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Published: Tuesday, July 20 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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I always laughed when I heard Marcroft say "check it!" like "Britton Johnsen with the rebound and outlet to Drisdom....check it.......Jacobsen"

I really like Lagaschulte or however you spell it. The one who really needs to go is Frank Dolce. Its is SOOOOOO annoying to hear Dolce say "OH!" really loud whenever a play happens and then there is about three seconds of silence. What was the play? Its very distracting. And Dolce whines about the refs constantly.

I did always like riley's "touchdown eric weddle, touchdown UTAH!" line.

As far as wrubell, he is passionate and i think he does a good job.


@sammyg the smack was brought in by BYU fans bringing Wrubell up in the first place, go back and look at the first comment. personally i don't mind a homer, marcroft was my favorite and he was a homer bigtime.

I think this is move is at least a step forward, lagashultze was a step back for sure. I think if Riley is given time to settle in this time around, he'll be quality.

Wasatch Al

Wrubell continually reads the clock: 14 minutes left in this one; 13 minutes left in this one; 12 minutes left in this one. The sign of an inexperienced sports broadcaster. At least he used to - I haven't listened to a BYU radio broadcast for three years - drives me crazy.


Re: Live Hard

For any cougar to post smack that involves the BCS is truly laughable.

Wrubell's best chance at being at a BCS game would be to sell hot dogs based on how close the mighty cougars have been.

Sure the PAC-12 will offer new challenges, but at least we are in it.

Enjoy your trips to Laramie and watching games on the MTN Network for crystal unclear low definition TV! At least you can hear the sounds of Toad and Toady Christensen to bring back memories of days past.

It think Riley will do a great job for the Utes and would like to extend him an official welcome to the PAC.


I think Bill Riley is great, and will continue to do a great job. I hope is the voice of the Utes for many years to come.

I do have to say that, even though he is calling BYU games, I think that Wrubell does a good job. I think that play by play guys that work for their school/team should be homers, but still be honest and objective. I think both of these guys are good at that.


Even tds fans have to admit that Wrubell sounds like he's going to" blow a gasket" calling their games. I mean, it sounds like he's hit the jackpot every time the tds has a good play. You're not certain what's going on; did he just win a million dollars or did the tds simply gain 5 yards. Yes, passion calling a game is necessary, but I'm simply concerned for the guy's health.

Qwest Perfected

Football season must be getting close - we are now reduced to announcer smack talk.

As for Riley - I'm glad to have him back for the Utes. I think he calls a good game.

Go Utes!!!

Johnny Triumph

Who cares? Does anyone even know where to find U games on the radio? Things haven't been the same since Marcroft left...and he wasn't even all that good.

I Will Be Till I Die

GREAT NEWS!! I always thought Lageschulte sounded like he was trying to talk through a mouthful of marbles, and couldn't figure out why they dumped Bill in the first place. Welcome back Bill!!

PS to all the Wrubell-haters: I AGREE 100%!!!!!!!!!

jersey ute

Bring Bryan Rowley back...he was the greatest field reporter ever. He would be great as color guy in the press box.


Everything about Bill Marcroft says University of Utah. He was a great "homer" broadcaster who made listening to his broadcasts as much fun as the games themselves.

He should call the first PAC 12 game and then the U can move on to the univocal, dry, "professional" announcers of the big time. An appropriate announcement of the death of the rivalry.

Marcroft lived the rivalry every day.

I am totally psyched about playing Colorado every year!


Marcroft was a "Legend" IN HIS OWN MIND...It was all about him...one of the biggest "Blowhards" in NCAA history...Good luck to Riley because he'll need it working with these broadcasting morons. Tied in with the U of U didn't work so well for Tom Barberi, Brad Stone, Matt Thomas, Jeff Judkins, and Jeff Jonas now did it??????


This is hilarious.

Ute fans angry that the announcer hired by BYU is a homer.

Angry that Wrubell gets excited while calling the game.


That is what is great about the guy.



At least it's not Chris Tunis.

BYU still rules

Utah man, I find it hilarious that you extend Bill an "official welcome" to the PAC. You must be the commish huh? Just because the team you root for goes to the PAC? doesn't make you special, but I'm sure your "official" welcome means alot to Bill.


@ 93 Cougar

we got a good laugh out of your post. Thanks for the laughs. we appreciate you entertaining us.


Marcroft's "check that" line was great. "Touchdown, Utah! Check that- Steve Smith down at the 34." Marcroft had an impressive career in TV and radio, but certainly lost a couple steps at the end.

To the professionalism comments in the booth, I would agree. I like Dolce and Shaw well enough, but too often they act like me and my buddies in the stands rather than commenting on the game. Too often, I can't even tell what happened on the play because none of those guys actually described the action. They were too busy yelling Ohhh! Great play! Stuff like that. I start yelling at my radio- What happened on the play! Hopefully an experienced play by play guy can get Dolce and Shaw to be a bit more professional and actually describe the action on the field.


I haven't heard a Utah game broadcast on the radio in years. Marcroft will always be the voice of the Utes for me just like Hot Rod Hundley will always be the voice of the Jazz.

Welcome Riley - you have big shoes to fill!

If your announcer is NOT a homer, why have him?

93 Zoob: Really? You are reading a Ute post about an announcer? Isn't there ANYTHING going on in the ybU blogs? That was a stupid question, obviously there is NOTHING of interest on the ygU blogs!! HA HA HA HA

Go Utes! Go Crimson!!


BYU still drools: Are you seriously THAT insecure about the tds that you have to talk smack on a UTE blog about an announcer? Seriously?

Dude - you need a life!!

Go Utes! Love the Crimson!



dang, you sound just like me. Ha ha, I am glad you appreciate the "check that" humor. Yeah, how many times did he kill our hope with that? "Mike Anderson shoots past two cougars, into the end zone, touchdown Utah!...check that, the ball came loose"

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