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Published: Saturday, July 17 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Reagan's Amnesty Program legalized three million illegals. Many millions more have come with the hope of another amnesty program.

I'm not against anyone who wants to come here and work. I'm even willing to trade other countries 2-1 for the people we have here who WON'T work. But we don't have limitless jobs. We don't have limitless resources. We don't have limitless wealth.

WE CAN'T SOLVE THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS BY OURSELVES, and there is rampant corruption EVERYWHERE, even at the precious UN. Our government gives away tons foreign aid - almost $40 BILLION through USAID in 2009. The US gives 25% of all international aid EVERY YEAR.

Only 49% of US workers paid Federal Income Tax last year. How can we afford to increase the population of non-taxpayers who receive tax money? Allowing everyone who desires it to enter our country would FURTHER bankrupt us.

What's the solution? I'm interested in hearing common sense ideas, even if the government isn't. THINK about the consequences, and remember, for every action there may be an equal but opposite reaction.

Hurryin' Hoosier

@MormonDem Most people are quite simply tired of inaction on the part of our vote-pandering politicians. It will probably take another 9/11 type incident to get the polician's attention; but even then true immigration laws enforcement will not come easily or quickly. Too many politicians are their own special interest group for re-election and a career in politics.

Another good reason for term limits; thus reducing incentive for politicians to curry favor for votes at the expense of law enforcement.

The Sensible Middle

re Third try screen name | 7:20 a.m. July 18, 2010


The people from Mexico though are by blood, natives of this land. Historically they have gone back and forth across what is now the southern border before Columbus arrived.

Our ansestors are interlopers into this land. They had it first.

Goodness knows we have taken much land away from the natives unjustly, and against our own treaties that we made with them. Also in war, we took away land that was theirs in the Mexican wars. You know it is wrong for children to claim what their parents have taken unjustly, therefore we do owe these people more than a little deference.

No we can't take in the entire world, but given who these people are and our history with them, it is proper that we give these people priority in these matters.

You act as if the white people of America have clear title to this land. Given history, this simply isn't the case and its time you started acting as if you are aware of this. (You did take history in school didn't you)?

Deportation Glitch Lady

Great article. There are those who turn illegal while waiting in the long line. There are those who are branded illegal for unknown reasons. There are those who continually pay lawyers to stay and live in courtrooms for over 40 years.

During tribal conflicts in my country, I ran into someone's home and hid under the bed. So glad they did not call it a break in. But even if they did they had already made me supper and the statute of limitations had expired on the reporting for a break in. What does this have to do with illegals?

It is in my view the same question of people running away from or towards something. They have sought refuge from whatever was ailing them. Now it is the time administer the Balm of Gilead and Utah has enough for decades.


Our college-age son and many of his friends drive to Mexico twice a year, at their own expense, and stay a week, at their own expense, to help build livable homes for locals who want help.
It gives the residents there a reason to stay, and not jump the border (where our son-in-law is part of the border patrol.)
The answer to a human problem is a human, more than political, solution.
A lot of politicians have been and will be elected on promises to do or not do this or that, without actually improving the situation.


My grandfather waited 8 and 1/2 years after his family came because of the quotas on immigration... and within 10 months of arriving spoke better English than most of the immigrants from south of the border after 10 years... ENFORCE THE LAW! SECURE the border...kick out the claim jumpers and band wagoners...We need to require an oath of allegiance for all who enter as well. End dual citizenship... You are American or something else but not both.


The United States can only hold so many people without destroying the quality of life for everyone. If the US would enforce our immigration laws and remove illegals and stop extending the "Temporary Protected Status" for Latin American Countries as a means of defacto amnesty, there would be more room to bring in those that are waiting in line to come here legally.


The US government expects it's citizens to be good little girls and boys and do what they're told. However, they allow illegal immigrants to come ILLEGALLY into this country, steal identification, falsify social security numbers, work off the books, live off the system. Get free education, free or subsidized health care, free or subsidized food, all at legal citizen expense. Those in favor of illegal immigration are oh so ready to use the racism card, while supporting what is basically slave labor so they can have their cheap food, houses painted, homes cleaned, lawns mowed, cars washed, landscaping done, at an artificially low rate which makes it hard for legal citizens to make a living wage. They basically support the exploitation of a low socioeconomic class for their own greed while claiming to be compassionate. Doesn't fly. Not to mention that the majority of illegal immigrants send a large part of their under the table earnings back to Mexico, which adds another drain to the economy.


There is no right to immigrate to the USA, or to any other country. In an ideal world there may be a desire for such a situation, but every country has laws to protect its defined territory, sans this it is not a nation. So, 18 years,21 years, may in some cases be a lifetime. Those that wait many years, endure the struggle, and then are allowed to come here. Are most often, very, very good citizens. And, in my experience some of the most ardent supporters of strict enforcement of obeying the law, including immigration law. That being stated, there could be much done to improve the system. The paperwork is ridiculous, duplicated multiple times, and very capricious. In my experience, the agents are arrogant, rude, and is one case just out and out mean.

ex missionary

Over the years I've met thousands of hispanic immigrants. I've yet to meet even one who doesn't know or isn't working to learn English. They have strong economic incentives to do so. That being said even those that know English don't necessarily chose to speak it 100% of the time. It is much more natural to speak their mother tongue when with a group of other speakers of the same language. This does not mean they are refusing to learn or speak English.


After reading all the post above, it still amazes me how so many people among us, pick and choose the scriptures that they choose to follow and those they choose to ignore or offer reasons why they don't apply. Tollarence comes to mind. Forgiveness;
We are all brothers and sisters; Blessed are the poor; etc. A-men.


Another Perspective | 7:01 a.m. July 18, 2010 writes that "people who didn't like waiting for the government to act to do what they think was best, so they illegally made of a list of people and distributed it. This was roundly condemned by people on both side of the immigration debate."

However, the people and groups who were the most outspoken in their criticism of the release of the list still support illegal immigration and the massive document fraud (felony), perjury on I-9 forms (felony) and identity theft (felony) that accompanies it.

Both sides of the immigration debate have a responsibility to follow the law, not to do what they think is best.

If the advocates for illegal aliens such as the Deseret News disagree with current laws, then change them but don’t justify the massive violation of laws and support illegal aliens who are committing multiple job related felonies by running a story titled: "Long immigration waits show why some come illegally."


Insightful article. Thanks for publishing it.


I agree with trueamerican @7:21 am. No country wants poor and low educated immigrants. Therefore, as an international student, I chose to go to BYU, got an engineering degree and hoped to get a greencard. It still took me more about 10 years after I graduated to get the greencard, and during that time, I paid tax and did evrything legally in this country. I now got another master degree, making 6 figure salary, and pay tax. I think I am the kind of immigrants that the country needed. After all, this country is established by a bunch of immigrants, who had the ability to contribute.


People don't have to look any further than what these Utah employees did to see why the Arizona law is so wrong.

The state employees in order til "fufill a greater good" were willing not only to break the law, but to put hispanics at risk who they had no solid evidence they were even illegal. Now these people are not at risk of identity theft for the rest of their life because their social secureity numbers were released to so many people.

Can anyone doubt that in Arizona there will be policemen who will do likewise? Trample on the rights of Americans who look hispanic in order to ensure that they catch all possible illegal aliens.

After all if Arizona trusted their own employeses to obey the law in this matter, they would not have put a provisioin into thier law to allow people to sue departments who don't abide by this law.

If they can't trust their own departments to obey the law because it is the law, then who do they say with so much confidence that policemen will obey this law and not profile people?


@MormonDem 1:24 a.m.:

"As someone said in the article, we have immigration laws being broken because we have broken immigration laws."

That's a bunch of hooey. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our immigration laws. Essentially the laws say, if you wish entry into this country, get permission. And leave when permission runs out. It's not rocket science.

The reason many say we have broken immigration laws is because they wish the laws allowed unlimited immigration to all who wish to come. They don't want to follow our laws. They want to make our laws.


@JBrady 1:51 a.m.:

"There are no more frontiers in America that need to be settled. The supply of available spots is going to be less than the number that want to come here."

You got that right, Brady. View YouTube's "Immigration Gumballs" for more evidence.


"Say What? says: Chris, are you aware that the law against coming into the US illegally is a civil violation, not a criminal one? This being the case, these people are not criminals unless they also happen to commit a criminal act. "

Unfortunately, the vast majority of illegal aliens are committing felonies.

Almost immediately upon illegally entering the U.S. or overstaying their visas, people unlawfully in the U.S. fraudulently obtain Social Security numbers. That is a felony.

Then they use those numbers to get jobs and enter them on their I-9 forms — that is perjury and another felony.

Finally, there is a 50-50 chance that the Social Security numbers they are using belong to someone else. If they do, that is identity fraud. Another felony. (Source: KSL News)

So illegal aliens commit up to three felonies just to get a job. (Source: CIS — Identity Theft Report)

How widespread is this? The Social Security Administration estimates that 75% of illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security numbers so that means that 75% of illegal aliens are committing a major felony. (Source: SSA as reported in the New York Times).


@NeilT 2:10 a.m.:

"I just read something interesting in Elder McConkies Mormon Doctrine. Under freedom he stated the protection of the Constitution was intended for everybody, not just U.S. citizens."

On careful analysis on can see that McConkie made several mistakes, including this one, in his book.

"There are now self proclaimed nazi's on the Arizona trying to take the law into their own hand."

These are plants put there by the pro-illegal immigrant cause. Standard practice for liberals.

Another Perspective

re Geneina | 11:19 a.m. July 18, 2010

Some people who are anti immigrant do condem the release of this list, but many don't.

I saw a post where the person said, this was okay because it was for a "higher good".

I've seen posts saying these people deserve amnesty in the form of being allowed to get off by whistle blower rules, even though they released peoples names who are citizens. Yet these same people don't want any kind of amnesty for the illegal immigrants. which really wouldn't be amnesty because they would pay a fine.

I have read these comments on posts that happened a few days ago. Now some of these people may be backing off because they realize how hypocritical these posts make them look.

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