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Published: Wednesday, July 21 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Way to represent BYU !

We are also looking forward to your senior season.

It is going to be a great one!

Best of luck.


Defense is so important in the NBA, as well as distributing the ball from pg position; hope to see Emery and Fredette shine in 2010, and still looking for the day BYU makes the final 4 NCAA tourney. Its great to have Jimmer back, looking for a more complete game from him.


Celtics, count on it.
Protect the ball better and up the defense...long career as a journeyman in the NBA...


Jimmer will need a passport only if his NBA team plays an exhibition game there. The guy is one of the best point guards we have had in college in a long time. This experience will help him get even better. His weakness has been trying to force the ball up in traffic, which he can get away with when he's against an ordinary college team but not against a team with future NBA players. He will still dominate during the regular season but is learning how to compete better against great athletes, which will serve him well in the post season next year.


Coming from a Die Hard Ute Fan, How can his game be more complete...? The guy is insanely good at basketball defensively, offensively, etc... He will be a star at the next level as well and I think staying in for his Senior year will just up his draft number... Good for him, I wish him the best of luck!!


Hey Live Hard, where do you play?


How many Utes were invited to the USA camp?


We all know Steve Nash is a lock-down defender, and no one ever put up 40 on Stockton.


Great job Fredette!

Being one of 20 collegians selected in the country is a great honor. Working hard to improve your game during the off-season, when you are already at the top of the class, is even more impressive.

Good luck and best of wishes for a fantastic senior year!


Re: Live Hard

Poor guy, even in Europe, Jimmer will cash a paycheck for playing basketball and you will still be in you dead end job, spewing hate toward every BYU athlete who kicks the Yoots to the curb and may not have the talent to play at the very highest level. Apparently someone thinks he can play; he was one of the 20 college players invited to the Select Camp.


Congratulations Jimmer. I hope you're developing the ability to elevate the play of those around you too. A deep run in the NCAA tournament will require you and your teammates to play exceptional basketball. I'm looking forward to your senior year too.

And thanks 'Live Hard'. Bring it! Jimmer will have to play well in hostile arenas and people like you will help him prepare for that. In the notable absence of any news from 'up on the hill', you're resigned to read articles about BYU. That must make your blood boil. I suspect it lets you wallow in your anti-BYU world.

I wonder what it's like to live a life of anti this and anti that. Perhaps your screen name has a deeper meaning. It's a hard life being so negative.

Joe Schmoe

I laugh at the ignorant losers that try to belittle someone for playing in Europe.

Travis Hansen, after his time in the NBA, has made millions playing in Europe.

Making more in one year than the loser posters will make in their lifetime.

That being said, Jimmer will go NBA.

No Doubt.


Jimmer will make more money playing basketball than any of us.


netmaster....you obviously don't understand that a point guard, say for example Andre Miller, is supposed to set the team up for success by cutting, passing, moving without the ball, not dominating it on every possesion and only passing when there isn't a semi-open shot for himself.
Jimmer is a great talent, but as some of the players on the BYU team have said privately, Jimmer is a pain in the behind to have to play with because he never passes the ball for a better shot by a teammate.


I have to weigh in here. There are some who are questioning Jimmer's ability to run the point. I think he can be a great point guard. I hear a lot of people say he is the next steph curry. I also hear some say he is the next eddie house. I think he is somewhere in between. A better playmaker than house, but not as quick as curry.

Lets be clear, Jimmer is no Andre Miller, but he is the best player in the MWC since the Bogut/Granger years.



Dick Vitale's pre-season All-America 1st team! He's a PTP'er, baby!

Jimmer averaged 22 pts a game last year despite battling mono for a good portion of the season. Makes me wonder what he'll do as a healthy senior... 25 pts a game seems likely...


Ah Live Hard, no I don't want fries with my burger.


@Live Hard

Nothing wrong with earning millions and seeing the world.

BTW, do you earn millions and get to travel around Europe and other areas of the world on a routine basis? I didn't think so.

Idaho guy

Love the speculation that plxyply delves into:

"as some of the players on the BYU team have said privately, Jimmer is a pain in the behind to have to play with because he never passes the ball for a better shot by a teammate"

Really now? Which players? Perhaps it was Lloyd who obviously had multiple issues with playing at BYU. More than likely it is the wishful thinking of a BYU hater. Easy to say, no one likes playing with him to explain why he's no good when he stomps your team...

Sierra Blue

I'm pretty sure Boylen would rather have Fredette on his team than any of the players he has. That suggests that Fredette is a real talent. So why do Ute fans denigrate this young man who has consistently demonstrated his class and ability? It is obvious - even to those in the 3rd grade?

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