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Published: Monday, July 19 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Human trafficking and Migrant smuggling, if at all mentioned, will be discussed only momentarily. (Turn a blind eye, do not look at the human atrocities occuring.)

The forgotten immigrants, those who are legal immigrants of all nations in Utah, hopefully will have a voice in this discussion.


Sounds like the LDS church is in favor of leaving things how they are, or amnesty. I'm glad they came out like this. From what I've seen, most members aren't really capable of making decisions about things like this on their own and need guidance from the brethren. Good move.


This list and the means to obtain the information of those on the list is a misdemeanor violation of FEDERAL law.

Why is the state, the police and Herbert meddling in federal affairs?


to fantazius: It would appear that the information about those on the list was obtained for one reason: to obtain employment, employment benefits, welfare or food stamps. I'm not saying this out of hate or any other thought other than that to ask the questions that would lead to the answers supposedly given would be to determine one's eligibility for aid. Those questions would not be asked for any other reason. Deliberate on that anyway you want, but that's what it comes down to.


To all of the religious leaders and all others who say illegal immigration is a human issue and we need reform with compassion for our brother in poverty who only wants a better life for themselves.

Liars, you just want to fill the pews with paying10 per centers

I have been unemployed, again, since February of this year.

I am again homeless and living outside in the weeds, my savings are gone, I am 2 months late on paying fee on my storage unit, which goes to auction soon and contains everything I own including irreplaceable photos of my family.

I have contacted all of you for help finding a job and temporary financial assistance so I do not lose what so little I have of cherished possessions, to no avail.

Where is the human compassion?

Answer ME.


Herbert should be having an immigration ENFORCEMENT summit and concentrating on the displaced, impoverished workers and CITIZENS of Utah.

My View

I think we need to invite Teddy Roosevelt to this summit.

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
Theodore Roosevelt 1907


The first report of the list showed two glaring oversights. Mayor Carroon who's office processes the bookings in the Salt Lake country jail, and as such, should be there. And the minutemen.

I don't identify with either group. But if you going to have La Raza there, then you need their counterpart in the discussion. So is the round table to help the situation, or or is it a political show? (not inviting the other person running for Governor)?

I hope you reconsider both sides.

So Shurtleff has said that he will not enforce the laws against people here illegally from other countries, but will enforce the laws against Utahns? Both are misdemeanors and felonies.

Lists like this can be made up by private citizens who get together and turn in people illegally in the neighborhood Mr. Shurtleff. It can be done in a legal and lawful way.

Treat each group equally. They were just trying to make a better life for their family by stopping corruption in state government.


The summit should focus on one thing only: How to better prosecute employers to cut off the invaders income as well as how to cut off any income from government benefits. Self deportation and the ride back home to Mexico is less than a days drive away.

There are plenty of jobs available in the Mexican army and police force. Don't forget the millions of jobs available building high rise condominiums, as soon as the government ok's development of the Baja coast.


"Finding a successful resolution will require the best thinking and goodwill of all across the political spectrum"
It is unrealistic to think that all of Gods children will be satisfied here. Divorce comes to mind. There will always be victims and there will often be only painful choices. Some in the Illegal Immigration confrontation will be asked to make the hard choice and bear the brunt of the pain. That is why we have laws so that problems like Illegal immigration do not get out of hand. The laws were not enforced so we are bearing the consequences. There is only one successful solution. Remove the Illegal Immigrants! Anything else will not work. Amnesty does not work. It only brings you full circle to another amnesty. Giving away U.S. citizens jobs and tax money to Illegal Immigrants only encourages more Illegal Immigration. This is not a time for accommodation and surrender to those who have no respect for our laws. This is a time to stand up for the rule of law and order. Not more chaos and pandering.


fantazius | 7:17 p.m. July 19, 2010

"I am again homeless and living outside in the weeds, my savings are gone, I am 2 months late on paying fee on my storage unit..."

I wish you the best in your efforts to rise above your current situation. I too was homeless in 1998 due to a forced retirement for medical reasons. Hang in there. Do not give up.

Walt Nicholes

Focus, people, Focus: WHY did DWS have information about undocumented immigrants? They don't administer food stamps do they? Do they find jobs for the illegal parents of children born here? Employers are supposed to check the validity of Social Security Numbers. Doesn't DWS do the same?

There are SEVERAL stories here, and most are going uninvestigated. Maybe these whistle-blowers had no other way to get the word out that something at DWS wasn't/isn't right.


fantazius does have a point.
Who at this round table will be speaking for the
97,000 unemployed workers. Who will speak for our families who are facing foreclosure on their homes.
Who will speak for our hungry children.


C. Darwin

Gov. Herbert,
The citizens of Utah call upon you to do the right and moral thing. Stop illegal immigration, deport illegals and revolk the business licsense of employers who use illegal labor. This is what your citizens want. You represent us, not illegal foriegners.

Viva la Migra

"Shurtleff added that he is ready to launch a formal criminal investigation once other state departments forward their findings to him. He said his office will perform the investigation, but share results with the U.S. attorney for Utah because of the possibility that federal and state laws may have been violated."

Say What??!!

I thought Shurtleff wouldn't enforce Federal laws. That's the excuse he gives every time someone asks him to enforce the laws against illegal aliens.


The Utah Department of Workforce Services has identified at least two employees who are believed to be involved in the creation of a list containing the personal information of some 1,300 people. I think we should give them Raises for saving the TAX Payers of Utah money! Further, the recent study reveals that the cost to native-headed households is an average of $1,117 per year. According to the report, Utah taxpayers are spending $453 million a year on illegal immigrants.
Let Honor those that save us Money. Since these on the list are not Citizens, they have no rights therefore there was no law broken....


to Hillen and Quetzalcotl re: fantazius - if anyone is living outside in the weeds and has time to find a computer and waste that precious time adding his opinion to this comment board, then that person is wasting his time and is NOT looking for employment.


Alleged illegal foreign nationals? The state is so shocked and stunned to be told that illegal aliens are on the state payroll and looting they don't want to investigate the list to disprove its accurate.

The only thing the list exposed is stolen identities and illegal aliens with others information. The data base has been falsified and so corrupted the state doesn't want to admit they have been participating in ID theft of american people.

Then under federal and state laws, whistle blowers are immune to prosecution and to prosecute anyone for exposing fraud, ID theft, of this information they must first prove these illegals have not stolen my identity. Every american and citizen of Utah knows that illegal aliens are looting our government and the government heads just want to keep the truth hidden. We have whistle blower laws for a reason, to stop fraud in government crimes.

Illegal foreign nationals have no rights or and identity and any identity they have fraudulent given the state is my information. The only reason the list hasn't been revealed is to protect themselves from 1300 irate americans about their identities being stolen.

Cover up big time.


Walt Nicholes,

DWS does administer food stamps and illegals apply for food stamps for their children born in the US. The food stamps allocations are VERY generous, especially when you realize the money goes only for food items--you shouldn't compare the amount they get to what you and I spend at the grocery store because our bill includes non-food items. Those on FS must use their own funds for those items.
DWS also administers Medicaid, for which US born children are also eligible. No help getting jobs, you have to be a citizen or on a visa that allows you to work for that.

I worked in elligibility for 6 months and nearly lost my mind there. I quit before that could happen. I totally understand those DWS workers being fed up.

I'm also a naturalized citizen. NO path for citizenship for illegals. Green card: yes, US citizenship: NO.

No one who has entered the United States of America illegally should EVER be rewarded with US citizenship, which is the most coveted citizenship in the world.

Informed Voter

If illegal immigrants are not illegal and federal law is not enforced against them, WHY are the acts of those who published the list illegal? The list preparers need compassion and to be excused from any fault. Our lack of confidence in elected officials AND OUR POLICE CHIEF for Pete's sake is not helped by their selective law enforcement. Shame on them!

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