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Published: Tuesday, July 20 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Pac 12.


I guess I have to represent the utes, he's almost as good as Wrubell, in fact he worked as BYUs voice for a short time sort of as a TA, sort of like half of the ute coaching staff, they learned from the best.

arizona ute

They never should have let Bill Marcroft go. Make up your mind Utes and keep someone for the looooong haul again.
y4lyfe: Wrubell is a good announcer but he needs to pull it in a lot. He gets way to involved in the games. It is good to be a homer for your team but he goes too far.


Who cares? Lockes a homer, wrubells a homer, and Riley is and will
Be a homer. As a fan, I prefer it that way.


I am a cougar supporter but enjoyed his calls on the mountain. Why he was replace X number of years ago I have know clue, cause the guy who they had on the last few years was less than acceptable.


I've been around for a while, and remember listening to Marcroft call games. The U could be down by 40, and you'd think they were up by a score. Perhaps we naturally find the voice of the opposition a bit irritating.

I find Wrubell bright and fair minded. Does he get animated when the Y scores? absolutely, as he should, being the voice of the cougs.

I like the U's hire of Bill Riley. I find him informed and will give credit where credit is due. As long as he's not crass, I enjoy his style. He's willing to talk college football in the off-season. I have to wonder if Riley is in this gig for the long-haul. I hope so, he will be iconic for the program as they move into the PAC era.


I would rather listen to Riley on The Mountain instead of Todd Christensen. I think he is HORRIBLE as an announcer. He may know football, but he needs to learn how to say it less pretentiously. He thinks people like all of his "pontificating" but I just find it ALL such a bore! Congrats to Bill! He will be excellent.


It's about time. The Mike Lageshultze experiment was horrible. I can't figure out why they ever went away from Riley. He's much better than his predecessor, and miles ahead of Wrubell. I'll give Wrubell credit for being enthusiastic, but for my money his enthusiasm comes at the expense of accuracy.

Howard S.

I'm not impressed.

Reilly is not and will not be a Ute homer.

My impression of him is that he thinks he's too cool to be a Utah homer.

Utah will never have better voice than Bill Marcroft in his prime.

As it should be, Marcroft loved the Utes but he never got out of control like the current voice of BYU.


I think any change is better than what we have had. Now maybe the professionalism in the booth will improve and, with any luck, the quality of the broadcasts as well. There have been times these past few years that i could not even understand the radio broadcast because of the poor technical quality, as well as the constant talking over one another. I really look forward to better production all around. Good luck to Bill Riley and GO UTES!


I don't care for Riley, but my 13 year old would be better than Wrubell. That guy has got to be the biggest homer in the country. I swear listening to the guy call a game, you think he might "pop a vein" at any moment. Given Wrubell's age, I'm surprised I have to say "grow up." He goes crazy when the tds goes for three yards! I love hearing him call a loss to Utah . . . sweet music to my ears!


I thought this guy was pretty good when he was on before. The greatest was Paul James.


Riley's best call: Love hearing his voice when Beck threw the winning to Harline. Classic!

Howard S.

When I hear Wrubell calling a game I get a mental image of a 15 year old with his nerdy buddies pretending to be a professional broadcaster.


at least its not Bill O'Reilly


I agree with those who feel the professionalism of the broadcasts need to be improved and I hope this does it. Mike Lagashultze is probably a great guy and he has real enthusiasm, he just needs to really work on those consonants. Anyone who can't pronounce their own name crisply enough to make themselves understood should probably be in another line of work.


The best homer phrases ever to come out of a homer announcer:
"Caught for the touchdown!"
"Caught for the touchdown!"
"Caught for the touchdown!"


I'm not a fan.


What's all the 'smack' about Wrubell? I thought an announcer and his EMOTIONAL connection to the team was what brought ENTERTAINMENT to the broadcast.

Is the UTE association to the new PAC-12 supposed to be bringing a higher intelligence to UTAH sports media???

If so then let's make a statement UTES! Maybe you should look for some news media anchor types. Imagine a broadcast with Dan Rather OR with Sean Hannity. Who would you rather have??? Politics aside, it's about entertainment value and emotion is what it's about.

I'll take Erin on the sidelines at ESPN and any dynamic announcer in the box...any day!

Give Bill Riley a break, the article is about him, not Wrubell. It's about entertainment.


Paul James was the best. Marcroft always sounded like he had imbibed in one to many.

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