Except for those immediate impact centers that come along about once every 6-7 years, NBA centers usually take at least 5-6 years to develop (and often, even the most talented centers take time to develop). Therefore, unless the Jazz happen to have the #1 pick in a year when an immediate impact center just happens to be in the draft, they are going to have to find a "project" center and develop him.

I'm unsure why everyone is so anxious to dump Fesenko when he has been steadily developing his potential for the past 3 years, is only 23 years old, and his contract is "peanuts" by NBA standards. By NBA standards, Fesenko has justified his contract even with his low production. Would everyone rather have someone like Jarron Collins with limited talent, no potential, similar stats, and a similar contract. At worst, he is a low cost back-up to match up defensively against large centers, who is a valuable trade asset. The Jazz should lock him up with the longest contract he is willing to sign.


The reason to keep Fes is simple. The Jazz defense funnels the opposition offense to the C. It is designed to do that instead of allow base line attacks.

For about a Mill Fes plugs the middle with hard fouls. He does not jump that well. He is not a great blocker. He does not appear to have the game experience that would allow him to smoothly switch when he needs to.

However, he is BIG, athletic and very solid when hit by flying guards. He also manages to put his elbow into Melo's head on the way down from a rebound.

After looking at the remaining alternatives they are mostly PFs. Their NET PERs at C are bad compared to Fes's. They may be better overall players as measured by WP48 etc but they are better at PF.

Fes can be replaced. But where is his replacement for this season? Who can the Jazz can actually get right now?

There is one more reason to keep Fes (cheap). The Fes/Boozer combo was the best combo the Jazz had last year.

The Jazz need to see how good the Fes/Jefferson combo will be.

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