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Published: Monday, July 26 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B

This is getting better and better. Can't wait to see a 5-7 tds football team.

Tom in CA

It's always good to beat Chris B. and hedgehog to the punch - they'll be chiming in shortly so no worries.

Well - I guess this move says something about the running back situation in Provo. As in - pretty good competition.

Good luck anyways to Te'o.


Nothing like playing in front of your home town. Good luck to him.


I love it when someone transfers somewhere and they will get to play their old team. Best of luck to this young man in his pursuits.


ahh, the smell of a rotting football program


Please, no one acknowledge the first post on this story, at 3:29 pm. Please, please, please, just let it go.

twinkle twinkle

Wow, he is going to be pushing 30 by the time his final year of eligibility rolls around.


Best of luck to Malosi. Hopefully the recent events with the two Te'o boys and Harvey won't damage the Polynesian pipeline.


Probably a good move for Malosi since he probably would not have seen much, if any, playing time at BYU. Wish him the best of luck with the Warriors.


Big_Ben that's a good point, I think it's good for both the player and the program he left when they can play each other. The Cougars are loaded at rb, good luck to Te'o in Hawaii.


you don't transfer to a WAC school unless it's Boise State...and do so with any remnant of hope to make it to the NFL.

hey...play your heart out kid.

you're off the football map...but back home.


Te'o has had a tough time making up his mind. This will make more room for backs to handle the ball who are passionate about Cougar football. Cougs will be fine without him, but best wishes to Te'o.

Old Gregg

Can someone tell me what TDS stands for?


The writing was already on the wall and Teo was moving to linebacker to make the field in Provo. I'm sure that move, combined with a desire to play at home, and a feeling that he wasn't getting a fair shot combined to get him into the Warriors program. I think Hawai'i is getting a good pick up.


This sounds like a good move for Teo. He would have had a lot more competetion at B.Y.U. than where he is going. Hope he does well.



Tom in CA

@Old Gregg

TDS is an acronym meaning "Team Down South" - which refers to the Ohio State University and has its origins decades ago with the Michigan/Ohio State football rivalry. The likes of "Chris B" and "hedgehog" and their ilk think they invented it - I say we don't give them the "prestige" of being the TUN as that would be reserved for the much more prestigious Michigan Wolverines.

Dog Fur

Yes what does tds stand for? Isn't The university of Utah in Provo?


TDS refers to "team dowm south". Urban myer was afraid to say the name BYU so he came up with an acronym. Many Ute fans have the same phobia and use the same reference believing that if they say the name BYU that they will invite a boogey man into their dreams. Kind of childish to me, but if helps them sleep at night, good for them.


The guy was going to try and play linebacker...this won't hurt the RBs at all...

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