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Published: Sunday, July 25 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber:

Obviously--your language choices display how informed and educated you are about ADA.

The appropriate (and legal) term is people WITH a disability--

NOT handicapped.

Perhaps you should READ the law before commenting about it.

And yet again, let me reiterate--the ADA is not a "program"--it is a CIVIL RIGHTS LAW!

P.S. Abuses occur in every and any law passed. Yet, many people only focus on those laws that are abused that actually benefit people who are DIFFERENT then they are. I don't read you whining and complaining about the "drug abusers" and other supposed "law-abiding" hypocrites (whom most of us likely are who read this) who break the speed limit, or jaywalk. Changing laws just because there are always people who abuse laws is not a justifiable reason to change a law!


I agree, DN Subscriber, we need to get rid of freeloaders.

Like people who have a ton of kids, but pay less in taxes than those who have no kids. If you're going to have a ton of kids, you need to pay the true societal costs for your choice, and not be a freeloader.

What was that? You did not mean THOSE freeloaders? You meant THE OTHER freeloaders that does not include you? I apologize.



Fabulous LOL love it.

I'm still trying to think of how a drug abuser would abuse ADA.... I guess Drug Abusers should walk across the road without the little flashy lights telling them when to cross?? They should have to always walk up stairs if there in a wheelchair?

Being a drug addict is not a protected status...so ADA would not fall into play in one's job (your job is not protected via ADA if your a drug addict and your seeking treatment).

However I as just a mom of three kids who have 2 of them in strollers...enjoy immensely that ADA allows us to be able to get into the post office, or the grocery store without me having to get them all out of the stroller..make them walk while I fold up the stroller and try and squeeze it into the door.

Everyone in the end...one way or another will benefit from ADA.

It's not a program it's a law...DN Subscriber and all the Tea Party Zealots...it's a law you enjoy. Please quit confusing Social Security Disability with ADA. Your ignorance is shining through.


@ DN Subscriber: Please provide examples of abuse of the ADA and suggestions on how to prevent such abuse.

Thank you.

(Because otherwise, I call BS.)


As someone who works solely with people with disabilities, for every dollar spent on re-training or educating someone with a disability, there is a $5 - $20 return on investment in the form of taxes, personal money spent, etc. The ADA helped pave the way and allow people with disabilities to become a part of society, where they belong.


Moosehead and others -- Not true. Most accommodations provided to allow people with disabilities to work don't cost anything. If they do, of those, most cost less than $500. That is returned to the employer in productivity, etc.

Please, Everyone, get the facts before posting. If you knew how much people with disabilities contribute to society and the economy, you would be amazed.

Did you know that in 2005 there were more than 40 million Americans that had a disability? They are the largest minority in the U.S. and the most discriminated against, in particular those with mental illnesses. The ADA does NOT provide preferential treatment to people with disabilities. It does, however, provide a level playing field for them. The money spent provides a much better return than any stock you can buy.


Yup. The extremist rightwingers that the GOP wants us to elect think the ADA is socialism. Mike Lee and Sharton Angle are simply not mainstream.


Conservatives opposition to the ADA is a good example of why being a conservative is not a good thing.

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