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Published: Tuesday, July 20 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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As a PBP announcer who was Hot Rod's backup when the Jazz first moved to SLC, and as PJ's backup for BYU games...I am happy for Bill's new gig. I think he'll do a great job for the Utes. And while we're talking announcers...just let me throw out that the late Bill Howard, who was the voice of the Utes before Marcroft and then as Marcroft's mentor...was one of the best I ever knew. He was a great guy, too!


"Utah by five"


I'm thrilled to see the mumbling guy replaced. Riley is the best they've had since Marcroft. I still with we could get Marcroft back. He provided a great historical perspective and was an outstanding play-by-play announcer.


Every Utah broadcast I listen to I find myself missing Marcroft, James and Hot-Rod.

That being said - continued best to the newbs.


Does that mean we also lose that obnoxious sidekick that made me turn off all the games after we were comfortably ahead? What was the name of that whiny voiced twit anyways?
Welcome back Riley.


Thanks to VOTB for reminding us about the great Bill Howard. I worked with Bill for 3 years. He was my mentor and a great role model...as well as a tremendous play by play announcer. It's a shame younger listeners never had a chance to hear him call a game. I'm grateful that I got to be his "caddie" during the last years of his career...and got to visit his "Lombardi Room."


To all the Paul James Fans:

Didn't you get tired of him calling touchdowns for BYU, then changing the call to let us know McMahon was sacked 15 yards behind the line of scrimage.

Once when Raphael Cherry was QB at Hawaii, his "call in" question was to name all the college players whose name was a fruit? What does that have to do with football?

My favorite "PJ Moment, he was interviewing LaDell Andersen after a game, that BYU shot poorly in the first half, and he asked LaDell if he got out a ladder at half-time and checked the rim for some sort of plexiglass cover... After the question, it was dead air, then "Jone Paint and Glass" commercial.

When they came back live, laDell had left to go be with the team, but in the car driving back up North, we were all laughing about how LaDell must have ripped into PJ after that question.

PJ had a voice, but I think he tried just a bit too hard to be cute, and was never that insightful of the game.

But his voice will always be in my head, listening to him call BYU sports.

Anonymous Infinity

Do collegiate sports announcers in Utah really matter? The Mountain TV network announcers are totally out of it. Boring! Nevertheless good luck to Bill Riley. Utah is due for a rude awakening competing in the PAC-10. When are we going to hear about renaming all the conferences who have pirated teams from other conferences for the allmighty dollar. Big 10? There have been eleven teams in that conference ever since Penn State became part of it. Wruebel is an entertaining play by play announcer, is over the top on touchdown calls.


Thank you!! I think Riley is great. At least we won't be hearing New MeSico any more instead of New MeXXXXXico. I know it's really picky but Lags didn't say his freakin X's. His voice just made me cringe.


The MTN Broadcasting is horrible period... It is like watching the news in Wyoming.... Something done in a high school class room!! Even though my Utes are going to the Pac 12 and a better TV deal I still feel for everybody else in the MWC that have to put up with that garbage...


I've listed to many a Ute game online at Kall radio. This is a good bring back.

Dolce is TOO much of a homer, even for my taste. There is no conspiracy by the refs to give the game away to the other team, Frank.

As far as Paul James goes, his voice was golden like liquid butter. COuld listen to him all night. But the dude was obsessed with stats. I think, at times, he forgot that the final score was the only stat that mattered.

Still, being a homer is OK, but should still be kept in check.


@ BYU still rules

In Ute Nation, we are a family and all a part of the PAC, so it is appropriate to send Bill an official welcome.

I would also like to extend you an official invite to join us in Ute Nation. Soon you will realize BYU doesn't rule any longer, and we will be waiting for you to come over and join us.

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