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Published: Wednesday, July 21 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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way to go yewts, going back 12 years to try to find a comparable PG to Jimmer. Since you brought it up, the two are very comparable on defense, neither are super quick and athletic, but they get the job done. Offensively Jimmer cuts and moves just as well without the ball as Miller, but you are right plyxply, Miller is better at passing the ball--mostly because Miller can't shoot outside 15 ft. so he has no option but to pass. Jimmer will get picked in the first round and have a successful NBA career similar to Miller's.


Great to see Jimmer playing and competing at such a high level, and improving his game. I just hope he doesn't get injured. I can't wait to see what a fully healthy and improved Jimmer does in his senior year!


I don't follow much Basketball since my U stinks in Basketball lately but I had no clue he was battling "Mono" most of his senior season... That shows his strength as a human being and as an athlete along with a great deal of determination.

I have had Sports Induced Mono twice and let me tell you what, I was in bed for a couple of months both times... Luckily I was little and had parents to help me but to battle that speaks alot about this young man!!

See even some Utah fans can show compassion towards BYU and there athletes!!


I don't see why Ute players gotta be hating my man Jimmer. Jimmer is a real talent. BYU fans in general had respect for Robert Johnson last year. Robert Johnson was a true talent throughout his college days. I don't believe I have seen a single Cougar post negative remarks about this Ute athlete that truly had skills and an amazing Football IQ. Jimmer is no exception, Jimmer is the real deal and will continue to shine, any Utes hating on Jimmer need to learn to respect a good player when they see one.

As for TAGZZ, Many of my friends are Ute fans, I know that most of the quieter and down to earth fans don't just bash on the Cougs for fun. Heck they even were rooting for them against Oklahoma! On both sides I think it is the loud obnoxious ones that get under my skin.

(This doesn't mean I wasn't happy when Harvey Unga Completely bulldozed Robert Johnson in the BYU victory a couple years ago)


Ben= Jimmer might be, but so far none has been as good as Andre.

"plyxply | 9:28 a.m.
netmaster....you obviously don't understand that a point guard"

Do you?

"is supposed to set the team up for success by cutting, passing, moving without the ball, not dominating it on every possesion and only passing when there isn't a semi-open shot for himself."

Actually, as the passer, it is the others job to cut and move, and then, depending of the play, he goes to fill, and get open for the ball.

"Jimmer is a great talent, but as some of the players on the BYU team have said privately, Jimmer is a pain in the behind to have to play with because he never passes the ball for a better shot by a teammate."

He's one of the best shooters on the team. His job is to get the ball to a players where they have a shot from. If they can't get there on time, and open, he shouldn't pass the ball... Sorry.

A player does what the coach says to do. Who's complaining? If not Rose, it doesn't matter.



Jimmer is a far superior shooter. That is certain. Miller was a slight bit quicker, quite a bit stronger, played the passing lanes better, was better at pushing his man towards help spots, and was better at creating for others. Jimmer is much more explosive.

It would be absolutely awesome to have those two in the backcourt. Andre was the best (at the very worst 3rd) in his day in college and I think Jimmer is at the same level.


Good for Jimmer. I think he will be reasonably successful on the next level, but not a star.

Also, I was wondering where Chris B and hedgehog are (not that I miss them). It is just weird to not have their brainless drivel on the comment board of an article about how good a player from BYU is.

Oh yeaj, almost forgot, thanks to Ute fans who are able to compliment Jimmer rather then hate him just because he is a Cougar. I try to do the same for good Utes.

Y Grad / Y Dad

@ Tom Smith

The difference, Tom, is that you, nor anyone at BYU is Jesus Christ. A lot of people trying to be like Jesus. He who perfectly knows the hearts of men and women has the power to forgive sins in heaven and on earth.

The rest of us do the best we can. Harvey said he bears no hard feelings. I suspect he knows more about the situation than you do. Let it go.


@ Y Grad/Y Dad

wrong article buddy.


Gotta love plyxply. Always throwing out inside information. LOL.

By the way. Jimmer as a Soph averaged 4.1 APG, then 4.7 last year. Nash averaged about 4.5 in college. D-Will 5.9 and Andre Miller 5.3. I would guarantee he will average close to 5 again this year, maybe 6.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

I want to know who your source is plyxply!!

The last I heard from some of the players they were trying to find out if Jimmer could get them in to the practices because several of them wanted to go down to Vegas for them.

I've never heard any of them say something negative about Jimmer. I can't say the same thing about our old friend JT but he is obviously gone now.

I think Jimmer is the best guard in the MWC or WAC since Andre Miller. Obviously as others pointed out they have very different styles, but I expect Jimmer to do fine in the NBA if he can play team defense. We all know he can light up the scoreboard.

He is the best shooter I've ever seen. I say that because he can shoot off the dribble or coming off screens. He isn't one dimensional like Korver or somebody mentioned House. I think he is better than that. He might not have a pure stroke like Ray Allen but he is more creative.


Not bashing Y Dad/Y Grad.... but that was funny!!


just for clarification I am not a Ute fan, the Aggies actually beat Jimmer and the Y last year as I'm sure everyone recalls.
Having coached players and brothers of current BYU players I know for a fact that there are many times when Jimmer forces shots while his teammates are wide open which is a point of frustration for not only the players, but at times for Coach Rose. A wide open Emery or Haws is a better shooter than Jimmer shooting with someone in his face. As I mentioned I think Jimmer is a great talent, better than most, but he has to get his teammates involved more than he does. He's good enough to average his points and another 3 assists per game with as many shots as the Cougars put up each game.



Good post buddy. Always nice to see Ute fans who are mature enough to give BYU credit where it is due. Jimmer is the real deal and is on track to have a great career playing at the next level, but Cougar fans still get him for one more year. I can't wait! I think it is going to be special!

Y Grad / Y Dad

Ooops! Not sure how that happened.

Either it was Windows Explorer using multiple tabs, or it's a sign I was too judgemental of Tom.

Glad you all enjoyed it...

BYU Blue 2003

Jimmer is the real deal. That's why the NBA scouts have been almost universal in their appraisals of him being ready for the next level. Whether he becomes a solid starter or back-up remains to be seen, but he'll do just fine either way, thank you very much.

Howard S.

Jimmer is nice mid-major player.

Idaho guy


The problem is you implied that because he sometimes takes bad shots that everyone hates playing with him. What a joke. I don't care if you coached brothers of current players, etc... Fact is you have not heard squat straight from anyone who actually matters.

They may be upset when they are wide open and he takes an ill advised shot, but I guarantee they love playing with the kid and the vast number of wins that take place. Shooters take more shots than they should and sometimes force shots rather than pass, but Rose has never criticized him the way you do.

Enough already with the Utah State beat BYU drivel. BYU would have stomped Utah State at the Marriott Center. You are supposed to win at home. The only team with true bragging rights last year against BYU was UNLV who BYU just couldn't seem to beat anywhere.


I agree that Jimmer needs to learn how to involve his teammates more. Good players elevate their own game, but great players elevate their whole team's game. Hopefully Jimmer is learning how to do this at the USA team camp.


I saw one BYU game in person last year and that was the Y against the U of AZ. It was the first time in my life (and probably the only) I observed oppossing fans root for a guy to "shoot shoot!" I am not an ink worshipper but I made sure Jimmer signed my BYU cap. I was interesting driving home and hearing the U of A announcers rave about "the BYU kid."

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